types of city governments this video will give you the information you need to complete your graphic organizer feel free to pause it to give you time to write to make sure you have everything that you need yesterday you research the types of city governments strong mayor council weak mayor council and council manager let's start with the strong mayor council first when thinking of a strong mayor council the word strong is important it indicates the level of power the mayor has the mayor can hire and fire department heads he may also veto legislation from the council and he develops the city budget the councilmembers in this system are not as strong as the mayor for instance they serve as the legislative body in the city they adopt in past city ordinances and in some cases the council can actually override the mayor's veto to recap the council information there the legislative body of the city they passed laws for the city they have veto power in some cases and are almost always elected by the people let's now look at the wheat mare counsel in this case week is the key word for instance the mayor shares responsibilities with the council he only has ceremonial powers and has the limited ability to hire and fire department heads on the other hand the council has the power they can appoint council committees they also develop the city's budget and they appoint the department heads which means they hire and fire them in this case they have the real power finally let's look at the council-manager form of government in this form the council is elected and sets all of the city's policies however most important they hire and fire a manager that actually runs the city business in this case the mayor is the ceremonial head of government and again has no real power he's either elected by the people or chosen by the council the manager has complete administrative control that means he or she hires and fires the department heads and also develops the budget make sure that you have your graphic organizer completely filled out if you need to go back through and go through the presentation one more time that way you can make sure that you know that you have everything written down correctly created using powtoon