This is Carlos
Torres con Noticiero. As you can see, we
in the Trump Tower. We’re trying to talk
to a lot of people who are voting for Trump. We’re also going to talk to
them about how they feel. Jason, it’s looking
better and better, like the election maybe
is going to go your way. It looks like that. We’re excited about it. We got Florida. We got Ohio.
We got North Carolina. We’re going to have a
president that’s pro-military, supports the police,
supports families. That’s what we want, right? [SPEAKING SPANISH] Say, Max, what do you think
about immigration policy by Trump? I think he has good
immigration policies. He’s going to build
a wall, keep illegals out, and keep the drugs out. [SPEAKING SPANISH] Thank you. No problem. Win or lose, will
Trump still be talking about immigration and
the wall after the campaign? I think this is the first
time that the United States, in modern history,
has such a movement. [SPEAKING SPANISH] Carlos Torres, Noticiero. Win or lose, should we
still build that wall? Hell yeah. The bigger the better. [SPEAKING SPANISH] Carlos Torres, Noticiero. Make America great again. You guys were voting
in favor of Trump? I support the United States. That’s the first thing. So, I don’t care about
Hillary or Trump. I want somebody to make
this country even better for everybody. Yes, I agree with him,
because I live in Brazil, but he’s my son. He lives here. [SPEAKING SPANISH] Carlos Torres, Noticiero.