the official residence of the President of the United States is known as the White House where is the White House what is the home like the White House is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC it was designed by James Hoban and it was constructed over the course of eight years from 1792 to 1800 its initial cost was just over two hundred and thirty two thousand three hundred dollars this would be more than three million dollars today when construction was complete the outside of the building was whitewashed with a mixture that included lime rice glue casein and LED this gave the home its distinctive color which it is so well known for today the first president who lived in the White House was John Adams and he took residency in November of 1804 the structure was even complete Adams only lived there for a short time though since he lost his bid for re-election that same year every president since Adams has lived in the home during the War of 1812 the house was nearly destroyed in a fire the British invaded Washington DC and burned much of the nation's capital including the White House after the fire the only part of the building that remained intact was the exterior walls however even the outside walls had to be torn down and rebuilt because of the damage the structure had sustained the home has not always been known as the White House it was originally known by the titles the presidential palace or the Executive Mansion the earliest reference to the term White House comes from 1811 but it was not officially known by that name until 1901 when Theodore Roosevelt had the words placed on the official Executive Mansion stationary throughout the 1900s the White House became synonymous with the President of the United States there have been many expansions and improvements to the White House over the years the first renovations came during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt improvements also took place during the Taft and Hoover administrations probably the most significant reconstruction took place during Harry Truman's presidency when an internal steel frame was added at that time the floor plan was also altered to its modern configuration First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy also oversaw a dramatic redecoration of the White House interior during the early 1960s there are three main areas to the white house the executive residence the west wing and the east wing the executive residence is where the President and his or her family actually live the West Wing includes the president's office staff offices the Cabinet Room where the cabinet holds its official meetings and the press briefing room the West Wing also includes the White House Situation Room this is a conference room in the basement of the West Wing from which the president monitors and manages crisis situations the East Wing has housed many things over the years including the offices of the first lady the White House has six stories with more than 55,000 square feet of floor space there are eight staircases three elevators and 147 windows the home includes 132 rooms 35 bathrooms 28 fireplaces and 412 doors there is a swimming pool a tennis court jogging track putting green movie theater single lane bowling alley and a basketball court the White House also employs five full-time chefs to serve the President and other important white house guests there are several famous rooms within the White House the Oval Office is the official office of the president known by this name because of its oval shape other rooms are known by the color of the walls and furniture in those rooms for example the White House includes the Red Room the green room the yellow oval room and the Blue Room all of which are used for various dinner parties and receptions there are also several famous bedrooms in the White House the most notable of all these is the Lincoln Bedroom it is known by this name because the central feature of the room is a large ornate bed which was purchased by Mary Todd Lincoln during Abraham Lincoln's presidency also Lincoln's office used to occupy this same area in the White House the Queen's bedroom is another well-known White House bedroom it was given this name in honor of the number of royal guests who have stayed in the room the queen of the United Kingdom has stayed there as well as the Queen's of Norway the Netherlands Greece and Nepal the White House Rose Garden is another prominent feature the Rose Garden was created in 1913 at the request of Ellen Wilson wife of Woodrow Wilson the garden is 125 feet long and 60 feet wide it is frequently used to greet important guests or hold special ceremonies at the White House the White House is sometimes referred to as the people's house in its earliest days visitors were allowed to casually stroll the White House grounds and even enter the home Thomas Jefferson would come out at lunchtime and personally greet those who were touring the house as time has progressed it has become increasingly difficult to enter the White House however it is still toured by thousands of people each day in fact more than 100,000 people a month visit the White House this means that more than 1 million people tour the White House every single year you