hey everybody at Sam BB today is still Monday May 27th 2019 I'm barb hammer so it's Memorial Day in the US but I'm in Canada I'm from the US I have dual citizenship and live in the Canada and this is a topic that I've wanted to talk about for some months and it's the this is a scandal that has a u.s. connection really I think it's called the SNC Laughlin scandal and this channel what's a Canadian Channel the the serfs and I've talked about them before and they're ridiculous you know I think they were all they think they're all radical and socialist and they're just sort of fake left poseurs really and I became aware of them because there was some Anakim or a narco morons I'll call them who like these guys and these guys are live in the Vancouver area or Vancouver and I live near Vancouver and they're just idiots and I've called them out before on some bullshit on their Channel so anyway when I was looking into their channel I noticed they had done this ridiculous video about this scandal in Canada and this guy in the center is actually he writes for The Washington Post so here are these guys they think they're all radical and everything and they have this basically CIA operative from the Washington Post mainstream media explaining the SNC latwon scandal to them really I could not believe that so his guy this guy in the center his name is JJ McCullough I looked him up yeah sure enough he writes for The Washington Post and he's just an idiot all three of these guys are idiots I mean there's a lot of stupidity in Canada if you think Canadians are geniuses you know they're just people so there's a lot of stupidity and there's a lot of fake left lunacy going on in Canada anyway so when I talk about the SNC lemmas scandal yeah so I'm talking about this today because there were two figures who played a prominent role in the scandal this is one of them Jodi Wilson Reybold who was the justice minister in Canada until there was a cabinet shuffle when she was demoted to being in charge of Veterans Affairs and the other figure is this woman Jane fella who was also in Justin Trudeau's Liberal cabinet she was on the Treasury Board or something so that both members of parliament Parliament and they were in Justin Trudeau's cabinet but they were basically because they didn't get along go along with him they were kicked out and it's sort of the old boy the old boy club or network of whatever they weren't going along with politics as usual in Canada but that's not really people are all upset and they think oh Justin he's not really feminist he doesn't the you know he doesn't treat women right you know this is a lot of stupid identity politics that come into this and that's not really what this is all about so the SNC lallan scandal or laugh scam whatever you want to call it it has to do with this big company SNC Lavin which is a big construction company basically and they're huge or they're like the biggest company I think in Canada or something and they do construction projects whatever in both Canada and around the world and they got caught up in this scandal they got charged with bribery and fraud and it had to do with these projects in Libya when Lorimer Qaddafi was a leader and that's what raised eyebrows with me I realized what was really going on when I saw what was involved is because this company was involved in Libya with the Qaddafi's so yeah so these two so if there's a lot that went on but basically the problem was that under the previous government conservative government of Stephen Harper this company was brought up on charges for bribery and fraud and then this sort of carried over into the next government justin's just as shadows government the Liberal government so they had to deal with it and so Justin's government they came up with this deferred prosecution agreement so that's sort of like a plea deal for companies that they get you know caught doing something wrong so Justin Trudeau's office they put pressure on Jodie Wilson ray bolt to not prosecute the case she said no and so she was demoted and I think Jane fell apart I don't remember she kind of spoke up and so she got they both got kicked out of the party not just out of the cabinet but out of the party Liberal Party so their independence now they've announced today they're gonna run as independence and the next election which will be they have to hold it by October 21st I believe so their elections now in Canada every four years so they have to have an at hold an election within four years so this is the big announcement today that running is independence it was thought they might run as green party candidates but they're not and it's probably because they're likely be a minority government I'm gonna talk more about the election but they'll probably a minority government negotiations they don't want to be part of a political party they want some independence and you know they got they made names for themselves in this whole scandal so they want to be players in the next formation of government probably I don't know it's kind of ridiculous how they're saying that oh I didn't realize this is how party politics works and this is how the government works I think that's kind of rethink anyway I was relieved to see that I'm not the only one who thinks that this has to do with this company was doing business with the Libya's Qaddafi government and so the project that they were working on at the time and this is what the recharges are involved is this a great man-made River Project so they're huge aquifers under the Sahara and the Qadhafi government one to exploit those and bring that water to where the huge population the population centers are in Libya so this was a project that was really going to help the Libyan people and this company SNC Laughlin had been doing business in Libya since 1983 and so this is penny for your thoughts her blog and she's very good I like a lot of what she writes and so I was thinking this has got to do with the Qadhafi government and the regime change there and sure enough she thinks so too she thinks that the u.s. government might have put up put the Canadian government up to doing this and that's what I think this whole scandal so Canadians are getting this all wrong it's really all about the fact that this company and I'm not saying that they're squeaky clean but they were doing business with the Gaddafi's and the US probably put the Canada up to laying these charges they weren't happy they wanted some a River revenge against this guy this company for doing business with the Qaddafi's this is a good project it was gonna help me I mean Libyans that's what this whole scandal is about so Canadians are making a big deal with SNC level in their typical Quebec company there's a lot corruption I'm not saying there isn't corruption but this was a good project and this company have been doing business in Libya for decades and suddenly their charges laid against them that's kind of suspicious anyway I think that's it so this channel is just so stupid in return and I swear to god the serfs I mean these are idiots they're just fake left idiots and I can't believe that people you know it's just the stupidest dumbest humor and they don't know what the fuck they're talking about I've interacted with them one Twitter and they're just they're just clueless clueless idiots I'm swear to God anyway that's it for now I'll talk to you again soon bye