I understand last Saturday I will need vvp advocate of the air competition how about a year ago I had the privilege of marshalling and completing new judicial awareness course with one of the diversity and Community Relations judges is on the Tosh Horton down at Bristol Crown Court now I know how large a role these experiences played in helping me get this amazing award would be BP getting to sit with the judge of the week and discuss what the different styles of advocacy we are saying in court and crucially how effective those Styles were was such a valuable experience really showed me what judges and what jurors are looking for but in particular during the judicial awareness course was extremely useful for me being able to say than experience judgment for somebody was an experienced barrister and have them teach me all about how to conference witnesses how to examine witnesses cross-examine witnesses deliver opening and closing statements was fantastic advocacy training as histories doing this is one of the very few opportunities I've ever had all this sort of journey so I'm extremely wary of judgement technically in my week I know how much the marketing and how much the traditional weather sports played had helped me win this competition and I'm extremely excited for the future holds