(soft music) – We like building special
buildings that contribute to the community but then we
also are an investment manager, so we get both sides of the business, the physical structure and then
also the relationship side. – Our buildings are sustainable. They’re full of light. We use quality materials and the idea is they’re gonna
last generation to come. – I’d say we’re a values-based company, so we don’t come to work
just to make a profit. We come to work to have a positive impact, and when we find a partner
like First Republic that does express those
values consistently like they do, it’s a really clear match. – If you go to a typical bank, as a business person or as an individual, and you call the 1-800 number, it’s like who wanna do that? That’s just not working but with First Republic we
have a person we can call and we can say hey, this is my issues and you can consider it done. – Working with them on our first project, our first deal we realized that integrity and service are a big part of them, and it led to a long-term relationship that we maintain today and we expect to have
long into the future. (soft music)