guys guys I I haven't done this before okay I'm never I'm not there I've never done this before I've seen other youtubers do it but I've I've never done it guys okay this video this video it's going to be me taking a test on the internet I recently got a question that asked me where I stood politically and you know I don't really know where I stand politically I'm thinking I'm somewhere in between conservative and libertarian I don't know which one I am but the internet knows so today I'll be taking the Specter test and so you answer questions and you find out where you are politically on the spectrum whatever yeah that's what I'm gonna do so let's get to it okay so I guess we just just start each individual enjoys bodily autonomy and have rights that no other individual or group may violate guys I'm pretty I'm pretty political but I I have no idea what this is saying I don't know what that means go to the next one I guess individuals have the freedom to decide what they knowingly and voluntarily consume yes strongly agree with that so I come over the side there we go each speech should be banned no strongly disagree hate speech should not be banned private property owners should be free to set the rules regarding the presence of weapons on their own property from the agrees respect for private property rights is fundamental to maintaining a free and prosperous society strongly agree contracts to obtain retain profit from manage or dispose of one's private property should be regulated by the government Romilly disagree private property owners have the right to control and enjoy their property so long as their choices do no harm nor infringe on the rights of others yes strongly agree baby as you can tell I do not like the government very much the practices of eminent domain and civil assess for features should be abolished I'm gonna stay neutral on that one because I have no idea what it's saying and I'm not even gonna look it up in order to protect the poor from the rich limits on profits for production mandates and controls prices of goods and services aren't necessary though strong leaders agree with you private landowners do not have an incentive to maintain natural resources and as such need to be regulated by the government strongly disagree environmental advocates and social pressure are a more effective means of changing public behaviour and government actions strongly agree energy pricing allocation and production are too important to be left to the market it should be controlled by the government strongly disagree people who think they are entitled to keep what they earn are merely being selfish and should be forced to pay their fair share strongly disagree with that taxation is the price we pay for civilization is a valid statement strongly disagree people all should be free to choose with products and services they wish to purchase and not be forced to pay for something against their will strongly agree unless you're a socialist profits and losses should be socialized but no strongly disagree I hate socialism money should be abolished I'm going to say slightly disagree private ownership of the means of production should be abolished should it be abolished no it shouldn't employment and compensation agreements between employers and employees are private and should not be encumbered by social engineering song we agree provision of education should be socialized and made available free of charge no it should not be made free of charge I hate so much so much when Bernie Sanders says well we need to give free colleges how do you expect people to get to college if they don't got the money to go to college you think that there's a single mom with three kids how is she gonna pay for their college education nothing is free there nothing is free no matter what like it's not free colleges whenever you take free colleges they're not free colleges because you know what then everybody else is paying for taxes for people to go to college and then there's a bunch of people that don't go to college and yet they're still paying taxes for other people to go to college even though they never actually want to go to college why should we pay for something that other people are doing and something that we don't have to sorry just gone a little rant there Oh simmer down simmer it down education is best provided by the free market achieving greater quality accountability and efficiency with more diversity of choice strongly agree the education of children is the financial responsibility of parents or guardians not the government strongly agree individuals should be free to determine the health the level of health insurance they want if any strongly agree health care should be provided by the free market strongly agree provision of healthcare should be socialized and made available free of charge strongly disagree you see anything with the word socialized in it I'm going to say strongly disagree because I hate socialism most people will not voluntarily help the poor therefore it is incumbent on the government to provide welfare services so as to combat poverty no charity and civil society will weaken if government does not have power to direct such activity no strongly disagree in order to preserve a global stability the government needs to embrace form political alliances and act as a policeman for the world I'm not big on like foreign policies and stuff like that so I don't think I can understand all this but now now I'm guessing that we're going to be asked a lot of foreign policy things like this and I'm not going to be able to answer them tonight all understand rights are not in alienable and can be suspended during times of war I wanna go say neutral on that one doesn't keep it safe intelligence agencies should be obstructed from preserving security if they were subjected to oversight and transparency I'm staying neutral on that one I'm finding a stance on a lot of neutral ones here because I don't understand foreign policy should seek to keep a nation in a position of strength relative to other nations I can say neutral on that one I don't understand a foreign policy and now we're doing another foreign policy a foreign policy should emphasize defense against attack from abroad and enhance the likelihood of peace by avoiding foreign entanglements I'm getting really tired of these all people have the right to resist tyranny and defend themselves and their right strongly agree all people are born with an inherent right to their life liberty and property strongly agree parents or other guardians have the right to raise their children according to their own standards and beliefs strongly agree parents should be able to abuse and neglect their children without fear of intervention strongly disagree without the state there was the chaos and disorder so I would say I slightly disagree that a my conservative and my libertarian am I in between I don't know we're going to find out after I answered this question the state should be abolished I would say I slightly disagree with that and I will press this checkmark and I will see but I am you respect as libertarian capitalist so yeah that's neat to know what is a libertarian capitalism they say is it fair has said political philosophy advocating only minimal state intervention in the lives of citizens coupled with an economic system in which trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit rather than by the state libertarianism shares elements with anarchism although is generally associated more with conservatism chiefly in the US so I just got SPECT so I know that some of you guys have already taken this test and if you have tell me in the comment section what you got and if you haven't taken this test I recommend you take this test and tell me in the comment section what you are let's start a political fight down there hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode always remember to take to the max and I'll see you guys next time [Applause]