-Welcome to the “2019
King County General Election
Video Voters’ Guide,” your chance to hear directly
from the participants appearing
on the November 5th General Election Ballot. This is a vote-by-mail election. Instead of going to a polling
place, ballots will be sent to
all registered voters. All ballots must be returned on
or before election day,
November 5th. Each statement is up to two
minutes long and unedited. The speakers appear on your
screen in the order they will
appear on the ballot. The candidates appearing in this
video are running for
King County Assessor, King County Elections
Director, the Metropolitan
King County Council, and the Port
of Seattle Commission. All the elected positions
included in this guide
are non-partisan. King County Assessor. The King County Assessor
oversees the assessment
of residential and commercial properties in
King County, as well as personal
property used by businesses. These values are used to
calculate property taxes
and to calculate property tax levy rates for
King County taxing districts. The Assessor serves
a four-year term. All voters within
King County are eligible to
vote in this race. ♪♪ King County Elections Director. The King County Elections
Director is responsible for
conducting elections and overseeing voter
registration and voter education
in King County. The King County
Elections Director serves
a four-year term. All voters in King County are
eligible to vote in this race. -Hi, I’m Julie Wise
and it is a privilege
to serve as your King County
Director of Elections. Each day I work hard to
fulfill my commitment
to removing barriers to voting while
ensuring accurate, transparent,
and secure elections. Voting in King County
has never been
more convenient. During my first term
we added
60 ballot drop boxes; now 95% of voters
live within 3 miles
of a secure, 24-hour
voting location. We implemented prepaid
postage, because you
shouldn’t have to buy a stamp to vote,
and added service
in Spanish and Korean. We invested in
culturally specific
voter outreach through a
first-in-the-country government/philanthropic
partnership. We’ve also opened
five new vote centers
across the county to support same-day
registration. Voting in King County
has also never been
more secure. As Elections Director, I brought
in the Department
of Homeland Security and State Auditor’s cyber
security team to ensure our
elections are protected. We’ve expanded our auditing
practices and strengthened
accountability. We implemented a new,
tabulation system that is not only
more secure,
but saving the county nearly
$500,000 per year. Most recently, I
spoke out about issues
with the state’s new voter
registration system
because I believe that even one voter left
behind is too many. I’ve been a nonpartisan
election administrator
for 19 years, certified at the state
and national level. At a time when elections
are under threat,
both from international interests leading us to
question the integrity
of our systems, and domestically by
those who would prevent
rightful voters from having their
voice heard,
the 1.3 million voters of King County need
and deserve
an Elections Director with experience,
and a commitment to making
every vote count. I am proud to be
endorsed by elections
colleagues statewide, And I, Julie Wise,
ask for your vote
this November. -I’m going to take this
time to reach out to
the youngest voters, 18 to 29 years old, the
most open-minded voters
of King County. According to surveys,
you’re doing better, but
still the most likely demographic
not to vote, but
the levers of power in the county
and the nation
are in your hands, because it turns out
you could be
the swing voters who tip the balance
of power in one
direction or another. My campaign has no
choice but to turn its
lonely eyes to you, because you,
of all people,
have not only seen the chaos and turmoil
of the world up close,
but have had to have the courage to live
under the gun,
though my generation took mundane schools
for granted, and now
you have to be be bold enough to enter a
world that is
increasingly unfriendly and unwelcoming
to those just starting
out in adulthood. It shouldn’t
be that way, however,
so send them a message by electing me,
and suddenly
the shock waves that you propel
will reach your peers
across the state and the nation,
and the power
of the people shall indeed include
a youth wing that will
shake foundations and revitalize
politics. Tell your high schools
and colleges
that Mark Greene is running for Director
of Elections,
and he asks that you register and vote
right up to
Election Day itself, and that I support
the expansion
of the vote to our 16- and
17-year-old brethren.
Thank you. -Metropolitan King County
Council. The King County Council is
the legislative branch of
county government. The County Council enacts laws
and sets policy. To further county policies,
they adopt the county’s
operating budget. The operating budget includes
spending for areas such as
public health and human services, metro transit,
waste water treatment,
the criminal justice system, and regional parks and open
space. The King County Council has nine
members, each representing a
different geographic district. Voters select from the
candidates representing their
voting district. Positions two, four, six, and
eight will appear on the general
election ballot this year. ♪♪ -Hi, everyone, my name
is Girmay Zahilay,
and I’m running to be your next Councilmember
for King County Council,
District 2. Growing up in Seattle,
I always felt like
we were living in a tale
of two cities. This is a region of
unprecedented wealth
and also a region where people are struggling
to afford basic
needs like housing. A region known for
and innovation, and also a region that
lacks basic
infrastructure and transportation. A region known
supposedly for
progressivism and one that
continues to
disproportionately impact Black and Brown
people through the
justice system. I’m running to be your
because we deserve to live in
a region that works
for everyone. I’ve seen firsthand
how this economy
fails to work for all
of our communities. I was raised by a
single mother who is
an Ethiopian refugee. We grew up in places
like Rainier Vista,
Holly Park, and Skyway.
Every night my mom
would tuck her kids into bed, and instead of
going to bed herself,
she would put on her scrubs and work
nightshift at two
local nursing homes. Even though she
worked double shift
every day, she still struggled
to pay rent,
to pay for her car, to pay medical bills
and child care. After a lifetime
of hard work,
these challenges are
even greater today. I’m running for
King County Council
to design bold solutions
to these
regional problems. We can live in a county
where if you work
a full-time job, you don’t live
in constant fear of
losing your home and being displaced
because there is
affordable housing and there are opportunities
for home ownership
in our neighborhoods. We can live in a County
where maintaining
a car no longer traps families in a
cycle of poverty
and destroys our environment
because more people
have access to reliable, effective
public transit. We can live in a County
where our youth can
prosper because they have limitless educational
and a justice system that seeks to rehabilitate
and restore rather
than incarcerate and traumatize. My name is
Girmay Zahilay,
and I know we can work together to make this
a County that truly
works for everyone. -My name is Larry Gossett,
your King County Councilmember
from District 2. Please vote for me
by November 5th
so that together we can finish
the very important
work that we’ve been doing together in Martin
Luther King Jr.
County. I’m an experienced legislator
fighting along with
a community-wide team of people for Equity,
Justice, and Freedom
all toward the goal of improving life for
everyday people
everyday. My legislation positively
impacts people
of all races, ages, sexual orientation,
as well as our larger
environment. In concert with our youth,
people of color and workers,
I am introducing to
King County Council, legislation to create
the Martin Luther King County
Green-New-Deal Keep your eyes on this,
it’s going to be
a beautiful plan. For our children’s sake,
it is crucial we have
a comprehensive County-wide
environmental policy
that helps them as well as the workers
and everybody else
benefit from living in a
healthier community. I have also worked hard for
affordable housing,
and that is why I want people to know
that we have a
5-year plan I want to be here for
those five years to
help lead the effort to build 44,000
affordable housing
in our County. Vote for me, my name
is Larry Gossett
by November 5th. Thank you very much. ♪♪ -I’m running a campaign
to bring new energy
and ideas to the King County Council
and by election day I
will have personally knocked on
over 20,000 doors. Time and time again
I hear the same
frustrations. We have to address
with a proven, regional approach —
no excuses. We need to deliver transit
and traffic improvements
to our neighborhoods. And we must take
a holistic approach
to affordability — through housing,
child care,
and health care. And we need to be
doing all that we can
to address climate change
here at home. I’m Abigail Doerr,
and I’m running to
bring needed change to this often
overlooked job —
where we can and must do more
for our families. I’m proud of my experience
leading coalitions
and campaigns that are transforming
our region. I led the Sound
Transit 3 effort
that will finally deliver light
rail to Ballard,
I helped build the state’s largest
movement to address
climate change, and made sure Seattle’s parks
receive permanent,
stable funding. I’ll bring this approach
to the Council
and am geared up to take on homelessness
and affordability,
expand our bus system and deliver
light rail early. I will fight every day to
improve public health
and safety, gun violence,
and will protect
Puget Sound from unacceptable
wastewater pollution. This election
is truly
about change. When the incumbent,
my opponent,
first entered public office in 1992,
Bill Clinton was running
for President, Nirvana’s “Nevermind”
was number 1 on
the charts, and the average Seattle rent
was less than
700 bucks a month. We are a different city now,
with different priorities
and challenges — locally and globally —
that must be
addressed. And it’s time
we expect more from
our elected leaders. I am proudly endorsed
by the Washington
Conservation Voters, the King County
Labor Unions, Transportation
for Washington,
Lt. Governor Habib, the National Women’s
Political Caucus,
and many more! I’m Abigail Doerr and
I would be honored to
earn your support! -I’m Jeanne Kohl-Welles
and I’m
running for a second term
on the
King County Council. Our County is among
the best places
to live and work, but our successes
have brought
challenges — increasing
income inequality, housing displacement,
homelessness, behavioral
health issues, congestion,
and pollution. As a budget writer and
Housing Committee
Chair, I obtained funding for
hundreds of
new shelter beds and affordable
housing units. And I’m the lead on our
regional homelessness
response system to alleviate homelessness and
increase public health
and safety. I take the bus everyday,
and will continue
fighting for additional bus routes,
service hours,
and accessible, affordable,
and safe service. And I’ve secured millions
of dollars to protect
Puget Sound and orcas from toxins
and will continue
working to speed up Metro’s transition
to a zero-emissions
fleet, to combat climate change regionally
and ban new oil
infrastructure. As Chair of the County
Board of Health,
I’m known for working collaboratively and
getting progressive
results, such as on affordable
child-care, sexual and gun
violence prevention, opioid drug
treatment, and
access to justice. Just some of
my endorsers include
Ballard News Tribune,
Voters; Transportation
for Washington; Washington
Housing Alliance
Action Fund; the Alliance
for Gun
Responsibility Fund; King County Democrats,
the 32nd, 36th,
and 46th District Democrats;
MLK Labor Council,
over 15 unions; The National Women’s
Political Caucus
of Washington, Planned Parenthood,
Culture PAC; Washington State Progressive
Maria Cantwell, Bob Ferguson,
Hilary Franz,
Dow Constantine, and all the County
Councilmembers. Please visit
my website at
JeanneKohlWelles.com And thank you;
it’s been a
tremendous honor to serve you
on the Council. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ -Hello!
I’m Joe McDermott. As your King County
Councilmember, Sound
Transit Boardmember and member of the
Seattle King County
Board of Health — building a just, equitable,
and thriving
King County is the mission for
my work every day. Strong transit options
mean opportunity
for everyone. That’s why I fought to include
West Seattle in
light rail expansion and am leading
the effort
to secure a tunnel for light rail
in West Seattle. It’s also why I’m
delivering Rapid Ride
bus service to Delridge and Burien,
and ensuring Metro
and Sound Transit prioritize equitable
fares and equitable
fare enforcement. Solving our homelessness
crisis means solving
our housing crisis. That’s why I passed
dedicating $660 million in lodging taxes
to affordable housing
and am shaping the Council’s work creating
a coordinated,
regional response for homelessness
services. With firearm deaths
in America exceeding
35,000 a year, gun violence is a public
health crisis that
we must address. That’s why I introduced and
passed the King County Gun
Safety Action Plan, common sense laws
and programs focused
on saving lives. And a thriving King County means
we must be a welcoming
King County. When I joined the hundreds
of people
at Sea-Tac airport protesting Trump’s first
illegal travel ban
targeting Muslims, it became crystal clear
that we needed to
step up locally to support our immigrant
and refugee friends
and neighbors. I partnered with Executive
Constantine and the
Seattle Foundation in developing the
Immigrant and Refugee
Resilience Fund and sponsored the creation
of the King County
Immigrant and Refugee Commission
to support residents
across King County. A just, equitable, and
thriving King County
is possible, no matter the
challenges we face. I would be honored
to continue this
mission with you for the next four years. ♪♪ ♪♪ -Port of Seattle Commission. The Port of Seattle Commission
is a county-wide municipal
corporation. Port Commissioners oversee the
International Airport, the Seattle Seaport,
Fisherman’s Terminal,
three recreational marinas, and two cruise terminals. Commissioners also appoint and
evaluate the ports Chief
Executive Officer, approve the annual port budget,
establish financial policies,
and approve labor agreements. Port Commission positions
two and five will appear
on the November general election ballot
this year. All voters in King County are
eligible to vote in this race. Commissioners serve
a four-year term. ♪♪ -Hi. My name is Sam Cho and I’m
running for Port of Seattle
Commission, Position 2. I’m running because I want to
see a Port of Seattle
that’s working for the people of
greater Seattle. If you’ve driven down to Sea-Tac
Airport and you’ve been
stuck in that traffic, that’s not working
for the people. If you’ve stood in that security
line that wraps
around the terminal. That’s not working
for the people. If you are in
South King County,
and you are disproportionately
affected by
the noise pollution, you need
representation! My parents immigrated to
this country though
the Port of Seattle and they worked
as Dry Cleaners. They scrubbed, washed,
and pressed shirts
for a living. And they hoped
through their hard work,
that their son would one day wear
a dress shirt. Well today,
I’m wearing one. I’m running
because as King County
continues to grow, I want to ensure
that we share
in that growth and provide opportunities
for everyone. Because as the tides of
prosperity rises, it should
lift all boats! That means workforce development
and careers with
living wage jobs. I want to tackle
climate change more
aggressively. I want to bring accountability
and transparency
to the port. And lastly, I want to stop human
and labor trafficking
at the port. And I have the experience
to get it done! I’m a small business owner
in exports and trade. And at a time
when our President is
waging trade wars, we need someone
with export experience
to protect our economy where
40% of jobs are
dependent on trade. I’ve worked on policy on
the national level as
a political appointee under President
Barack Obama. I’ve also worked as a
legislative assistant in
the state legislature and for a member
of Congress. As commissioner,
I believe the sum
of my experiences will allow me to
hit the ground running
and get things done. As of now, I’m endorsed by the
King County Young Democrats,
the Longshoreman, Local Laborers 242,
and eight democratic
legislative districts throughout
King County. My name is Sam Cho and I am
running for the Port of Seattle
Commission, Position number 2. And I’m asking for your vote,
because together,
we’ll get it done. -I’m Grant Degginger, candidate for Port of
Seattle commission, Position 2. Our port facilities are the
“front door” to our
region and must be welcoming places
for all who visit,
work, or come
seeking a better life. I am committed to making the
Port of Seattle
a transparent and innovative
partner, delivering
the infrastructure, living wage jobs,
and environmental
sustainability our economy
and communities
need and deserve. During my twelve years as
Bellevue Mayor
and Councilmember, I helped deliver
light rail
to the Eastside, the new 520 bridge
with increased
transit service and bike access,
and have fought
for water quality, and needed
affordable housing. As your Port Commissioner,
I will build on
my proven record of bringing people together
around shared values
to get things done. As past Chair of
our Public
Disclosure Commission, I’ll ensure greater transparency
and taxpayer
accountability in Port budgeting,
capital investments,
and in contracts and executive
compensation. I will make the right
at the airport to expand opportunities for
family wage jobs,
ensure equity in contracting to create more
for minority and women-owned businesses,
and reduce lines
at the airport by implementing remote
luggage check-in
locations in Seattle
and Bellevue. Travelers will be able to
check their bags, enjoy
a luggage-free day, and retrieve their
belongings at their
final destination. I will protect Puget Sound
and our climate
by continuing to invest in cleaner aviation fuels
and in powering
ships, trucks, and service vehicles
in port with
electricity. We must reduce carbon emissions
on the ground
and in the air, and be a better partner
with neighboring
communities. I will give the airport the
serious attention that
it clearly needs. The traffic getting to the
and the long lines in the terminal demonstrate we
must make the
right investments to keep this vital facility
working for
passengers, the airlines,
and the people
who work there. Billions of dollars and
thousands of jobs
are at stake. I will ensure that you
have a voice
in the outcome. ♪♪ -Hello, I’m Port of
Seattle Commissioner
Fred Felleman. Thank you for your
strong support
of my re-election to the Port of
Seattle Commission. I bring 30 years experience
in Seattle as
a conservation leader protecting our marine
environment and those
dependent upon it, from killer whales
to tribal communities. As a Commissioner,
I’ve built upon
that foundation, securing environmental
safeguards while
expanding the economic benefits of trade,
tourism, fishing,
and recreation. I’ve increased integrity by
hiring the new Port
Executive Director and championed
the new position,
Director of Equity, Diversity,
and Inclusion. As founding Chair of the Energy
& Sustainability
Committee, I’ve helped reduce
the Port’s impacts on
the climate and communities
while expanding
opportunities for quality careers
in King County. In my next term I’ll
continue to partner
with governments, business, and labor
to reduce the Port’s
carbon emissions by promoting green innovations,
such as the electrification
of marine terminals, while protecting jobs
dependent on the
working waterfront. I’m committed to
reducing traffic
on airport drive and TSA wait times
to improve your
travel experience. I’m also championing the use of
renewable fuels to protect
the environment and health
of disproportionately
impacted communities while expanding job
opportunities. I’ll work to inspire
youth to pursue
Port-related jobs of the future by providing
and internships as well as
on-water experience. We can all share in
the natural wealth,
economic opportunity and livability of the
Puget Sound region
with Port policies rooted in ecological integrity,
social equity and fiscal
responsibility. I respectfully
ask for your vote. My Endorsements include:
The Stranger,
Seattle Times,
Martin Luther King
Labor Council,
OneAmerica Votes, Washington
Conservation Voters,
Sierra Club, King County Democrats,
and many more. Thank you so much,
go to FredForPort.com. -Hello King County Voters,
I am Garth Jacobson
a candidate for Port of Seattle
Position number 5. First let me explain why
I am well-qualified to
hold this position, second, I’ll discuss
my ways to make
the airport better, and third I’ll make
for the Seaport. First, briefly, I obtained
my BA in Economics
and Philosophy, a Law Degree and
a Master’s in
Public Administration from the
University of Montana. I also hold a Master of Tax Law
degree from the University
of Washington. I practiced law
in both the public
and private sectors. I hold leadership positions
in the American Bar
Association in their Science and Technology
Section and Business
Law Sections. I am active
in the community. As a frequent flyer,
I see the airport
suffers greatly from expansion.
We need to do better. That airport traffic
is brutal, parking
can be a pain, the TSA lines
are often too long
with too much plastic bottle waste. Busing passengers
to planes is harsh. I recommend
we make changes
in the traffic flows. Identity parking spots,
like they do in the
Portland airport, add more TSA lines and
have water bottle
refill stations throughout the airport so people
can reduce plastic
bottle waste. For the Sea Port,
the Port Commission
needs to hit the pause button
on new cruise line
terminals. I don’t want to deny someone
their bucket list
cruise to Alaska but cruise ships pollute three
to four times more
per passenger mile than jet planes. We need to think about
the affect on
the environment. Likewise, we don’t need a new
cruise terminal
in the Sodo area. Potentially it just makes
traffic worse for those
going to games and those
getting on the ferry. Let’s hit the pause button with
new terminals until
we know the impacts. We need growth,
we need progress,
but we also need to think about
how to do it right
without asking for more
taxpayer money. For these reasons
we should
change direction. I ask you vote for Garth,
a vote to make
the ports better. Vote Garth Jacobson. ♪♪ -You have just seen
the video statements
submitted by candidates running for King County
Assessor, King County Director
of Elections, King County Metropolitan
Council, and the Port
of Seattle Commission. Ballots will be mailed
to all registered voters
on October 16th. All ballots must be returned
on or before November 5th. For questions regarding voter
registration, your ballot,
or answers to other election-related questions,
visit the King County Elections
website at www.kingcounty.gov/elections or
call 206-296-VOTE. You can return your ballot
to a ballot drop box —
no stamp required. Ballots returned to a drop box
must be delivered by 8 p.m.
election day November 5th. Or, you can return your ballot
by mail. You do not need a stamp to
return your ballot by mail. Just drop your completed signed
ballot in a USPS mailbox. It must be post marked by
election day November 5th. We recommend mailing your ballot
by November 1st, to make sure it
gets postmarked in time. Or you can go to a vote center. King County vote centers
are available to voters
who need assistance completing their ballot. Trained staff and specialized
equipment are available to help
voters with disabilities cast a private independent
ballot. To find a vote center or a drop
box in King County,
visit the King County elections website at
or call 206-296-VOTE. Thanks for joining us. This program is a collaboration
of Seattle Ethics & Elections
Commission, the Seattle Channel,
and King County TV. We’d like to hear from you about
the Video Voters’ Guide. To comment on this guide,
please call 206-684-8500.