This is the most important election in
generations. The future direction of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland’s
place within it is at stake. The DUP made a disastrous error and
opened the floodgates by agreeing to a regulatory border in the Irish Sea on the 2nd
of October we must bin Boris Johnson’s brexit deal which will weaken our United
Kingdom. If we’re being asked to leave the European Union with the current
disastrous deal then we’re better to remain and protect our United Kingdom. My party believes in a union which is inclusive, respectful and welcoming to
absolutely everybody. We need to strengthen and promote Northern
Ireland’s place within a vibrant modern 21st century United Kingdom This election is not only about brexit there are so many other issues facing Northern
Ireland and its people. Climate change is one of the greatest threats to the
long-term future of our children we simply cannot sit back and wait to
see what happens Every victim and survivor deserves truth and justice the Historical Investigations Unit brokered by Sinn Fein and the DUP will deliver
neither. How can it be right that former police officers even those murdered by
terrorists could face non criminal misconduct investigations yet those
survivors left limbless, burned, blind and psychologically damaged will get no
investigation. This is a moral perversion of justice. Of the five main political
parties only the Ulster Unionist Party opposes this Our health service our schools
and the wider community are facing a crisis we simply cannot wait any longer
and if there is no deal to restore devolution that we must have direct rule
immediately We also need to clean up Stormont Three years of stalemate is proof that politics here in Northern Ireland just isn’t working and that’s
why we the Ulster Unionist Party want to fundamentally reform much of the
structures at Stormont. So whether it’s Westminster or Stormont the politics of
fear must be consigned the past. The Ulster Unionist Party
offers politics of hope. This election is an opportunity to make change happen. I want to help create a vibrant confident Northern Ireland looking
positively into our second century a modern country in a modern union. Let’s
make that change together On the 12th of December vote Ulster Unionist to make
that change