India is a great ally of America and the US will continue to work closely with Prime Minister Narendra Modi the Trump administration has said asserting that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was looking forward to have a robust discussion with his Indian counterpart on a wide range of issues State Department spokesperson Morgan autogas told reporters during an off-camera news conference here on Tuesday that the u.s. was confident in the fairness and integrity of the just concluded general elections in India the Trump administration including President Donald Trump vice president Mike Pence and mr. Pompeo congratulated PM Modi and his bratty a Janata Party on the spectacular electoral victory in the Lok Sabha elections whose results were declared on May 23rd we of course will work closely with Modi as we have many times mr. ortigas told reporters in response to a question were confident in the fairness and integrity of the elections and I think that secretary Pompeo will have a very robust discussion on a range of issues India is a great ally and partner of the United States mr. ortigas said the US lawmakers and senior government officials continue to congratulate PM Modi on his grand electoral victory Indian Americans organized victory celebrations in various parts of the US several more are in the pipeline on a large scale in the coming weeks according to a compilation made by the Indian embassy here more than 50 congressmen senators and the senior government officials have sent congratulatory messages to PM Modi India continues to have amazing potential and is a strong US partner congratulations to na and remote young your success with the elections and the direction you are taking India we look forward to seeing our partnership continued to strengthen tweeted Indian American politician nikki Haley congratulations to Modi on being re-elected as prime minister of India said congressman Al Green I wish peace and prosperity for India and its neighbors and look forward to seeing you at in your house in my congressional district in Houston Texas USA he said in the first back-to-back majority for a single party in over three decades the Modi led Bret huge an after party one 303 out of the total 542 lik Sabha seats handing out a crushing defeat to the Congress party and many other political opponents Prime Minister Modi has led India and has brought a lot of credibility in foreign affairs and made into a power to reckon with he has traveled all the continents and made friends and has are given the prestige to India that was long overdue said Sam patch Shivani president of Indian American forum India is a no more a third world country and has stood the test of time and has been recognized as one of the top six economies in the world mister Shivani said the Indian Americans will put pressure and use the political clout to impress upon the u.s. the importance of a balanced and fair trade agreement with India we do not want another and pass as we see with us-china trade and we do not want India to be another China he said