drone shots raps fascinating edits slo-mo shots fresh piece sounds like a viral millennial music video not viral for shock but these are a very DC politicians at work political campaign songs are the flavor of the season from these normally no pee to the south to REM beat of course Center but I love me political leaders have got big with this new wage trend and Bollywood is getting in on it too some BJP campaign songs were supposed to be written by Prasoon Joshi when Congress roped in Java doctor for this yeah quite a shift from Zinn the hoodlum Javed Saab but not everybody is grooving the Election Commission has been kept on its toes by these songs be objected to a paragraph of the Congress song which are lyrics like the party had to remove these lines they also instructed BJP do not clear song composed by arson soil m/v bubbles of trio since the TMC race objections now on to the content of these songs they are saints aimed at caffee different there's the same old montage of happy faces children drums and leaders walking determinately with passions TV songs showed mostly women in the contest video people look mostly Discovery BGP scores highest for most flavors and number of songs let's wrap this hip hop this pop colors for the Millennial first time voters and there's may be chalkida in several reach new languages for everyone else so before you wonder whether people actually watch these songs take a look at the working numbers iPad song roast over 20 million views surpassing all competitors but we don't know if this will translate into electoral success because of sick beats brought in the wards musicians will be running the country that won't be so bad now would it