Gambling like login has boomed recently. Statistics show that gaming is one of the fastest-growing industries.

Europe accounts for 40% of independent casino revenue.

Online casinos are predicted to grow in popularity after Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, and other European countries allowed virtual gambling.

This industry is definitely profitable. The casino gets most of the money. Online casino marketing is the key reason. For instance, a €5,000 welcome bonus to start with a double bankroll is appealing, but the deal requires 50x wagering on the deposit and bonus.

The casino may also provide a special bonus to cancel your withdrawal request, causing you to re-bet your profits and lose them altogether.

Choose games with high odds to maximize casino winnings. Long-term earnings make these games low-house edge. If you want to play longer, avoid these games.

Low-casino-edge games allow you to play longer. Finally, we’ll show you some other games with better payouts.

Online Slots

Video slots aren’t all high-house edge. Payout percentages dominate video slot discussions. Video slots with larger payoff percentages pay better. Many video slots have poor odds.

Winning a big jackpot is nice but unlikely.

How to avoid these traps? Choose the right casino games. You may have noticed when you entered the casino, but non-GamStop casinos make it even more crucial. If you want to win money, you must choose the best games from a bigger selection.

Video slots typically payout 92%–97%. That means you may expect 0.92 to 0.97 euros for every euro you put into the video slot.

That’s fine, but you can play many turns every hour. Impatiently pressing the “spin” button increases money.

Land-based casinos only provide the games on the floor. Online casinos don’t. Video slots dominate online casinos.

Today’s big range means you can’t play games with terrible odds. Find a video slot with a higher payout percentage to stretch your balance. Video slots should payout at least 97%.


Land-based casinos love keno. Keno has a 25%–40% house edge, compared to 1%–2% for other casino games. The casino will eventually take your money faster than with any other game.

If you want a higher chance of winning, don’t play this game for too long.

Since the game progresses slowly, drawing more numbers that don’t match your wager can upset you even more.


Roulette has good odds. One main version has terrible odds compared to other casino games. Due to the double zero on the wheel and playing field, American roulette is best avoided. If all else fails, you can bet on American Roulette at a land-based casino.

If you join an online casino, you must play European or French Roulette. Although the games are comparable, the extra 00 greatly affects the odds. Compared to European Roulette, this slight difference virtually doubles the house edge.

American Roulette offers a 5.26% house edge, whereas European Roulette has 2.70%.

Lack of the 00 lowers the house edge. European Roulette has higher chances than American Roulette, but a roulette game without a zero is preferable. Casinos must generate money, thus this version isn’t available online either.

Non-GamStop casinos are popular because they make choosing a version and odds easy. French roulette has the best odds. French Roulette single odds are 1.35%.

Odd/even, red/black, and low/high are single odds. Use the variety of online roulette to find the best wheels.

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