Hello again! Good morning, where am I going to? Hungary! Nearly there, I would say about 1-2 hours to drive I have a lot of toilet break, I’ve bought a panini for my lunch I think its have ham or chicken I’m not sure, looks white so it seems like chicken to me A lot of cheese and tomato Very hot, really soft bite Lenka have chicken with potatoes Nice? Lenka: Yeah, really nice So far, I have a good time and I really love it Yay! I have finally arrives at Budapest, Hungary. I can’t believe it! It’s really beautiful in here Looking so good In Hungary, the money is different again.. Great! That’s mean Austria and Slovakia have Euro money Hungary and Czech Republic only different money There is a bike traffic light So tonight we will be on the boat because there will be very beautiful views at night It’s tram So I can stand there and look at trams when they past See? Wow, very nice view for trams We’re going to book a boat so we will be on the boat tonight I can’t wait on the boat, it gonna be so good Wow, a very long boat Ahh best! It’s so good, it feels so feel like so smooth Shopping time!! I have an oreo flavour ice cream Very good quality! Lenka: So good!! Really beautiful lights, wow We’re on the boat, the boat will leave at 7 Better now Wow, so beautiful view! Hey good morning, we’re on the way to Austria We’re going to shopping centre, I always buy my new favourite drink Only just one hour to drive that’s all! Now its only 10 minutes to arrive there We didn’t go to Austria shopping centre because of Austrian National Day It’s like really a special day in Austrian So all the shop has closed I’m in Slovakia, the view is beautiful We will be on up there Only 5 Euro, I told them that I’m a student which is under 17 but I’m actually 18 Wow! Really beautiful! I love the beautiful colours of a sunshine, I like these colours (very orange and pink, look like peach) It’s getting darker now, really beautiful in Slovakia I feel like Christmas is coming Hey good morning! It’s Friday today, only 2 days left to go home So we’re going to Austria shopping centre again, because of yesterday was closed ”Austrian National Day” Hopefully, it should be open today Lenka is doing some make up, she can’t be bothered to do make up at the early morning So she doing in the car The wet paint is falling out It’s definitely bad idea! Lenka has bought Michael Kors She’s so spoilt, because in Austria shopping centre is very cheap Lenka: I’m broken Yes you are There are not things to buy, the most shop is for women, so rarely men’s shop I went to Gucci shop, I want to buy Gucci sneakers but they doesn’t have the sneakers because they’re only for heels Hey, I’m in Slovakia but I should be in Austria for visiting in the town The weather is so awful, very raining all day so how can we walk around without umbrella Hello, it’s last day today. We’re in Czech Republic again (in a different city) We’re only go for asian supermarket like some clothing in there Hey everyone! Today is the day! We will be flying back to London at 6 or 7? Im not sure I think so far, it’ve been a good time and I feel like it is a proper travel the world There’s many interesting places to visit, a lot of interesting things like I’ve never seen them in my life This is so sad I had no chance to visit in Austria, but unfortunately the weather is awful We’re supposed to be going Austria town but it was raining all day, we can’t go there to visit while raining So I couldn’t make it Hopefully in the future I can go back and visiting there again I’ve done pack the suitcase, so I can get relaxing now It’s 11o’clock now, I have more time for relaxing So yesterday, I didn’t really vlog in there because I went to asian supermarket as they selling some clothing, toys and a lot of things I couldn’t find anything I want Also in the supermarket is not allowed to use the camera or film so that’s why I can’t use vlog So far, I really hope you enjoy my travel vlog Thank you for watching! Bye!