hello youtubers this is the Nuba fire today I want to talk about developing spectrum into what we need why we need it and why I feel it’s so important to do this right the first time spectrum is meant to become the one-stop place where you plan squad up update communicate and even launch star citizen it’s supposed to include the main forms org specific forms chat some org pages your scoreboard a store voice type and of course more today I want to focus just on the voice communications part which is meant to operate similar to discord or teamspeak it’s pretty obvious that spectrum needs to offer better platform than teamspeak skype and discord if CI G expects us to actually use it to achieve this I believe they’ll need to offer hands-down advantage over any other platform that means fully customizable and at the same time very easy to use it was announced that large orcs would have the ability to perform multi lobby coms some of you might know that as command channel or command whisper whatever you want to call it we need the ability to seamlessly operate in many voice channels without having to all tap out of the game the best way to achieve this would be to give us the ability to bind several push-to-talk triggers so with that in spectrum the people with the right level within the org will get the correct voice channels automatically it would actually be pretty easy to set that up case-by-case just before the mission being able to function in separate groups and also function with full up in full down comms is very reminiscent of how a combat unit functions in real life at work as a tank crewman as part of a squadron and regiment it was very easy to tell whose tank it was based on the number of antennae that were stuck to it the more important you were the more radios he needed when I first became a crew commander at the junior rank of master corporal I had only one radio and it was on troop net that allowed me to speak with my troop and focus on the job at hand my troop leader and my troop warrant both had a second radio so they could monitor one up to squadron net the squadron commander would monitor squadron and regimental the commanding officer would monitor regimental and brigade and so on this web of layered communications has been refined through generations of conflict so if it works for that level of control in real life why would we waste our time designing something else even though the military uses call signs and pro words to quickly identify whose talk if you’re monitoring two or three unique frequencies it still sometimes difficult to know which network you should reply on to help with this the radio systems used by the Canadian military gives the soldier the option to set individual networks to individual ears it sounds like such a simple solution but it’s very effective I would normally set my usual network to both ears and in my second radio net to my left ear by setting it up like this I could easily get all the information that I needed while letting subsections of the team operate with autonomy my left push the talk could let me speak on the primary channel and my right push-to-talk would let me speak on a second network by pressing both at the same time it would let me speak in two places at once ci G please give us the option to track two or more unique channels at once it could be as simple as joining any other voice room in discord just click on the room and it’ll prompt you asking if it’s hotkey 1 or hotkey 2 I’ll close down this video with a scenario to show you how it might work you’re the aura glider planning a major salvage operation to recover an interest the mission has several elements each with their own leaders 6-0 alpha and 6-0 Bravo is your early warning or recce Scout team of 2 Hornet trackers non-combat operations are led by one five with one five alpha and Bravo who are your two reclaimers and one five Charlie and Delta who are your Hall sees one one and one two are your close protection elements one three is your in-depth swing or QRF who fill in where needed if things go pear-shaped and nine is your callsign I’m part of enemy contact and this is what a small team might look like in spectrum command net which is yours has six zero alpha six zero Bravo 1 1 1 2 1 3 and 1 5 1 1 has its own troop net with 1 1 alpha 1 1 Bravo and 1 1 charlie 1 2 is set up the same 1 3 is set up the same and 1 5 is set up with 1 5 alpha and Bravo 1 5 Charlie and Delta the command net is reserved for important traffic only and in this example every member of the mission team can hear the channel but only the leads can talk each sub team will have its own sub channel and this is done so that it can perform its tasks without interrupting the other parts the team leaders can offer quick updates to the entire mission through the command channel but for this to work respect and brevity will need to be maintained this example could be one of several such missions and to achieve a higher level of control all you need to do is have all the call signs 9 track one level up I hope you liked this video and asked you to post your thoughts in the comments thanks very much for spending your time with me today 3.0 is with the evocati and it’s only a matter of time before it goes to PTU and then i can start working on new content for you fly safe and i’ll see you in the verse [Music] you