hello youtubers this is the nouveau fire and welcome to the fifth part of the updated pilot school on targeting systems in star citizen I’m piecing together a playlist a veteran and new pilots can use to quickly get up to speed on chip systems in star citizen let’s begin the targeting system any detective ship that can be targeted will show up as a dashed circle orange blue green or white will show you if their enemy friendly or neutral once selected a series of four l-shaped bumpers and a direction cone will form around the target and the PIP will start tracking if a selected target goes out of your field of view a triangular shaped indicator will track the target showing you the direction of its shortest location there are no fewer than nine ways to select a ship in star citizen the most common is t4 nearest hostile there’s also cycle enemy forward and back which is why an H cycle friendly forward and back which is you and J and cycle all targets forward and back which is I and K pinning a target saves it to memory within a custom list which can be used by the pilot for many purposes pinning a target works like memory recalled on a calculator with the target selected you could push P to pin the target to the list pressing P again will remove that target from the list you can pain several targets and switch quickly between them by pressing onl you can use this feature to keep tabs on wingman or ship that you’re escorting and finally the function called reticle focus reticle focus will select whatever ship is behind or closest to the aiming mark by pressing R you can use this feature in conjunction with the pinned target system you can target jump points by first changing into quantum travel mode which is B and then selecting your desired destination aim the mark of the desired destination and if it’s a clear unobstructed jump it’ll appear blue within your display execute the jump by default with the middle mouse button if your joystick or controller pilot you can bind both of these functions within the options menu track IR implementation is still very basic and with that the next thing I mentioned may not be an intended feature in the final build once in quantum travel mode whatever jump destination you’re looking at will be the one you travel to this took a little bit of getting used to but if it’s not an intended feature I da CAG to consider leaving it in and that’s it for this installment if you like this channels no-bullshit approach please consider subscribing to stay up to date please share this series playlist with any new players to quickly help them understand the systems at their disposal thanks very much for spending your time with me today fly safe and I’ll see you in the verse