(cheerful piano music) – Okay, so here’s the deal
with student loans in America. I think we have just become
stupid about education. Isn’t that sad? Something that’s supposed
to make you smarter, we’ve like lost our minds with. So, here’s the deal. If you have student loans
and your name is on it, you’re going to have to
pay for it, and that sucks. Let’s just say it out loud, because we have created a culture where student loans are so normal. Where you probably had school
counselors telling you, like yeah, this is the only way you’re going to be able to go to school. Maybe even your own parents told you that this is the only option. People that you trusted
led you down this path, and the sad thing is that those people were probably ignorant and didn’t know there was another option. So, taking the personal responsibility can be really hard in this area, because you may be thinking, yeah, I have all these student loans because my parents told me
this is what I should do, that this was the wise choice to make, and you’re stuck with the bill. So, what you have to realize, though, is like, okay, my name is on the loan, I have to pay this. It is going to be up to you. And student loans are not bankruptable, so you are going to have
to bail yourself out. If you bankrupt, the student loans are
still going to be there. And also, this time of the year, there’s an election going on, and so you’re hearing different people promising different things
out on the campaign trail, specifically with student loans. Now listen, you do not want
to rely on Washington, D.C. to fix your problems. Okay? Because here’s the deal, if a certain person
gets elected into office that promised this thing,
they’re not king or queen. They can’t just like make things happen. Like they have to go through
the checks and balances of our system. They have to go through Congress. They have to go and create a bill. I mean, like all the things have to happen. So, do not rely, do not have your hope on if just someone can get into office our problems are going to be taken care of. Go ahead and fix the problems now, because also if the
problem is taken care of and student loans for
some reason are forgiven, it’s not free! Someone’s paying for that. Those institutions want their money, so they’re going to be paid somehow. And guess who’s going to be paying them? Taxpayers. Yes! So, this whole idea that it’s
just free is not true. So you need a plan to pay them off.