what's up everybody this is mr. McCluskey and today I'm going to explain to you what the different types of governments are so let's roll that footage okay so there are several different types of government the first one that I'm going to talk about is anarchy anarchy is the absence of government it's no government this is a time period where if you think of like the purge you know people acting crazy going around you can basically do whatever you want with no consequences whatsoever you could steal cars rob banks but at that point the money would be useless because well there's no government to support that money so when you think about it the purge is a pretty good example or even the Walking Dead The Walking Dead no rules right imagine your classroom where the teacher is tied to a chair and everyone's going completely nuts no there will not be any zombies during an anarchy that's not what that is but outbreak of zombies could lead to a form of Anarchy if the government were to be you know eaten by zombies the second type of government I want to talk about real quick is in monarchy a monarchy is simply ruled by a king or queen there's nothing more to it if you're a king you run a monarchy if you're Queen you run a monarchy now you might be thinking like the Queen of England that is a constitutional monarchy where they kind of have a queen but she really doesn't have any real power she's more of just like the mascot or figurehead or whatever not really in the sense of running the government the third type I want to talk about real quick is called an oligarchy and alagar key is where you have several different people in charge it's more of a group a few people not kind of like not like our Congress that we have today that's too many people this would be a specific set of a few people who would technically have equal power so I'd be imagine if we had like three presidents it would be kind of like that you're fired another form of government is theocracy a theocracy is where a religious leader would hold all the power it would be like if all of a sudden the Pope got elected and he became president United States and made everybody Christians and all that that would be a theocracy some notable countries that have more modern theocracies will be like Iran Iran has a system where they have a religious leader but they also have a kind of elected form of government in a sense another form of government will be a Thor terian now when you think of authoritarianism we usually think of like dictators such as Hitler Stalin Mussolini Kim jong-eun to be more recent and even Brashear al-assad these are more modern they're using their force and you're using tactics of fear to keep their power imagine that if your classroom became an authoritarianism one student decided to get rid of everyone that was a threat it's quite not very good the next one I want to talk about is democracy democracy is simply ruled by the people now there are two different styles of democracy we have a direct democracy which is where all citizens have a say in government kind of run the government and then we have a representative democracy also known as a republic which is what we have here in the United States where we elect people to represent us in the government and that's all the different types of government that's it easy right piece of cake you're gonna do fine on your test or quiz or whatever you use this video for so don't forget click that like button smash it if you want I don't care um hit that subscribe button leave a comment below tell me which type of government you think is the best or which one you would prefer to run and I will see you guys in the next video you