all right so I'm going to bore you by talking about the British political system you could have clicked on a cat video or something that's more entertaining but instead it decided to come to this it's fine I'll educate you so I'm going to use the European Union election results in order to talk about it a lot of people say it's not a fair representation because a lot of people don't care about the European Union election well that's not the case this year because a lot of people went to vote for some reason and it was the biggest turnout in quite a while I think this ever might be wrong but anyway so with that said we can use it as an indicator in order to see how the political parties are doing in Britain however it's very difficult to do that because of the brexit party now the breaks apart is not really an actual party it's a one-issue vote it's in the name they one breaks it and it also managed to get people from the far left managed to get right wingers it managed to get people from labour from the Tories it's got a lot of politicians and a lot of support which is why I did so well and it's a party led by one man Nigel Farage they don't even have internal elections and I suppose the reason is that once they get Prix it they're probably going to stop being a party but because of their existence we don't really know how the other parties would have been doing without the brexit party because all of these votes are going to be distributed through the other parties over the next election period so it kind of screws up the the statistics but anyway let's talk about the main parties in Britain Britain used to be a two-party system up until very recently for dozens of years people took place in voting for either the Conservatives or the Tories allegedly legend has it history says that the Conservatives are right-wing and labor is left-leaning and while the legends do validate the fact that Labour are indeed left-leaning just to explain to you how left they are take into account that Britain does have a very small Communist Party and you're going to wonder it's like cave wise in the communist party showing one dispose it's a legit question like where are the Communists well the Communists don't really have people they place for for the elections they just direct people to vote Labour so that should tell you a lot about the type of party labour is on the other hand you have the Conservatives which apparently should conserve something I genuinely do not know what exactly they're conserving because I looked at them they seem to be just progressives running out of the speed limit like any labour is the Starship Enterprise creating the way for the new frontier and the Conservatives are rushing quickly behind it and it's it's basically two parties that are filled with career politicians in my opinion and it doesn't really matter who you vote for because you get the same thing it's like playing World of Warcraft and choosing between the Horde and the Alliance make sure there might be some small differences but at the end of the day is the same thing so you could say if you really wanted that Labour is a little bit anti-semitic if you believe the base free media and conservatives is a little bit Islamophobic but since I seen a conservative saying that you can't criticize Islam all right like it's not that you can't criticize Muslims no no you can't criticize Islam period I'm looking at it and I'm like okay yeah that's that's very interesting they're definitely conserving something something I don't know what then you get the Liberal Democrats now the Liberal Democrats have seen a massive rise in the polls and they seem to be overtaking labour and if you wonder like what the Liberal Democrats are well they're hardcore intersectional is like they're the social justice party like the party with a huge boner for identity politics incredibly left-leaning which despite the name that it's for liberty right like it wants people to be as free as possible and take into account that a hundred percent liberty is impossible right for example if I want to play really loud music during 4:00 a.m. at night when my neighbor wants to sleep we're not both going to get the same thing if either I will be forced to stop playing loud music so my neighbor can sleep or my main neighbor will not be able to sleep right so 100% liberty in a society is impossible to obtain but a party that calls itself liberal would try to at least give as maximum liberties and freedoms to people as humanly possible and I don't see how they're doing that when they're also introducing levy on tobacco companies introduced mandatory target on sugar reduction for food and drinks they want to implement the recommendations to regulate cosmetic surgery so you know they're really trying to regulate every single aspect of a person's life and that's not even when we're going to go into the intersectionality because they want diversity in business leadership pushing for 40% board members being women and and this is in the private sector I assume right so the government wants to tell the private sector what they can and can't have as people in leadership I really hate this type of ideology because there's really no end to it they will go oh do you have 50% men and 50% women as leadership but if you manage to get that they go like alright but do you have the correct percentages of different people from different ethnic backgrounds and if you manage to get that they all go ok but do you have enough people that like to take a up the ass and say what the does that have to do with running a business I say well no because you need LGBT represent what do I care what people in their bedroom right and then they will go well no see cuz it's important because they're being discriminated and you and your private company need to hire them in positions of leadership that's ok but what does that have to do with running the company how does that make any sense I'm going to start saying oh you don't have enough people with green eyes you don't have enough people with blue eyes it's like it's a private company is supposed to make a profit it's not supposed to be the Senate is that like a person that's being elected into a position of leadership is it representing they I don't represent white straight people if I get some whatever you know I'm going to end up in Iran so I'll just end up here they also want to apparent defend people who want to wear the most conservative dress of Islam and I like the full veil the full body veil that's banned I believe within in Syria it's banned in a lot of even Muslim nations but hey you know as I said they have the Starship Enterprise finding the new frontier and you know like they they have a lot of other things like campaign to reduce intolerance and hate crimes along side organizations such as throw racism the red card and Frank trust UK and kick it out so they probably have to increase taxpayer money in order to fund NGOs that are going to do activism but anyway these are the Lib Dems right and I heard one of them on television speak and she was saying all the correct regressive points it's like oh I don't want to talk to Carl which was right there like right there the moderator just like I don't want to debate because I validate his views and it's like that that's such a way of thinking like only a communist would say that like when the judge talks with the person that's accused is he validating their views the way I view it okay if you take one person that's a socialist and you take one person that's a capitalist and they both share their ideas the capitalist is going to persuade the the biggest amount of people so the socialist has to start censoring they have to make sure that the capitalist doesn't get to speak and they come up with things that's like oh if you're a racist you don't get to speak and funnily enough I get to decide who the racist um right what else we got well we got the greens which are also I made a video about them the Green Wave they're also communists the their party is co-opted by communism like it didn't start like that the Green Party initially started being you know like tree-hugging hippies and stuff like that but because they were anti-war and the Communists were also anti were they kind of joined forces and eventually they got co-opted by the communists so the greens are all about increasing your taxes and there absolutely going to take every single Liberal Democrat principle when it's something that doesn't concern the environment and they're also opposing nuclear energy which is something that might actually you know reduce pollution majorly but if they did that then there would be no need for the greens and then you have to change U K now the Chuck's initially they were called the Cox like I'm not even making job like change UK so see UK they realize that people who are mocking them and they were making fun of them so they actually cooked and reverted their name to CH UK and it's like ah come on that's cheating they're pro-establishment like they're the people who wanted Britain to remain and I love the fact that the BBC is saying oh look Nigel for ours only got 31 percent of the vote what about everyone else and it's like nice of Flashpoint that we'll hold on labour is pro press it conservatives are proper exit you add all of them together and you add YouTube and you're going to remain with the Cox and probably like a couple of the the Liberal Democrats and the Greens and that's the actual percentage but ya know they're they're absolutely desperate right now that they're genuinely suggesting that because the brexit party didn't get over 50% of the votes that the British public still doesn't want breaks it like and then we get you Kip now you keep from what I know they don't have any big donors they don't have any corporations for funding them they they don't receive very major contributions and right now they're going to be electing a new leadership so we're going to see how that works out I've no information about who's going to be running or not but what I do know is that they have managed to attract a lot of young people which is very important in politics because young people usually go out to vote and young people also go out and do a lot of activism and finally out of the independence one is worth mentioning Tommy Robinson the mainstream media is having a really interesting double standard on him when they advocate for censorship they treat him like he is the worst person in the entire United Kingdom like at any point he can mind-control people and get them to do political violence years I suppose the goldstein of the United Kingdom you had activists you had the base remedial you have politicians pressuring social media to get him the platform and it was successful right so in one hand he's the boogeyman but in another hand he is a laughing joke like he is a buffoon as Metro tries to portray him here like look at these very and charitable pictures and you also have the establishment laughing at him so here we go so they're basically laughing at the people who voted them I suppose to me it's it's really interesting like he managed to get so many votes without having a social media without being able to collect money online because he doesn't have a paypal he doesn't have a stripe the British establishment managed to make sure of that and all he did was just go around Britain with his little truck and have his interesting rallies and he got attacked by a gang of Muslim men that were exported by the police to go there some of them threw bricks into his panel his video panel to make sure that he can't speak and get shot down there were children there they were escorted out and the mainstream media just reported it as violence erupted all of a sudden violence erupted but there are video evidence with the police leading all those gangs of people in there in order to create chaos and even with all that he managed to get a significant number of votes now if Tommy didn't manage to get elected I don't think you keep ever stood the chance everyone voted for the brexit party because it was Nigel Faraj Ian he has his legacy of creating brexit plus the fact that he also has a lot of money in donations people backing him Tory's going into his party and bringing the votes people from the left going into his party and bring the votes so yeah I don't think that time you had the chance of being elected but maybe local elections is going to get these people to stop laughing so overall let's let's take a look back we got a one-issue party which is not going to exist after these elections and then we got the social justice party okay far left we got labor which is supported by communists extreme left we got the Greens extreme left we got conservatives which are far left but with brakes on and then you got the the Chuck's also left and you got you keep which I would still point it as a center-left party like it's not the way Republicans like conservatives are in the United States and I like that they're still talking about you know the NHS and stuff like that so they're not they're not against having the government tax people money in order to provide them social services which is a left thing to do so now they're sent to the left so again like I just want to show people how things are in Europe right like why they consider someone like Tommy Robinson to be far-right when everyone is left of Stalin when they're looking towards someone that's in the center oh my god that's so far right now that's literally they don't see the center of the axis anymore for them is not even a line it's a little dot in the distance so I'm making these videos just to show people while what why I left the leaning parties keep winning in Europe it's because there's nothing to choose from and if you try to do something else if you try to make your own part you're going to have activists hounding you you're going to have the Internet the social media the platforming you making sure that you don't have your message to be spread across making sure that you don't have a way to get financed they're going to make you completely unlikable to the public as the mainstream media just publishes smear after smear after you and they're also going to send activists to make sure that you you can't even have a rally so yeah that's that's why like if you want career politician if you wanna just get a good buck because what is the wage of a EU EU MP I think it's like a quarter of a million dollars or something like that and then you get like a lot of benefits so if you want a very comfortable life and a very nice chair all you have to do is to spew some social justice nonsense and you know people will vote for you and you need to have the right connections you need to have like the right people and all of a sudden it's a lot easier so why swim against the current I guess let me know what you think in the comment section and I'll definitely be looking forward to see your replies