hello why are you out there in Atlanta meet JC also known as keys I got here a little bit late for my for my starting time I'm I started off at about 6:00 ended up here about 6:30 I'm here they gave me a priority or something like that and I'm sitting here waiting and somebody to verify my VA idea yes veterans like then on issue that these are not good enough you got to have a state ID that have a state contract so I'm I'm sitting here waiting for something I got about 15 minutes to get on my flight most likely I'll miss it we'll see what happens I'm not expecting much my fault for not getting here like three hours early for those y'all who don't know I don't carry a state-issued ID and I'm dealing state contract I don't even know what I'm waiting on dude's very busy I'm getting ready to get to Texas and start my campaign I'm over I'm going over to see steven crowder a lot of he's got our studios hopefully get some major attraction on this one he's got a million followers I only got like 5,000 I see somebody's out there watching I'm surprised I was able to get a signal right here come on there's another comment I gotta go with with this fine young lady excuse me yeah take everything off got to take out my shoes and belt if you got my so you can go hey Dylan yeah everything out of your pockets everything else I'll take them out yes gimble in here a gimbal it's so I could I do my SATs there they're stable you have a laptop anything else no just a microphone okay that's why everything gotta practice new this and this and this and a mobility I gotta put y'all in here I got it hold on this is all me Oh way too small Episcopal baby that's koala that's the one yeah now it doesn't want to come out I gots dough my flights gonna take all my just some bank they took me through this secondary service in the search they're being made sure everything was searched and ain't had no bombs or liquids or anything like that on me I don't know if I'm gonna make my flight we'll find out but you know what it is Oh probably ten minutes no time left guys kept me down and lets me check out all my stuff I don't know what happened and I'm still waiting on them to verify my medical card for something I don't even know they just took it in left nah wait they felt me all up gave me a massage I got a good massage for free well not that it's worth the five hundred I've ticket that I probably just blew yeah only Jeff see what's going on so this is the other side of TSA this is what they do to American citizens these days so what they do to American citizens these days oh excuse me ma'am I'm afraid you're mistaken yeah you actually are I know yeah but you don't know the law obviously I don't think you know the law that's okay what is the First Amendment you obviously do mine because you said something I'm afraid you're mistaken ma'am but thank you for your concern I was doing okay telling miss my flag miss Duvall lists waste what time did you get here I got here 637 I know so they can waste my time I molest me with all this stuff yes I am I'm sick i feeding you you watch me alive now now before you go ahead and say something that's gonna don't get you incriminating this is a First Amendment protected activity okay yes I can't she said I can't first event of the text are you an attorney yeah that's the F are you do you have your protection do I need them are you in this situation I mean why why am I being held out here – why are you talking to me they're verifying my Colorado ID on my Colorado medical card guys nation that I'm trying to get it confirmed I know you're in there until you're making me wait to satisfy your curiosity I get it I do I do I get it trust me now I've just missed my flight so I say I got nothing to do I'm gonna stay here for my entire vacation and record job because of my federally issued VA ID wasn't good enough for your guard dogs how many terrorists have you guys stopped at this airport total one one by have you stopped any terrorists at this airway he needs to go someplace private he needs to go someplace private you know what don't talk to him in a world where she told me stand here so you can molest me and now you trying to tell me stand somewhere else that is another screening area well was where's the out of the screening area hey so I gotta go where these people are telling me to go where's my card so we're waiting on a information from another sorceress I know you're ignorant I get it I'm the one having to suffer for your ignorant stuff so what about my flight what airline you're flying Delta you know where the gates are no I was gonna find that out I already missed my fly so unknown I do when I'm not pissed off I'm sorry I'm talking to the people watching I'm sorry I know huh I thought I was getting the VIP treatment because they said that because I'm a vet so I thought they were taking me through the quick route turns out they just wanted to illegally search ring go through my property and that out there trying to find out if they want to call the cops and have me arrested which they probably already have they made me miss my flight thank you unknown I appreciate that hey guys I'm down to a thousand dollars I paid five six hundred seven hundred dollars to get on this flight today and I missed it because these guys these incompetent and under educated and under trained individuals who still haven't figured out what to do with me even after they made me miss my flight waste of taxpayer dollars TSA needs to go at least they need to get rid of these people I'm sorry y'all I don't have a good connection in here I'm in the airport I try and keep to the people steady shot as I can get oh yeah Debbie I hope they do but I got out they're going to these people seem like the kind of people that take away people's stuff don't give it back see they don't want to be they don't to be held accountable for their actions they keep walking away from me I'm doing my best brother I keep the signal strong if I can I've been broadcasting live since they started violating me yes they are Debbie yes they are let's see how many cameras are around me how many cameras are around me I've got about 25 30 witnesses all over the ceiling these guys are still trying to figure it out they've made no attempts to try and reconcile they just want to call the cops so when are you guys going to return my property hello public servant when are you going to return my property how long is that gonna take was my question how long are you gonna hold me up you're waiting on the police to give me back my property then waiting on the police to give back the property they stole from me the property I'm speaking of is my medical ID card guys why are you trying to extort me I think it's cuz of my trump hat guys these guys must be liberals Hey loose inator loose inator definitely Democrats here guys this guy looks like a KKK member we got some welfare recipients just following orders waste of taxpayer money and then we got all the sheeple allowing their rights to be trampled on getting violated search having their property taken from them and then give him back politely it's ridiculous to waste the money they ain't arrested no terrorists none in the history of the TSA yeah the police are coming Debbie they try to tell me I can't record back here try to stop my First Amendment right right off the bat hi how you doing this man won't give him a property back they made me miss my flight my medical ID card I don't care what you recognize you know they do have medical ID is that really is that what you think I think I think I think you're alive you're a liar a liar my bags are on me I got everything out except for my car I know I'm not going anywhere that's okay I'll stand right he's definitely not required we'll probably need a supervisor most likely here with the citation yeah and a citation yeah yeah that's okay go ahead and store where's the table that's clear I know you Linda do not touch me go to a nine touch me go do not put your hands up platinum anyway I'm standing right here all day you gonna force me absolutely do it you'll say do it right now we're not – yeah I was dealt with you for about three years now I know how to rub job oh yeah got plenty of videos of it you're not going anywhere you are not going on the unsecured side yeah I'm telling you I'm saying I'm going that way you touch me again I will defend myself that's very good again yeah you put your hand so that's me again that's me again that's me again it's just he thinks he's coming in with obviously he doesn't all I'm not going anywhere their name is mr. play I'm just gonna stand here all day and record y'all be tyrants I was going to Texas but these assholes may miss my flight these upstanding fine young thieves and terrorists made me miss my flight well you know I've done it several times the only reason you're doing it this time is because yet here in Philadelphia I've done it several times the only reason I'm doing it this time is because y'all have got a bug up your ass inside and this one wants to be retired so how would you want me to praise okay I'll tell you what you know you can you can steal my medicine if you want to I'll let you steal it right now No steal my medicine who suffers from PTSD they did not like my VA ID so they held me up and then they searched me and then they molested me and then they took my property so they could call you which they haven't given back yet and then they know now she's all up another and a but about she don't know the laws well she don't know the laws so what she's basically saying is that I'm gonna get a ticket she just gonna give me a ticket that's always go ahead that's what says well that's her mindset that's what she said yeah yes now I am I am a veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder service-connected sir thank you thank you but it keeps me from having triggered symptoms of my combat experience it keeps me mellow it keeps me from going off when I first found out about this is my my condition I actually hurt somebody so that's why I use my medication and I see a therapist okay but if you guys are wanting to write me a ticket you go right ahead and I'll get I'll turn over my medications you can steal that too and you know I'll go ahead and she put her hands on me twice already whatever we can do about that yes you did don't lie I got it on film you kept the camera doesn't lie you got about a hundred people that saw it and you got all these cameras here and saw it this saw you touched me put your hands on me so they basically try to devalue me guys they just she just said I had a very dear person sighing you devalue urinate be aggressive you're valuing it I'm a bitch I'm a soldier for this country no you don't you don't rule I'm game it should be instead of bitch you see she needs to be fired she needs to be crushed she should never be in a position of authority with weapon hey Billy News now look me up you got to see I got all kinds of Philly W police all kinds of I got nowhere to go now I miss I don't miss my flight because of this I don't know I'm I'm on vacation I'm campaigning for the presidency and I miss my flight that's all right it's not your fault is there quote we have the due process the process should not obstruct my free trial show you can freedom these are the foundations of our country yes okay security security flies in the face of that so is this America now in America is this that's what Americans do to Americans now do you think that has something to do with people well police not having any enough respect for citizens well you heard about the move bombing rang police bomb the neighborhood that's not the less respect for citizen well I know what happened but I only know because I know of a guy I know from a guy who was that he told me the story and I did some research and look some stuff up so how long how long how long do I get to be entertained by these kids until and what is this what is the supervisor gonna determine I'm sorry I have to I have to because you approached me I have to because you approached me this is the live screen thank you they don't like it when you fill my first shade that well I only got about people watch hey loose inator yeah this tyrant it looks like the blueberry from Willy Wonka she is she is a waste of space guys I'm gonna have to switch out my battery so I'm gonna go down just long enough to switch out my battery when it dies and then as soon as I switch out my battery I'm gonna go live again hey pit stop Marine how you doing Mike thanks Debbie just what's there waiting on the supervisor they still arguing about it Wanda the whole VA system sucks every part of it you guys I'm gonna be going live a lot today I'm gonna be going alive a lot today this is a huge police response for little old me and you know why because the camera is a case AG right it forces these tyrants to act right yes she is Danny yes she is hey thanks Dan they basically don't recognize my medical ID here in Philadelphia even though Philadelphia has medical ID but they don't recognize my medical ID they'll recognize medical ID to eat so they want to give me a ticket so they're waiting on a supervisor to give me a ticket hey little dog when I get when I get elected president Trump is going to be my vice president why are you lying I have it all on tape did you hear what this Rollie pollie just said this I guess supervisor why are you lying I have it on tape you don't need the lie to make your story stick yes she does little dog look at her she's trying to do anything to get some try and do anything to get Sun all right my battery's dying I got a switchover oh wait cheese out of battery so as you can see they're huddle up up trying to get this story straight so they can figure out something some way to salvage this debacle 97 percent battery from zero out of an LG g5 yes sir you have a state of Colorado medical I wanna register code and she did this – I first of all this expired second of all that's me it doesn't recognize these parties gonna receive a CBN marijuana I think you may need to speak with this man right here because you're speaking out yes but know what you're talking about you know the whole part where you're telling me if I refuse okay as this man what I told him just a minute ago that I would give it to you right now that was like 40 minutes ago that's like 40 minutes ago I said you can steal my stove if you want to give me a ticket I don't care because you know what that's what you do to veterans who have fought for this country right I know what you explained you do do I look ignorant look stupid stupid I don't you explain to me just do what you gotta do do what you can do gonna make we're gonna CBN we have to confiscate go get it put your bag down over here hey you don't yes we do oh you don't now are you touching the animal they've already been through my stuff they've already searched I already searched Whitney properly they're taking my property off of me is this an order or request is this an order or an order they're giving me order okay they're giving me an unlawful get your hands off me what do people think you can touch me what makes you people think you can touch me I know you're about to set me off I have a PTSD veteran who has problems with people who touch in him why are you touching me okay why are you touching why are you touching me now they're searching my shit again illegally illegally illegally this is how you treat veterans you're making sure you know don't list a fuck you too all right you know yeah guys please kick them down sorry mama Oh traitors blue like a blue like a blue like a loo like it everything ready let me up you better bring all the officers of me every fucking one blue like a blue like a drastic black charge a radical fuckin stop it's a song they're stomping on everybody wind up stopping on me they're standing on me children you might trust the police do not trust the gang members that will start you harassing collect harassing collect a Radisson collect a resident collect harassing collector or an athlete alert arrest collect pay attention what you see today you will be left a random event horizon tonight blue line move on gay children watch out for yourself do not trust police blue line game arise to collect the magic left to collect Oh Oh I don't laugh yeah how do you turn this off