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  1. Get ready for the coming of Christ is all I can say Father I am ready for you to come get us(your) people father do not let me have to go through the pain this world is about to endure

  2. Doesn't this man SLEEP HOLY COW He's done MORE in 21 months then the last 2 presidents, I watch as he knocking off his campaign promises one by one JUST like a builder doing a punch list

  3. What you are doing is making way for the second and final anti Christ kingdom to sneak its way into the world.
    For a set of people who don't really believe in God,, you sure rush to His end brilliantly.
    With respect, best you let the law be or you'll suffer from God Himself. Ask the ones that tampered with Ezekiels prophesy about the many feared public acknowledgements of turning from God, like old Babylon to say they mighty as a nation and found themselves in shame often the same week?
    Listen to a fool, let the law be and get on your private knee. I hear hells no nice plaCE and if you're like me and ever got your hand in an oil fire beyond 3rd ddegree, His isn't made by human hands, so?

  4. Only one problem with this is saterday is the sabboth not Sunday contrary to what u believe the papasy changed it for there evil agenda and he just followed suit

  5. It's about time these idiots like the Anti-Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lose a little steam in throwing the Establishment Clause every time anyone, anywhere even thinks about Jesus. They call it separation of church and state, especially in universities, and even now down to grade schools, where they introduce mandatory Islamic studies classes. Of course we know they're going to be all over this one. We're gonna need more judges to handle all the lawsuits. That should make the lunatic-left happy. More judges.

  6. Who was that pastor, priest, minister, rabbi, imam who lost his tax exempt status for speaking about politics from the pulpit? I can't seem to remember his name. Churches have been political forever and the IRS has never done anything about it. The Johnson Amendment is just a ruse allowing the clergy to steal taxes from the United States of America. No representation without taxation.

  7. Separation of church and state. Pay taxes and you can participate in politics. Churches own large amounts of property and collect millions of dollars. They have no rights to speak in politics!

  8. There is no war against Christianity . Its the Christians who want to force their beliefs on everyone else . The constitution is suppose to protect us from that .

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