Today, we’re going to be able doing a tutorial on how to install a group policy for windows 10 home this will install on both 32-bit versions and 64-bit versions, but it’s just a little bit different on both of the versions. I’m going to explain you why? After so you’re going to need this file. I’m going to provide this file in the description below After you get this file, and if you’re running on 32-bit system You just get this setup file. I Mean the setup on the desktop. You install the setup, and then you’re all good to go But you just literally type in gpedit.msc And then you should be all good to go on 32-bit system, but if you’re running on 64-bit system It’s going to be a little bit different. So just bear with me here. I’m gonna show you guys What to do you just open just setup? You install the program? Click finish ok after it’s dumping it in sewing you go to my computer you go to local disk C You go to windows Go all the way down here Not all the way down you go to wear this While 64 is that you click this you saw six before go inside and you Find these two folders. We just installed which which are the group policy and the group Policy users You copy these files from here, and you paste them on the desktop Then you find you go down more you just I usually what I do is I just click G because we’re looking for something that starts starts your letter g You click G? Now we’re looking for GP. Edit so you Take this you copy this and paste this also make sure you paste them guys make sure you don’t move them from here after you done, so after you copied the files from the 55-64 Folders to your desktop you go back and then you go into system 32 After you after you’re into system 32 you take these three files here that we just copied and you literally just Paste them into this file and replace everything and Going to start and type in gpedit.msc And here we have the group Policy guide please like the video and subscribe and Leave the comments in sec and the comment section below, so if you have any issues I can help you out later