yet another revelation from WikiLeaks this one is also about the Obama administration actually before they even got started I thought this was one of the most interesting revelations it was a series of emails from Michael Froman now I told you about the most important one last week Michael Froman at the time was working for Citigroup and he had sent a list of people who should be in Obama's cabinet that list turned out to be almost exactly who was in Obama's cabinet so when the Obama administration talks about how oh no we're not that close to the bankers you know no just because they gave us a ton of money in 2008 doesn't mean we listen to the bankers are you kidding me they literally took a list from a banker and made it their cabinet so it wasn't exact but it was damn close to exactly you'll go back and watch that video now we have another email from Michael Froman and yes Michael Froman has been in the Democratic Party before and he's been a Citigroup and it's a revolving door but yes that's our problem is that you have a revolving door with Wall Street and Wall Street at the time in 2008 was actually the largest group of donors to Barack Obama so here he is again writing from a Citigroup email and he passes this on to John Podesta as an FYI hey you should consider this guy Don Beyer Don Beyer sent us this email and he'd like to be considered and so hey take a look at this okay now I want to read to you parts of Don buyers email to give you a sense of who he is and then I'll let you know what they decided so buyer writes in to this guy at Citigroup who's actually freaking the people inside the Obama administration or certainly a big part of that decision-making process he says I write to ask humbly but confidently that you place my name in consideration for a significant position and the much hope for administration of President Barack Obama now let's pause there for saying so again like the other Michael Froman email from last week Obama hasn't even won yet so they're all jockeying for position and who are you gonna ask for a position you're gonna go to a banker and say now I know secretly you are in the among the people who are running his transition team and is going to decide who works for Obama even though you work at Citigroup so let me send you the email and and tell you hey if we win and I delivered for you and be nice to be delivered for me and ladies and gentlemen this is how it works so he goes on and say my wife and I had worked nearly full time on the Obama campaign since the first week of February 2007 I serve as the Obama for America mid-atlantic finance chair where I have built a work world-class team of fundraisers and in the process a tight and supportive community of friends we've done a very good job of raising money okay let's pause there again so is it normal for someone to basically send in their resume to ask for a job after they worked hard for a candidate perfectly normal and he includes in his resume that he runs a car dealership and he's a good businessman and he knows how to be a good business and then he was lieutenant governor of Virginia for eight years perfectly legitimate there but the main thing he focuses on here in the text of the emails is I remember how much money I raised you guys so he just mentioned it there and then he goes back to it again he says Megan and I have personally raised not through others more than one and a half million dollars for OFA and the Obama victory fund I offer this not as a qualification for public service but rather as a testament to our early and steadfast commitment to an Obama presidency no it appears that you offer it as a testament to how much money I raised you remember and that's how this game is played so if you work hard for a candidate and you're like-minded and the candidate puts you in his cabinet and hears he's asking to be the Secretary of Commerce or he gives you another position great that's know nothing wrong with that that's how it's supposed to work if you say hey remember who your friends are and how much money I raised for you I'm not saying I'm just saying right then I like a cabinet position well that's the corruption we're worried about so now did Don Beyer wind up getting the Secretary of Commerce position no he didn't oh okay so fair's fair he did get some of the positions I'm gonna explain that at the end here but so who did wind up becoming Secretary of Commerce well for a while was Gary Locke former governor of Washington and then later Gary Locke also became an ambassador that makes sense okay here's a guy who's like-minded Democrat an important figure in the Democratic Party no problem so they hey they made a principled decision kind of any of course he's supported Obama but that's normal politics again there's nothing too wrong with that as long as it's not a quid pro not a quid pro quo but even an appearance of money being involved in things being done for money okay good score one for the Obama team then the next Obama Secretary of Commerce was penny sue Pritzker hmm let's find out who she is penny sue Pritzker is an American billionaire businesswoman entrepreneur and civic leader who's currently serving as the 38th United States Secretary of Commerce she is the founder of PSP Capital Partners and Pisco Realty Group she's also the co-founder of Artemis real estate partners she's a member of the Pritzker family in 2012 Chicago magazine named her one of the 100 most powerful Chicagoans on October 2015 Forbes estimated her net worth at 2.4 billion dollars in 2009 Forbes named Pritzker one of the hundred most powerful women in the world so don't get too excited that they didn't give it to a money person they actually gave it to a person who brought in even more money now as we say all the time when we talk about money in politics it's not that these people are evil or they're bad guys I don't know anything about penny Pritzker and it's she's generally a progressive it appears kind of I'll get to the kind of in a second but I have no reason to believe that she isn't anything but a lovely woman but that's not how it's supposed to work I raised you a ton of cash you give me an important position even if she's not doing it for financial gain appears she doesn't really need the money she's just doing it for power or prestige still is that the kind of system we want do we think that's a functioning democracy do we think we have free and fair elections when people raise you a ton of money and then they get to run the government that is not free and fair elections that is not how a democracy supposed to be the founding fathers said that our government should be dependent on the people alone but obviously it isn't it's dependent on the donors now pritzker largely a Democrat and a powerful and influential one in Chicago that's true I've heard of her in the past in that regards but she's also given campaign donations to George W Bush Joe Lieberman Bill Bradley Rudy Giuliani John McCain Al Gore John Kerry Hillary Clinton so I'll give some to Democrats some to Republicans either way I'm in power and she most certainly is she's our current Secretary of Commerce so now let's go back to our old friend Don Beyer whatever happened to him well he raised money good money nice job mid-atlantic chair but not quite enough so following the 2008 election president-elect Obama asked buyer to head up the transition team at the Commerce Department okay he didn't quite make it into the big leagues but all right come on transition team go get him daddy okay next time not one and a half million three million okay don't worry though that wasn't the end of Don Beyer he also got another post in the Obama administration Obama nominated buyer for the post of the United States Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein On June 12 2009 in December 2010 fire attracted public attention when it was reported that he had warned the Swiss government against offering asylum to WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange I like that full circle and then it's Julian Assange as WikiLeaks that leaks his email where he's asking for this position because of how much money he's raised for Obama mmm tiny bit of justice there you don't makes it Advanta media possible you guys because of you we can actually do this show free of any outside influence that's what makes us so strong become a member today TYT Network comm / join you are the media