Hi, everybody. This is Stefan Molyneux from
Freedomain Radio. I hope you’re doing well. As we sail into the spring and summer of the
American electoral cycle for the 2016 presidential elections, there really is only one question
that matters at the moment and that question is will Donald Trump be the Republican presidential
nominee? Now, if you can count and if you accept democracy then the answer is yeah,
pretty much. However, if you live in reality, there are just a few institutional barriers
towards Donald Trump ascending to combat Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election. So let’s
figure out what they are and then it will end with the rousing speech which if it doesn’t
motivate you, please check your pulse. So of course Republican presidential candidate
Donald Trump continues to increase his lead in national polls and accumulate more delegates
than his opposition. At this point, Trump is the clear choice of conservative voters
to be the Republican nominee and presidential candidate to combat Hillary Clinton. At least
there’d be Donald Trump or the FBI. It’s quite exciting to find out which it will be. Now despite an unprecedented amount of incoming
from the mainstream media, endless attacks and slanders through Republican establishment
has attacked Donald Trump Democrats and of course the lobbyist/ donor class has attacked
Donald Trump and this leads to negative advertisements, he continues to be the clear leader proving
the others that sticks and stones may break your bones but apparently, all the amassed
political forces in the universe can only boost your afterburner. President and CEO of Concerned Women for America
— it’s Concerned Women. I checked that – – it’s not Concerned Trolls for America,
it’s Concerned Women for America — Penny Nance said, “I’m soul-searching right
now. There’s still a pathway to defeating him but it’s getting harder to see that.”
I think that’s what we saw in Saving Private Ryan, a lot of soul-searching on the beaches
of Normandy. That’s very, very important that you soul-search during your time of significant
conflict. Now many of his harshest critics have accepted
Donald Trump’s status as the most likely Republican nominee. Efforts persist to stop
him somehow, anyhow, anywhere and anyway. So here’s the magic number, one thousand
two hundred and thirty-seven. If Trump gains one thousand two hundred and thirty-seven
delegates prior to the start of the Republican National Convention on July 18th, he clinches
the nomination. Now, you may ask and well you may, “Why
is there all of these delegates stuff? Why don’t people just vote for candidates directly?”
Well, you see, the answer to that is long and complicated but basically boils down to
one thing, bureaucrats need jobs and management doesn’t trust the voters. So that’s all
you freaking need to know about that. Now, if Trump doesn’t reach one thousand
two hundred and thirty-seven delegates prior to the convention, he could be denied the
nomination via what is called a contested convention. Now despite he’s the obvious
choice of most Republican voters, he still could be denied the nomination through a series
of back row machinations that are best studied by watching the Godfather movies on Acid. So let’s look at some of the numbers of
what’s been going on. So these are the people who say—this is a survey of Americans as
a whole, not just Republicans but everyone. Will Donald Trump be the Republican presidential
nominee? People started off August of 2015 of last year. Of course when he announced,
they said “Fifty/fifty, he’s going to be self-funding. He’s got forty years experience
with the media. He’s very popular, very charismatic, very successful so we’ll start
him off at fifty percent.” The numbers kind of wobbles a little bit late
last year began to widen. They narrowed a little bit in late January and now it’s—well,
let’s just say it’s pretty considerable. So now, seventy-six percent of Americans say
that he is very likely to become the presidential nominee of the Republican Party and only seventeen
percent say unlikely. Part of this presentation is to help you not take things for granted.
Just because people are voting for him, it doesn’t mean he’s going to get in. Welcome
to the post-modern late Roman stage of what used to be collectively called a Republic. So, now this is a quote from Republican Rules
committee member Henry Barber. “Trump doesn’t get past just because he
has one hundred more delegates than anyone else. If he can’t convince the majority
of delegates to vote for him, he’s not going to be the nominee. That’s the process. Process
is fair. It’s been around for decades and we shouldn’t change it for the head of Trump
University.” All right, so he sounds all kinds of mighty fine and objective, doesn’t
he? So you see, it’s—you know, don’t shoot
the messenger. These rules, they’ve been carved in hieroglyphics, laid down. They are
the third tablet that Moses brought down and handed by accident to the ancient enemies
of freedom known as the current Republican establishment and so it’s written in stones,
there’s nothing you can do. It’s Physics man. Oh, let’s find out if that’s the
case, shall we? Well, establishment Republicans framed the
process as simply following the existing rules, the Republican Rules Committee meets in fact
before every convention and establishes the rules for that year, yeah that’s right.
They defend, apparently to very little effect the two hundred plus year constitution written
in stone but their rules you see, must change every single year because any way the wind
blows. So unsurprisingly, the rules that are changed as we mentioned every year seem to
favor the establishments’ preferred candidate. Funny how that works. You know, it’s sort of like you get a lottery
ticket and it has a number and then you can choose the number after the lottery is drawn
to find out if you win and it just kind of happens to match the ticket that you have,
pretty good way to play the lottery because that would only be money, not actually the
potential future of freedom in the west. Republican Rules Committee member Peter Feaman,
“I really didn’t like what happened in 2012. The Romney folks silenced to the grass
roots with the rule change. We didn’t need to do this and it alienated the Ron Paul supporters
and for what? It was like taking a fly of someone’s forehead with an axe.” So what
is he referring to? Well, RNC’s rule forty sets qualifications for a presidential candidate
to appear on a convention ballot, seeking to keep Ron Paul supporters from entering
his name into a nomination in 2012, Romney’s lawyers raised the threshold from winning
a plurality of delegates in five states to a majority of them in eight just to keep Ron
Paul off the ballot because yay, democracy. Many party officials believe at the time they
had elevated the standard from one that is too easy to meet to one that was too difficult.
Before the official festivities start in Cleveland, the committee would have to re-write rule
forty for anyone other than Trump or Cruz to even be considered by delegates. So be
looking for that re-write of the rule to keep Ron Paul out, to keep Kasich and other people
in. But, you know, hey, they’re just the rules. They’ve been around forever, what
can I do? Well, you can change them like you do every time. Erik Erikson said, “We encourage all former
Republican candidates not currently supporting Trump to unite against him and encourage all
candidates to hold their delegates on the first ballot. There’s got to be some way
for the Republican Party to save itself. The final fallback option would certainly be a
third party, though the consensus was everyone would rather settle this on the convention
floor.” I don’t know why all these guys come from Burma, I only have three voices
anyway. So what is he talking about? He’s saying
well, the Republican Party you see, has to save itself from a candidate that is liked
by the majority of Republicans. You know we’ve got—they’re like children with blow torches.
You just have to gently take them out of their hands. They’re moguls. They know not what
they do. We must save them from themselves by denying their democratic vote. So basically
they’re saying that if Trump—get this guy saying that if Trump gets ahead, they’re
going to consider putting in a third party candidate. There’s been talk of Rick Perry. I don’t
know. Why not just flip a coin and go with Rick Springfield and they’re going to run
a third party candidate against Trump which of course would not necessarily defeat Trump
and very unlikely to but what it would do is give enough votes to the democrats to keep
Hilary or to get Hilary into power, to keep the democratic control of the presidency which
is actually quite good for the Republican establishment as we’ll talk about in a second. I’ve got to tell you, after seeing a lot
of really spineless cuck-enabled jellyfish non-fighting against the powers that be among
the Republican Party after seven years of Obama, it’s really, really fantastic to
see the Republican Party finally coalesce around a common enemy and works so hard to
take down the policies of that enemy. To be fair, a lot of Republican voters, a
lot of Republicans was hoping that the enemy, that the Republican Party finally rouse itself
to fight, might be saved, ObamaCare or sanctuary cities or executive amnesty. The fact that
the Republican Party has finally roused itself to fight against the candidate the Republicans
like the most—what does betrayal taste like? I imagine it’s a combination of kiev chicken,
battery acid and nine-volt electrodes up the nose. I’m just guessing. Conservative columnist, Quin Hillyer, “He
shouldn’t be president of the United States. Not only is he not conservative, he’s also
just not a good face for the country. The consensus was that we need a unity ticket
of some sort and will let the candidates work out who the unity ticket is. Obviously more
conservative seem to prefer Cruz to Kasich and Cruz has one delegate right now. So you,
if you do the math, it’s probably more likely to be Cruz-Kasich. We did not come to any,
even come close to settling on some third party candidate. That would be down the line.”
He’s not conservative, you see. Now Kasich, who wants to offer amnesty the first hundred
days. Apparently, Kasich complete conservative but Trump who’s been strong in immigration,
at least according to the Republican base, for many, many years—not a real conservative.
The no true Scotsman fallacy — you disagree with me, therefore you must be the opposite
of everything ideological that I stand by. Republican delegate Curly Haugland says, “The
media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That’s the
conflict here. The rules haven’t kept up. The rules are still designed to have a political
party, choose its nominee at a convention. That’s just the way it is. I can’t help
it. Don’t hate me because I love the rules. Democracy is pretty popular but it’s simply
not the way we do it.” That’s really, really, really something. You know what you don’t hear a lot of coming
from the Republican establishment the moment—you know a lot of talk about democracy and how
basically they want to stick a fork in it, rub some marinate on it and turn it on to
spit until the crows eat it. You don’t hear a lot of the word Republic. See, Republic-an,
Republic-can, Republic-can’t, support the republic. And what’s that old great quote
from Stalin? Now this guy’s saying, “Well, you know, you can vote whoever you want and
we’re going to choose who we want anyway. If you don’t vote our way, we’ll just
throw out your votes and choose our guy ourselves.” It’s a great old quote from Stalin which
goes something like this, “It really doesn’t matter who votes, what matters is who counts
the votes and buy the buy.” This is what these people are saying in public, in public. Could
you imagine what kind of smoking the charcoal flesh of the unborn deals are being done in
the backrooms? If this is what they’re saying in public, can you imagine how many voodoo
dolls with orange hair that have been ordered from Haiti? Pepperdine University law professor Derek
Muller: “It is increasingly likely that we will reach precisely the kind of scenario
that the founders worried about. Divisive political discourse threatens to thrust a
dangerous candidate into office who appears inclined to govern more like a monarch. That
isn’t president. Opportunities remain for cooler heads to prevail in our presidential
elections, state legislators should consider whether to retake the authorities, choose
electors in the 2016 election in an effort to stop Trump.” This is one of these arguments that is so
insane that it takes a highly, over educated idiot to make. So they’re complaint—you
see, these people who say, “let us reject the votes of the people and appoint our own
candidate” are complaining that Trump might govern like a monarch. Hello! Projection much?
I’m not going to continue because that way madness nice. You can only chase your rationality
so far before it turns and eats your brain. Republican delegate, Gary Emineth which I
think is a rapper with a lisp, I’m not sure. So he said, “It could introduce Paul Ryan,
Mitt Romney or it could be the other candidates that have already been in the race or out
of the race such as Mike Huckabee or Rick Santorum. All those people could eventually
become candidates on the floor. You have groups of people who are going to try and take over
the rules committee.” “That could totally change everything and
mess things up with the delegates and people across the country will be very frustrated.”
No idea why he sounds like the darage accountius but anyway. Former speaker, John— still wants to call
him Boner, apparently it’s Boehner — John Boehner: “If we don’t have a nominee”—and
then he cried. “If we don’t have a nominee who can win on the first ballot, I’m for
none of the above. They all had a chance to win, none of them wants. So I’m for none
of the above. I’m for Paul Ryan to be our nominee.” I can’t imagine why Republicans
loathe this guy so much. Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan,
actually this quote he broke off one of his nineteen hour marathons because apparently,
he’s under the impression that the Republicans in America want abs, not resistance to the
Democrats. So he said, “I’ve been really clear about this. If you want to be president,
you should run for president. We should select our nominee from among the people who are
running for president. Clear and simple, so no I’m not going to be the president. I’m
not going to be the nominee. I’m not going to be the president through Cleveland.” When Ryan was asked about his early claim
that he didn’t want to be Speaker of the House, which now he is, only to change his
mind, he said, “It was a different situation. I’m already in Congress. That’s a totally
different situation.” I don’t know if you see this interview where Bernie Sanders
is blaming Donald Trump for any violence or disruptions in Donald Trump rallies and then
someone says, “Well, wasn’t it your supporters who shut down the Donald Trump rally in Chicago?”
And he’s like, “Well, millions of people vote for me and if I was responsible for what
millions of people do, I’d have a pretty bad life.” It’s the same actual interview
and it’s just like wow, Mobius strip reality much. So, yeah, we’ll have to see what’s going
on. Now Donald Trump when he was asked about not winning the Republican nomination due
to a brokered convention said: “I think you’ll have riots. I’m representing a
tremendous many, many millions of people.” So this is his opinion and yes, it certainly
seems possible and Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, shocked and appalled fainted on
a couch and asked for a mint julep and said, “Nobody should say such things in my opinion
because to even address or hint to violence is unacceptable. We are getting our minds
around that and open convention very well could become a reality. It could be violence.” I wonder where he was when, I don’t know,
certain actions of society seem to threaten riots quite a lot. I don’t know if he was
talking then but they weren’t directly threatening his political viabilities. Remember, people in political power are drug
addicts. Like people who are already tasting political power—when you go up in the hierarchy,
particularly in the political hierarchy, your brain releases Dopamine which is highly addictive.
They’ve done this experiment with monkeys. When monkeys get higher up in the chain, their
bodies release more Dopamine. It’s the incentive mechanism to climb up the faces of other people
using your high-end velociraptic claws and so you’re— basically Donald Trump is threatening
to take away the drive of power from a shriveled Golum style drug addicts and well, what the
drug addicts do. They lie and they manipulate. So it’s not that shocking. So what is the delegate count at the moment?
This is as of March the 20th, 2016. Trump has 678, Cruz 423, Rubio has 164, Kasich has
143, Ben Carson who has of course left the race clocks in at eight, count them eight.
It is a little depressing at times. I know some of them are early votes but it is a little
depressing to see Republicans voting for people who have long left the race but anyway—so
there are a thousand and forty-nine remaining and of course you need one thousand two hundred
and thirty seven to win. So delegates needed to reach nomination as
of March 20th, Trump needs five hundred and fifty-nine, Cruz eight hundred and fourteen,
Rubio a thousand and seventy-three, he’s mostly faded out, Kasich a thousand and ninety-four,
Carson would’ve needed twelve twenty-nine. You know, he could do the math which is why
he’s not in the race anymore.” Now, what happens to the delegates of Rubio
and Carson? Well, some of them are attached to particular ballots. Others are attached
to more than one ballot. So the rules vary by states and until this year’s general
convention rules are decided, the exact procedural steps of a broken convention remain unknown. Like most aspects of government, the entire
process is probably an intentionally confusing mess. It’s like here’s your trade deal.
Is it free trade? No, it’s five thousand pages of bureaucratic legal lease. Wait, that’s
the exact opposite of free trade. No, but we’re going to call it free trade because
I know that wets your weasel. So who knows how this is going to go but without a doubt,
the Republican, the RNC is most like to drive rules that are going to favorites preferred
candidate, I assume Cruz and Kasich rather than Trump and this is going to be a water
ship moment in American politics where people will either get their way by going out to
vote or they will realize that voting is just sham which is supposed to get you to accept
the predations of your rulers. Hey, you voted. That was a process. You got
to accept the outcome. You know, it’s a great way of keeping people down to have to
fantasize that they’re participating in the process and the curtain may well be ripped
back from the American political process on the Republican side at least this very summer.
In fact, it is a very, very pointed moment in not just the history of America but in
the history of the world as a whole. So Trump needs fifty-three percent of the
remaining delegates to reach nomination. Cruz needs seventy-eight percent. Rubio, hundred
and two percent, yes he can count too. Kasich, hundred and four percent. Carson would have
needed a hundred and seventeen percent. So Kasich is eliminated by that cruel fixer known
as mathematics and why, why, why is he standing it out? Is he just to play the boring, slightly
stoned uncle who pretends he’s the only adult on stage? No, there’s actually more
to it. There’re some rumors that Kasich is angling for a VP pick in exchange for his
delegates but he recently claimed—I don’t know if it’s a bargaining position but he
claimed he’s not interested in serving as a vice president under either Trump or Cruz. This doesn’t even mention the absurdity
that it’s John Kasich of course who wants amnesty for illegal immigrants in his first
one hundred days. How on earth is he going to work with Cruz and Trump who at least talk
tough about enforcing immigration law and Trump has talked strongly about enforcing
the law to the point of deportation which of course is stronger even in Romney who was
quite strong on immigration? Romney as a governor rejected tuition subsidies for illegal immigrants
and so on. He only talked about self-deportation but Donald Trump would follow Dwight Eisenhower
in actually deporting illegal immigrants. So there’s some prevailing wisdom. It’s
tea leaf reading or thumbing through the monster manual almost literally but Kasich could be
holding on in the hopes of getting the nomination through a brokered convention and that would
be significantly stimulating for the general electorate on the Republican side. So I’m sorry. You know I—you can read
this but we do as much on the podcast as we do on the videos. So American Samoa still
has nine delegates to offer, Arizona 58, Utah forty, North Dakota 28, Wisconsin 42, New
York where of course Trump is leading widely 95, Connecticut 28, Delaware 60, Maryland
38, Pennsylvania 71, Rhode Island nineteen and American Samoa, Arizona and Utah are going
to vote on March 22nd. So if you’re interested in influencing the outcome, stop watching
this and go get registered and do what you need to do. If you feel it’s important,
April 1st North Dakota, April 5th Wisconsin, April 19th New York, April 26th there is Connecticut,
Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. So yeah, couple of votes swinging
in the air on April 26. So to close it off, Indiana still has 57 up
for grabs, Nebraska 36, West Virginia 34, Oregon — I don’t know I’m going to be
corrected either way. Oregon has 28, Washington 44, California 172. We’ll find out how popular
Trump is with Hispanics that day. Montana has 27, New Jersey 51, New Mexico 24 and South
Dakota 29. Indiana’s up on May 3rd, Nebraska, West Virginia May 10th, Oregon May 17th, Washington
May 24th and June 7th, California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota are
all up for grabs. So I’m going to get out of the box and go
full-stream for you my friends. So look, this is a very instructive moment
in the history of the world. Democracy is it a sham or is it something remotely real.
In other words, if you the voters—I’m talking to you Republicans and the twenty
percent of Democrats who are leaning towards Donald Trump. If you don’t vote the way
that your masters want you to vote, are your votes even going to count? The horse-trading
that is going to go on with the delegates in a brokered convention is nothing short
of obscene. What can go on? You can offer budgets. You
can offer special appointments, “Hey would you like to be on the Postal Recalibration
Committee? Hey just give me—“ There’s nothing, it seems that any corruption laws
can bar. It’s not even clear where being offered direct money for your vote could even
be problematic. So it is definitely a kind of a buck or horse trade at the end and the
degree to which Republicans do not trust the Republican Party can scarcely be over-stated. You understand Trump is not the preferred
candidate. Trump is in general can be characterized as a murder weapon against the Republican
Party as it stands. They do not trust the Republicans to fulfill smaller government,
limited immigration, free market reforms, lowering of taxation and so on or at least
an even lowering of taxation. A lot of people really like George W. Bush’s tax cuts because
what they did was they took a whole bunch of people off the tax rolls so that now those
people can vote for more and more government without watching their tax. Tax is increased
so it didn’t really do any good when it came to limiting government. Let’s go back a little bit, March, 2010,
McConnell, then House Speaker John Boehner, they’ve wrote a wee little op-ed about ObamaCare,
stating and I quote: “Tax payers can expect Republicans to stand up for them and do whatever
is necessary to prevent Democrats from forcing such an unpopular, unaffordable bill through
congress.” See, they were going to fight ObamaCare tooth and nail because eighty percent
of Americans were pretty happy with their existing healthcare arrangements and they
kind of enjoyed having deductibles not so high that basically unless you’re beheaded
you can’t take advantage of your insurance. Now, once the bill was passed and Republicans
gained power once ObamaCare was passed, both Boehner and Mc Connell fully funded ObamaCare.
They could have held the purse strings and cut them off and that is not good at all.
October 2014, Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus told Breitbart News:
“We will do everything we can to make sure executive amnesty doesn’t happen. Defunding,
going to court, injunction, you name it. It’s wrong. It’s illegal and for some many reasons
and just the basic fabric of the country, we can’t allow it to happen and we won’t
let it happen.” And pretty much the same time, Republican
Paul Ryan said, “Because we don’t have the Senate, we don’t have the power of the
purse. We’d like to exercise that more effectively and if we can get the Senate, we can do that.”
That of course did not happen. The Republicans instead fully funded Obama’s executive amnesty.
And there is you know where are the Republicans when congress hasn’t passed a budget in
eight years because they get to spend the next trillion dollars every year if they don’t
pass a budget. “Hey, you want to be paid a trillion dollars a year for not doing paper
work? All right, you’re set to go.” The amount of betrayal that has gone on and
for a long, long, long time, the Republicans in particular and some Democrats have said
that illegal immigration, massive additions of illegal immigrants to tax pay rolls are
clocking up and diverting resources in the public school system and clocking up the emergency
rooms and clocking up—one of the main reasons we need ObamaCare in America or America needs
ObamaCare is because illegal immigrants are consuming healthcare resources at a pretty
alarming rate. A language dilution and of course the vast majority of illegal immigrants
vote for Democrats. Democrats in the 1965 basically gave up on trying to convince Americans
of the values of socialism and instead just started importing a whole bunch of third world
product socialists who are going to vote for them forever and that does not seem a particularly
fair way of having a debate about the future of a country. So there is a Republican Party machine. A
big, huge layer funded with untold amounts of money and probably unguessable amounts
of money. That’s a Republican Party machine and that party machine stays in power if Hillary
Clinton wins but it does not really stay in power if Trump wins. So they’re fighting for their rights. They’re
fighting for their paychecks. They’re fighting for their careers and their true enemy is
the person who ends their power. If these guys have been promising benefits to Republicans
for decades, Trump gets in by completely ignoring them and bypassing them and he actually does
provide these benefits at least to some degree. They’re never going to get hired again,
never going to get hired again. Of course there is a whole donor class. The
American donor class loves third world immigrants coming into America because it drives down
wages. They love the H1B visa program because they get cheap, pseudo-medieval serfs who
get tied to jobs and can’t negotiate and so the Democrats love the third world immigrants
for votes and welfare dependency and all that. And the Republican donor class wants all the
cheap labor because what does it matter about the future of your country if you’re going
to have to pay a buck fifty an hour more for your maid or your gardener. It’s not even
comparable. So there is a Republican Party Machine that use Donald Trump as a true enemy
rather than Hillary Clinton and that is really, really important. Lots of people are talking about and even
the Bernie Sanders supporters that Hillary Clinton’s supporters the Black Lives matters,
people who are disrupting the Donald Trump rallies, they say, “Well we’re tired of
the influence that big money has on politics.” Despite when you look at how much Hillary
Clinton and Bernie Sanders are raising, it’s ridiculous. Of course, they’ll be holding
to big money interest. Trump is mostly self-funding his own campaign therefore he is actually
free of the taint of big money and he is actually answering to the people. He takes his measures
directly to the people and he’s answering to the people because he does not have donors. It’s the same reason why I don’t take
ads, why I don’t have sponsors because I want to get my donations from you. Yeah, you
right there. Go, go donate at freedomainradio.com/donate. Don’t be a free writer. You know the principles
don’t pay. Refrain from paying for what other people pay so that you can consume but
I want to answer to the people. I don’t want to answer to donors. I don’t want to
answer to ads. I don’t want to have that exposure. So that’s the same reason he is
actually answering to the people not to big money interest. Now this big money interest
like buying politicians because it’s really cheaper than having to compete in the free
market, to just buy preferential legislation from politicians. Statistically, there’s
almost no better investment in business than buying a politician. It returns far more than
risky research and development. So they’ve got a great business model where
they buy the awesome power of the state, screw the people, make a lot of money and don’t
have to compete that much. So they don’t like Donald Trump either because he’s outside
their control. He is outside their control. He is not holding to them. He is answering
to the people and he gains his support from the people. So if you want money out of politics,
Donald Trump is the way to go. Bernie Sanders says, “I want to take money out of politics”
and he’s like, “Hey, I’m going to give you all these free stuff.” Isn’t that
basically just buying votes by bringing money back in the politics? No, because I’m, oh,
befuddled and I haven’t had a haircut since the Reagan era. So the last thing that I wanted to mention,
just a little bit of attention but I got to get it off my chest like my last chest here,
you will hear—I guarantee you, you are going to hear over the next couple of months divisiveness.
Donald Trump is so divisive. Look, people are angry, people are upset and look anyone
on the right, anyone who’s a Republican can look at how angry and upset the left is
going over Donald Trump. That’s your answer. I mean, who should you support? Well, the
people who your enemies hate the most. If you’ve got an infection, what medicine should
you take? Well you should take the medicine that the bacteria that represent your infection
dislikes the most. So, you will hear about divisiveness like,
“Hey man, things were pretty peaceful. Things were pretty calm. Things were pretty non-conflicty
until that Donald Trump came along. Now look, there’s all these delegates screaming and
people getting arrested, people interrupting ambulances and people blocking highways and
is stuck. I can’t take it. There’s too much conflict. It’s making me, oh, verklempt.
So you’ll hear a lot about this divisiveness and funnily enough, this divisiveness is going
to be later the defeat of Donald Trump. It’s Donald Trump’s fault that there’s conflict.
No it’s not. It’s not. Look, in Sicily recently, after many generations
of paying protection money to the Mafia, a bunch of store owners, restaurant owners and
boutique owners, what they’ve decided to do is get together and stop paying protection
money. Now this is causing some conflict, to put it marvelly because you know, the Mafia,
they like protection money. Now, I don’t think I’ve read some articles
about this. I’ve not read one article at all, one article at all that says, things
were really peaceful, things were really kind of even killed and it wasn’t a lot of these
really uncomfortable and maybe stimulating conflicts until these jerks of shop keepers
stopped paying their protection money. Now the Mafia’s out of force and now there’s
conflict where before there wasn’t. Hey, guess what, if you appease people, if you
pay them off, there’s no conflict. You know, while Chamberlain was giving away the farm
to Hitler in the 1930s, there was no war. That Churchill, he just created war by starting
one. Yeah, if you appease people there’s no conflict
like if your woman in your house’s been speeding you up and you submit to him and
you don’t question him and you comply, there’s not a lot of conflict other than the beating
up part but if you decide to file for divorce and you move out and you take the kids and
you get to safety and your husband gets deranged and starts tracking you down and hiding in
the bushes and I don’t know, maybe surprising you outside your condo where the waiter who’s
bringing your mom’s glasses from a restaurant. I don’t know but people are like, “Wow.” You know, there wasn’t really a lot of visible
conflict in that marriage until she decided to leave him and now, look at all these conflict.
Oh slaves, if all you do is bound to the web and kiss the feet of your masters and Uncle
Tom your way through life, look at that, there’s no conflict. Wouldn’t that have been great
if the founding of America, for the founding fathers to not have any kind of revolutionary
war to find taxation? I mean, that just raised a lot of conflict. We’ve become so spineless,
so spineless. The conflicts exist there. The makers and
there are the takers in society and the makers are getting kind of pissed off at having all
their money taken by the takers and I pay taxes. I have moral objections to the whole
system but at least if my taxes were actually helping people, okay, I can see that despite
moral objections, there are at least some practically positive outcomes. Of course,
that would be a split between morality and practicality but nonetheless the makers whose
money is stolen by the politicians to buy votes from the takers like seventy percent
of Americans get more out of the government than they pay in taxes. So I dislike having my money stolen to buy
people to vote for policies that further indebt myself and my family and my daughter. Sorry,
not cool. So this conflict is there and it’s going to escalate and either it’s going
to be named or it’s not going to be named. The doctor who diagnosed you did not magically
create the illness by naming it. So I get it. People are uncomfortable with conflict.
I get it and there are some people who can handle conflict and some people who shrivel
up like a fast forward race into the sun and just want to cut themselves into the local
rabbit hole and hide until mommy and daddy stop fighting. I get that and I don’t even
particularly condemn it. Some people are willing to handle conflict. Some people are willing
to take on the dark forces of negativity and destruction in order to build a cathedral
of freedom lights and prosperity for those who come after us. I get it. Now I am fine with conflict. I view it as
necessary. I inherited a lot of freedoms from people who fought a lot of bad people in the
past. I view it as my duty, my obligation to the bereaved that I have strength, will,
stamina and skill to pursue the fight. It is my fight to pursue because I believe that
I’m going to pay this stuff forward. I’m going to pay this stuff forward. I inherited
freedoms, those freedoms are being threatened, I’m going to enhance, maintain and expand
those freedoms to hand it on to my children, yeah by the way, your children too. It would
be nice if you joined us out here in the barricades of intellectual challenge and the pointing
out of hypocrisy and pointing it out—we’d be great. Posse intellectual, MO join us up here, shoot
off some arrows, help us out, great but what I don’t want and here’s what I really,
really hate. Not full of a lot of hatred. I got a few little dark spots. You know, I’m
a sun. There’re few sunspots. People who don’t want to name the elephant
in the room and get freaked out when someone says, “We got to change things for the better,
we got to confront it—” “Oh no, you’re making bad people upset.” I get it. I get
it, you want other people to fight for you freedom. I get it. I’d like it if other people had fought for
my freedom so I could go out and play tennis instead but they didn’t so it’s my job
now. It’s fallen to me and it’s fallen to you, should you have a spine and a love
of the future and a love of virtue enough to get the hell off your couch, put down your
gaming heads and fight for some kind of God damn freedom. Now, if you don’t want to
do it, if you’re going to make the choice to run away and hide until stronger and better
people than you have fought the good fight and restored the intellectual cathedrals necessary
for our freedom to shine through to where we are, if you want to run away, if you want
to hide, be my guest. I don’t want you up here anyway because all you’re going to
be is in the way. I’m going to trip on you. You’re going to hand me a banana instead
of a sword or a sword instead of a banana. I’m either not going to do very well. I’m
going to fight or I’m going to stab my gums trying to eat a sword. I get it. It’s not your realm, ladies. It’s
not your realm. All I ask is if you are a coward and you want to hide from the fight
between the makers and the takers which hopefully will resolve in a purely verbal fashion although
I’m not sure how well that’s going go as time goes long but I remain positive about
the intellectual fight. If this is not what you want to do, if you want to run and hide
while stronger and better people fight for the freedoms which they will regretfully hand
to you as a result of wanting it for themselves and their own culture and offspring, I get
it. You want to run, you want to hide, then go
run and hide. Get out of the way. Get out of the way. Go play your Warcraft. Go watch
your cat videos. Go post your photos of what you eat on Facebook. I get it. That’s where
you’re at. That’s where you live, I guess is the word. It’s not life to me, it’s
not living to me, but that’s the way you want to exist. Fine. Fine, then stop mewling
and complaining about divisive language and conflict and “You know, this terrible thing
happened and I can’t believe it and…” Just shut up. Shut up. Go home. Adults are
trying to do good work and you’re only in the way. And by being in the way, you may
cause everyone who’s better than you to lose. Yeah, that’s right. You’re a…
I’m looking at you too.