If you are a YouTube creator, you should definitly watch this video, because YouTube is going to update their terms and services in this 10th December 2019 The main thig they have added in the new terms and services is that The company states that it may terminate the use of services if an account is no longer commercially viable This means that Youtube can remove any service or services providing to you, if they think that its not creating revenue for them This statement created so much confusion in creators and they were disapoineted with this statement, especially new creators The main doubt was that , if my channel got removed as i have’nt reached 1000 subscribers or yet to pass the monitization YouTube sayes “NO” your channel wont get deleted , they have mentioned this in their twitter . In the twitter they says that The “NO” means they are going to remove some features and services that they have provided So the new content creators and creators dont need to worry about the new termsa and policies This is the YouTube twitter statement The federal laws are very strict regarding the kids safty and protection Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, 15 U.S.C. 6501–6505(COPPA). YouTube also want to implied this to youtube creators If the creators are uploading the video, they should metion , wether the video are intent for Kids or Not If the videos are for kids , YouTube strictily monitoring the video, if they find somthing inapropriate or abused contents they will defenitly going to remove the channel Due to all these reason , its very importent for creators to mention the wether the videos are intend for kids You tube is providing a channel level and video level option to mark target audience in settings ->Channel ->advanced settings option If your target audience are not kids (age below 13), then you must select the option NO my contents are not for kids option If you didnt select correct option there may be issues while you monitize your channel YouTube also providing another option , you can set the target audience at video level Its better to always set the target audience at channel level If you didnt follw Youtube rules and regulations , Youtube may terminate your account If you are doing a kids video like, kids toy making or kids craft then you should defenitly watch the video in the description , which is actualy created by Youtube So , if you follow the Youtube rules and create good content videos you can avoid any channel removel or related issues Hope you liked the video, if you like , please like and subscribe . Thanks for watching..!!