Which Policies Would Actually Curb Climate Change?

Which Policies Would Actually Curb Climate Change?

May 23, 2019

hey David what policies actually make the most sense to deal with climate change this is a really good question particularly in the context of the g20 summit and the United States being the only of 20 countries that didn't sign on to the sort of climate change agreement or intent to work on the issue of climate change I think the answer the question properly you really need to divide it up into short term versus long term action on climate change we need some short-term ideas on climate change to serve as like a bridge or a funnel to the long term solution that we ultimately want so number one we need to understand what causes emissions emissions are a big part of what we're trying to ameliorate energy causes huge emissions transportation causes huge emissions animal agriculture significant contributor to emissions manufacturing of stuff a massive contributor to world emissions so let's address some of those with our ideas number one in the short term carbon taxes ok carbon taxes make sense in the short term there is some disagreement among the left as to whether we want revenue-neutral carbon taxes or carbon taxes that will raise revenue which can then be used for whatever right insert here in either case study after study has demonstrated that carbon taxes will incentivize cleaner manufacturing and cleaner transportation period number two we should have targets for X percent renewables by Y date in the future sometimes the targets are unrealistic it'd be great to have realistic but aggressive targets in either case we need to be setting goal posts and trying to reach those goals number three we should reduce the amount of meat that we eat there's really no way around that at this point moving to lab-grown meat is definitely a possibility that might be more palatable to people who eat a lot of meat I am down to eating red meat probably five times a year and eating poultry I don't know maybe once every ten days and beyond that I am tasket Aryan for most of the time we know that this is a good thing and until lab-grown meat becomes a full reality we should be doing that and then we've got to incentivize renewable energy like yesterday I mean right away right now we are subsidizing a lot of the wrong forms of energy fossil fuels oil Trump talks about clean coal trying to revitalize an industry that the free market has clearly shown should be dying coal should be going away completely we do want to incentivize the generation of renewable energy stop incentivizing the continued harvesting of fossil fuels and and this is a controversial part I've gone back and forth on this over the last many years I'm open to open to using nuclear as a bridge to get off of fossil fuels and to renewables but number one takes a long time to get new renewable on board I actually don't know that at this point the timing even makes sense like I'm conceptually open to nuclear as a bridge but given how long it takes to actually start producing new nuclear power I don't even know that the timeline makes sense for us geopolitically this is all really important stuff if we reduce our demand for fossil fuels this weakens the leverage that country's hostile to a half a Venezuela Russia I'm not saying we should never try to have good relationships with these countries I'm merely saying that deleveraging them when it comes to manipulation and control over the oil markets would be a very good thing geopolitically and a very good thing in terms of national security yes there may be short-term pains in terms of gas taxes or other costs that would be part of a long term solution but I think that if we think through it carefully the government can ensure the that those who would be most hurt by a slight uptick in the cost of gas or other fuel energy sources we can mitigate those impacts and I think that we should if I'm missing something here send me your thoughts I want to hear from you

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  1. Yes! Nuclear should be on the table. We CANNOT ignore energy density for energy generation. Fossil fuels is energy dense and can be stored. Uranium is more another energy dense form of fuel which can be stored.
    Renewables like sun and wind power are energy-dilute sources of electricity. Without adequate storage, renewables can only serve as niche fuel savers at current. We need to transition to a full-on plutonium economy. A plutonium economy can be a direct substitute for the current hydrocarbon economy. Carbon- neutral synthetic fuels, isotopes for space exploration, economical desalination, cheap reliable electricity, closed-loop/ Circular manufacturing, etc. New 4th Gen SMRs can make our grid smarter and more resilient. Energy density matters, especially with energy generation.

  2. I really recommend the book Drawdown to anybody interested in this. They ranked all the most efficient means to lower climate change.

  3. Educating women and giving them rights over their own bodies and lives leads to lower birth rates, without any coercion involved. It also means.. they get to be educated, which is a great thing for other reasons as well. People freak out if you bring up overpopulation, like you must hate people or want some kind of one child policy or something. No, there is a better way. Educate and empower women and girls, they will have less children. When they are poor, married off young and have no control over their lives, they have a lot of babies because they don't have birth control or the right to say no to their husband.

  4. when it comes to the carbon tax, that revenue, which comes out of paying for gas or maybe one day buying ICE cars, should be making life cheaper for taxpayers when they do things like buy an EV, or find ways to save water, or energy in their home etc

  5. Anything that reduces consumption of goods and transport of same goods will work. Kill the free trade deals. It should NOT be cost effective to ship fish halfway around the planet to get processed and then back again as food.
    Carbon taxes will NOT work. Never have, never will. For Bobs sake, the fossil industry proposed carbon taxes. And yeah, it kinda sounds like it does something, but it does not restructure the economy, and we end up using just as much fossil fuel.
    Governments should get directly into renewable energy and build infra structure and actual power plants. This should NOT be left to the market. Rather than spend hundreds of billions on weapons, the US should spend that money on solar farms, wind farms and so on. Geo thermal where it is possble. This may not be cost effective, but at this point that is a moot point. We only have a few years to do this, and we cannot wait for the capitalists to make environmentally healthy decisions. They have lousy track records in that field, anyway. Fuck'em.
    Take back control over public transportation and structure it as utility, and make it so that as few as possible have to use private transportation. Make it cheap, convenient and accessible to use the bus or train. Do the same thing with power, and make sure that as much as possible of the juice that gets on the grid comes from renewable energy, and use fossil fuel only in emergencies.
    Kill the tourist industry. We do not need to fly halfway around the world for Piña Coladas and skin cancer. It is unnecessary travel, and as such detrimental to the environment. It was fun while it lasted, but it is killing the planet, so let us not. Just. Not.
    Meat. Cows and sheep produce methane, and have large carbon footprints. We should eat less of those, and the meat we DO eat, should come from animals that graze on the land, and from pigs and chickens. And we can get a lot of the necessary proteins from plants, like beans and peas. Also all kinds of seeds and nuts. Highly nutritious, and completely carbon neutral.

  6. It's nice that our food choices are finally being recognized as one of the primary contributors to climate change. But not only should we reduce the amount of meat that we eat, but how about taking the $20 billion in subsidies that the federal government is currently providing to U.S. agriculture to raise, feed, and produce animals for food and instead use it to

    1) subsidize new plant- and cell-based food production technologies and industries,
    2) help U.S. animal agriculture operations & farmers transition to production of plant-based or other foods, and
    3) restore natural trees, vegetation and wildlife with the tens of millions of acres of land that will be freed up by ending the most inefficient food production system imaginable.

  7. All you have said in this entire video is you want us all to die not one mention about how round up is the only thing causing this problem and not enough regulations

  8. If possible, I am all for working a full-time job from home part of the week, right now I am one day weekly, hope to go up to twice per week, I am also looking into arranging shuttle bus service for BART commuters from BART station to local business park front door drop-off in Fremont CA.

  9. We're doomed. Macron can't get a simple fuel tax passed. Riots for this, that, or other reason but it really comes down to not wanting to adjust lifestyle to match what must be done to reduce the impact of climate change.

    Canadian PM faces revolt from a number of provincial premiers over a federal carbon tax. Some want to do nothing at all. Some claim that they'll have their own plan, but haven't bothered to tell anyone about them because they don't have one and intend to do nothing at all.

    Daily complaints from drivers the moment gas goes up a fraction of a penny. It's always someone elses' behaviours that need to change, never their own. Environmentalists are not allowed to preach because they either currently, or in the distant past, benefitted from fossil fuels.

    The science is being ignored even as other more convenient branches of science are implicitly trusted. Somehow climate science is subject to malign motivations that other branches are completely immune from. Unfortunately science is very likely the best tool for uncovering the truth of reality we're ever going to have.

  10. The RNC & DNC are both Science Deniers. Mother Jones: "How Hillary Clinton’s State Department Sold Fracking to the World" Obama gave out Drilling Licences like they were Candy: Seattle Times: "Obama administration approves Shell drilling in Arctic Ocean"

    The Intercept: "HILLARY CLINTON’S ENERGY INITIATIVE PRESSED COUNTRIES TO EMBRACE FRACKING, NEW EMAILS REVEAL" https://theintercept.com/2016/05/23/hillary-clinton-fracking/

    Seattle Times: "Obama administration approves Shell drilling in Arctic Ocean"



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  12. Veganism has to stop. Not only is there massive pollution caused by it but also according to Freud veganism promotes arrested development and issues breaking through the oedipus complex, making humans more and more aggressive. All the most violent civilizations were primarily vegetarian. The more vegetarian humanity has become, the more violent. Also, we need to hold corporations accountable. We must stop bailing out banks and letting big corporations get away from responsibility

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