It’s your Optician and I wanted to give you
an update on the new location in Rice Village located within West University. My Progressive Lens technology is better than
ever. The lenses are 25 times more accurate than
what anybody can make for you. It’s been a little while, so you probably
need an adjustment on your eyeglasses to make sure that the progressive lenses or the lenses
are fitting exactly where they need to be so you can get the perfect optics. Maybe, you just need your nose pads changed,
or maybe you have some questions. I can help! Come by and see me. Every Saturday, it’s Customer Appreciation
Day where I make you Homemade Keto Cheesecake and also serve you Spritzers (which is carbonated
water with Vodka). So it’s very Keto friendly. Come by the new location. It’s called Eyewear Republic at 2509 Rice Blvd. The phone number is 281-236-7625. You can call me or text me anytime. I have two parking spaces right in front of
the front door, so come by and see me. Have a great day! and See You Soon