I’m attorney Josh Myers and welcome to another episode of Ask Schultz & Myers today I want to talk about a question we get a lot which is “what are policy limits?” this is something
you’ll hear your personal injury attorney talk about a lot so every defendant…generally this is
the case they are insured by a policy of insurance. whether it be auto insurance or
homeowners insurance and basically that insurance company is
responsible for hiring their lawyer controlling the
defense for them and ultimately paying the settlement or paying any
verdict that you get against them but of course is not an unlimited amount
of money it is just up to a certain specified number. so just like
you have your own car insurance and you may pay for coverage up to
twenty-five thousand dollars or fifty thousand two hundred thousand and that means that if… let’s say you’re
responsible and you have a twenty-five thousand
dollar limit your insurance company will pay on your behalf up to that limit but after that limit it’s all on you and
of course the same is true when we’re talking about the defendant. So, those are what we mean when
we say the policy limits. It’s the amount of money that the insurance company will pay up to on behalf of the
defendant so a lot of times a week talk about
settling the case we talk about the insurance companies
offer their policy limits and that doesn’t necessarily mean that
is the most you can get but it’s it’s generally the most that you have
available to get from the insurance company after that you get to then turn to the
individual defendant and decide if you’re willing to go after them
personally or if they’re willing to contribute something so anyway that answers the question of what are policy limits and again if you’ve been involved in any
type of injury her car crash tractor-trailer crash
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