Content design is one of the really critical
disciplines within user-centred design to help us to interpret the amazing
policies and parts of our services into content that users can
understand and can interact with. I started in government about six months ago,
just getting my head around how government works how the different departments work and I found
the community to be really really helpful for that. We help content designers across the whole
of government and the public sector learn and we raise awareness of the profession. I had no idea what to expect. It just showed me
what was available where I could go for help or where I could just have information that
would make me a better content designer. The term ‘content designer’ has only been
in common use for the past six years. It’s becoming more professionalised. We’ve got courses that you can
come on, introductory courses. On Slack and on Basecamp people can ask
questions to get support from their colleagues. We also have a monthly newsletter
that we send out that will contain invites and opportunities to meet and
learn with other content designers. Innovation and great work is going on
in pockets all over government and actually being part of the community helps
us bring that together and share the good work. Today we’re at ConCon8, which is the annual content
conference for the government content community. Yeah, so it’s a whole day of
content talks, content workshops and just mingling with the
cross-government content community. It’s not just content people here, there
are also user researchers and analysts, service designers and graphic designers
and accessibility specialists. If you are talking to people or learning from
experiences or attending talks and workshops, you move much faster and
just get to a higher level quicker. That’s how the knowledge builds
up, the contacts build up and we’ve become a community. So you can see it
forming before your very eyes, if you like. You could be a content designer
working on GOV.UK or on services, you might be in a local council or in a charity, you might not be a content designer
but you want to know more, we can put you in touch with the right
people, we can invite you to the next event. I would just encourage people to get in touch and
we’d love to have you as part of the community.