Hey David, I know people are talking about
martial law and Trump canceling the election. What’s really the craziest thing that Trump
could do before the 2020 election? So listen, here’s the important thing to understand. I agree with many in our audience that Donald
Trump has the potential to be erratic, dangerous and destructive because of how unhinged he
is becoming due to the impeachment trial that is upcoming due to the, you know, embarrassment
that he, I think recognizes he has become the laughing stock stock. He has become in front of many of our world
allies. I agree that he has the potential to act in
really erratic, unhinged, dangerous ways. Some of the things that he could do and then
we’ll get into how likely these things are. There’s the idea he could cancel the 2020
election. He could cancel it on the basis that, you
know, Ukraine has hacked it and it’s not going to be fair or something like that. Uh, he could cancel it on the basis that while
a president is under impeachment, there couldn’t possibly be a fair, like he could try to do
that. What do you succeed? I don’t think so. The other idea is could Trump Trump declare
martial law either before the election or after the election? The question here is before the election,
sure. He could try to do it. You do need congressional approval for martial
law. We talked last week or the week before. If you go back and look at other instances
where martial law has been declared in the United States, it’s been really, when there
have been emergencies. Now, often martial law was used to do really
horrible things like after the bombing of Pearl Harbor as an example. Um, so that’s another possibility Trump would
need to do that. And I don’t think that a democratic Congress,
which we will have up until the 2020 election is going to be willing to do that. Another thing Trump could do is try to get
States to cancel elections. So we’ve already seen that. There have been some States where the Republican
party has been canceling the Republican primary to prevent any kind of, um, uh, a challenge
to Donald Trump, uh, in the Republican primary within those, those States. Uh, the, the idea that would be the next step
would be go to red States that have, you know, really solidly red, a Republican governor
and a Republican controlled legislature house Senate and try to cancel the election at the
state level all together. This seems number one, extremely unlikely. And number two actually counterproductive
because if only red States cancel the election, that’s not good for Donald Trump. So I don’t see that as a likely scenario either. Another possibility that’s been floated around
is something that wouldn’t be unique to Donald Trump. It would be getting some kind of military
engagement bombs. Someone start a war Curry favor as a wartime
president to try to justify this totally ridiculous notion of we don’t want to change horses midstream. You know, if your horse is failing you and
you would die if you stay on the horse, but maybe you can swim to safety, you might try
to change horses midstream to use that analogy. That is always a possibility. How many countries have been possibilities
for this many? It’s are Trump talked about Venezuela. Trump has talked about Iran. Trump has talked about North Korea. There’s a long list that’s always sort of
a possibility. I actually think that the more dangerous scenario
would be one that’s less cartoonish in nature. I don’t think martial law is likely, I don’t
think canceling elections is likely. Imagine that Donald Trump has acquitted in
the Senate impeachment trial, which is the most likely scenario that could set him off,
not by anger, but into this kind of manic imaginary mandate that he might believe he
has. Even if more than half the country wants him
impeached and removed because Republicans control the Senate, they can acquit him very,
very simply. I fear that he will become even more of a
megalomaniac by being acquitted and start doing all sorts of crazy things with regard
to our allies, maybe executive orders and policy and that would get less attention than
something as as notable as I’m declaring martial law. I’m trying to cancel an election and it could
actually succeed in doing quite a bit of damage. We will see. I hope none of these things happen.