Are you aware of assembly elections? Do you remember something
that you were taught in school? Let’s brush it up. Just like we elect Members of Parliament
to rule our country, we also elect Members of Legislative Assembly
to rule our state. Managing the affairs of a huge country like India is as interesting as it is complicated. So, on the occasion of Assembly Election 2019 let’s understand how does the machinery of
state government work. State Government By dividing the authority and the responsibilities, Central Government works at a national level while State Government works at a state level. It is called as
‘Federal Parliamentary Democratic Republic’. In Assembly Elections, we elect a Member of Assembly
from our constituency. Then, the party or a group of parties
with the maximum number of MLAs in the house, is invited by the Governor of the state
to form the government. The government thus formed is operated by
the cabinet led by Chief Minister. From the formation of Samyukta Maharashtra
in 1960 to 1962, Yashwantrao Chavan was
the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Assembly Election is conducted in Maharashtra
for 288 seats. The term of the state government is of 5 years. However, in case of emergency,
Governor can dissolve the government. 1962, assembly elections were held
for the first time in Maharashtra. And Marotrao Kannamwar became
the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Vasantrao Naik was the Chief Minister of Maharashtra
for 11 years – the longest period. Devendra Fadnavis is the
Chief Minister of Maharashtra since 2014. He is the 18th Chief Minister of Maharashtra. In 2014, there were 8 Crore 25 Lakhs voters in Maharashtra. While in 2019, there will be 8 Crore 94 Lakhs
rightful voters. Many of the state government decisions
are about our day-to-day activities. For example, what legislation should exist to maintain the law and order in the state. What amendments should made
in the existing legislation. Also, what should be the economic policy of the state, what should be its agricultural policy how should be its tax system, are the things an MLA is supposed to
discuss and decide on. Hence, just like parliamentary elections, it is equally important to vote in assembly elections. In every election, so many voters vote for the first time. So, first, let’s understand the process of voting. How to vote? Soon, assembly elections will happen in Maharashtra. Are you voting for the first time? Don’t worry. Process is very simple. Just understand it. First, you have to register your name
in the voter’s list for you to vote. If you haven’t yet registered it,
you won’t be to vote in this election. But no worries. Do register your name to vote in the next election. As a voter, it is extremely important for us
to consider certain things. First of all, why to vote? As mentioned earlier, we have opted for democracy
to operate our country. Now, you may ask, what is a democracy? It is the government by the people,
for the people, of the people. So, for our state or country to operate smoothly, it is our duty to vote. Another things is that how to elect an appropriate candidate for us? For that, first of all, collect the information about the candidates
contesting from your constituency. This information mainly includes candidate’s education, his political and social career, and a check if he/she has a criminal background. Now, you are wise enough to elect the candidate,
after knowing this information. Moreover, do not forget to know the electoral symbol of the candidate you wish to vote for. Know the exact date of voting in your constituency. This year, it is 21st October. Also, note the name, number and address
of your polling booth, so that you can easily locate your polling booth
and save time. You may find this information on Do not forget to carry your identity card as you go to vote. You can vote if you carry voter’s ID card,
Aadhar card or driving license. Do cooperate with the security personnel and the Election Commission staff at polling booth and strictly follow their instructions. Only after confirming the name and electoral symbol of the candidate you wish to vote for press the button opposite to it on EVM. In case of any problem, do not hesitate to seek help
from the election officer. Do check on VVPAT machine
if your vote has been recorded correctly. After voting, do share your experience on social media. Also, do insist your relatives and friends to vote. That’s it. Voting is that easy. Do share this video with your friends
who will be voting for the first time. Also, if you have any doubts regarding voting, or if you have some anecdotes
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