This is William Hague. I’m David Miliband. This is Brexit In 60 Seconds. The answer to that depends on whether or not you believe the opinion polls, because the opinion polls are clear that Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party are ahead of a divided opposition between Labour and the Liberal Democrats. The lead ranges from 5 to 15 points. What does seem to be overwhelmingly clear, what is overwhelmingly clear, is that the leader of the opposition is immensely unpopular, with a unpopularity rating of about minus 50 percent. And that leads many conservatives to believe that it will be propitious for the conservatives to call or affect a general election and it leads many Labour MPs and supporters to be extremely fearful of the outcome. Would Boris Johnson be favored to win if a general election is called? He would be favored to win, but as Theresa May demonstrated there’s different forms of winning
in the British system. You can win and be in office, as she was. Or you can win and be in power, as he would really want to be with a majority.