hey guys how are you this is Kathy Barnett listen I just found something out that I did not know prior to last night and that is a OC audition for her role in Congress did you guys know that I didn't even watch the full video called the brains behind a OC I couldn't find it initially when I went to youtube and just put that in and had to go onto google find it and then go back I think YouTube is shadow banning that particular video so we don't know it but you see in that video her admitting to the fact that it was her brother who submitted her name for this open-call audition and that she was just bartending at some restaurant and then she went in auditions she had the starpower bay light and so they hired her for the role of congresswoman think about that for a moment why is our national media mainstream media not picking that up this woman is is making the agenda setting the agenda for the Democrat Party we're primarily a two system party in this nation and she is very much a part of setting the agenda for the half 1/2 of our nation and she auditioned for this role and I was thinking to myself how is her auditioning for this role any different from when Vanderbilt Rockefeller and JP Morgan paid to to get their guy William McKinley to become president remember I don't know if you guys remember that I love history so I'm a student of it and if you remember they I think it was Bryan who was on the Democrat side was running for president at this time and his platform was breaking up the monopolies these men of the van de belles are the Carnegie of the of the JPMorgan's and and and the very Eber wealthy they did not like it and so Carnegie suggested well why don't we put our money behind the Republican Party and JP Morgan said no we need to go find our own person our own candidate and put him up against Bryan and guess who they found William McKinley guess who won William McKinley is that really how we want our government to operate talk about morality the difference between right and wrong is that really how we want to operate our government where we can find puppets and we can put the glitz and the glam and the money and the platform and the social media behind them and that's how they win or do we want people who honestly feel this particular way have a you know so much of her appeal is that she's so organic is that she speaks that she's the voice for the people on her side of the aisle and that these are the things that she believes and vehemently want to to place upon our country to move our country in this totally new direction remember some of the ideas have some of our ideas we have the green New Deal we have universal health care we have guaranteed jobs for everyone remember she was talking about that and she's going on platform at the platform speaking tours at the speaking tours she's in Congress she's setting the agenda I don't care if Nancy Pelosi says it's just three of them those three are very vocal did you guys listen to I think one uh tally Rashida to leave I think is how you pronounce her name forgive me if it's not but she was commenting today just today about this move to impeach our president and that it will come it will happen I mean these people are setting agendas and to find out for me to find out that she is just a puppet she's just a mouth peace for an activist group who we did not who the people of New York did not vote for they did not vote for them No granted I was thinking how is this any different from a PAC or how would this any from a super PAC how is this any different from me as an activist holding my pilot boating for people who will do and say what I want them to do and say and again it's the morality behind this I saw on snoops their responses that the brains behind the brains of AOC doesn't understand activism doesn't understand how people are doesn't understand you know the powers that move people behind that wasn't this at all this is not the same as a super PAC who put their money behind a particular candidate who we the people believe is you know that their champion ideas that we hold right this isn't that AOC well ALC was a bartender a waitress somewhere and she went an audition to be a mouthpiece to be a puppet for a foreign organization that's completely different than if I vehemently hold these truths to be self-evident that I that I stand behind whether we're looking at marriage or abortion or the sovereignty of our borders or climate change whatever my whatever my platform may be I honestly believe these things and I want people to come behind me and support that that's not the case there's an organization that have their own agenda they needed a mouthpiece so they went out and audition to make the audition they they they allow people to come in to audition it had an open casting call she's an actress she's a puppet and she's making agendas she's setting the agenda for the Democrat Party why or why I was thinking to myself if mainstream media not picking up on this why are we talking about Russia because it is not the same kind of colluding here that our government that our president colluded with our president whether puppet of Russia that Russia was really setting the agenda do we hold our Congress who make our laws who legislate our laws who's an equal branch of the government do we hold our Congress at a different level or legislative body at a different level than the executive branch they're co-equal branches of government shouldn't it be the same shouldn't we hold both of them at the same regard that we don't want a puppet and office if there's something morally wrong with that someone auditioning for a role to play and then that person having the platform the glitz the glam to get people to move in the direction that they want them to be there's something so fundamentally wrong with that not only that that she would audition for and someone will put her in that position to do that but also a nation that turns a blind eye to it a nation that can be manipulated by glitz and glam just my my thoughts share this get this to someone blessings by