There are still results coming
in from all over the country. News from New York,
where we are, Andrew Cuomo was elected
to his third term as governor of New York. Yes, unfortunately, he cannot
make it to the victory party, because the subway is stuck. -Uh…
-(laughter) But let’s move into more results that are gonna keep coming in
from around the country. Um, we’re gonna go
into some analysis right now on how it all went down,
so please, let’s go to Ronny Chieng in our
super high-tech election center. Ronny, what are you
watching tonight? What am I watching? I’m watching
the other networks suck, Trevor. That’s what I’m watching.
Every channel’s the same thing. Some dude zooming in
on his high-tech electoral map, breaking down the vote
with “deep analysis” of congressional districts. In California’s 49th,
it was expected to go blue, blah, blah, blah,
blah, blah. Boring! That’s not deep. I’ll go so deep, I’m gonna
end up back in Malaysia. County-by-county analysis?
That’s pathetic. Neighborhoods block by block? (scoffs) I mean,
if that’s as deep as you can go, good for you,
try to feel good about yourself. But I’m going
all the way in, Trevor! Focusing on one guy: Kyle in Vista, California,
on Hillside Drive. Yeah, I’m saying
this whole midterm election comes down to Kyle. So, let’s go
to the hidden cameras I broke in and installed
last week. Okay, right off the bat,
he’s in a bubble bath, so I’m going to go out on
a limb here and say he’s your typical sensitive
snowflake liberal. But let’s get some more intel
from Carl’s medicine cabinet. Looks like a lot of Gas-X
and, uh, Lotrimin, so obviously Cal’s a huge loser. But we still don’t know
how he voted. And I don’t want to do this,
but, uh… Yo, Carl. Yo! Yo! Who did you vote for, you gassy,
fungus-infected loser? NOAH: O-Okay. Okay, okay, okay,
okay. Ronny, Ronny. Ronny, we’re good.
Ronny Chieng, everybody. Ronny, uh, we’re good. No. Thank you. Thank you for that analysis. That was very, very deep
and very unethical. Um… Now, there is a lot to unpack
from these races, right? But, unfortunately,
we only have until 11:30 before Comedy Central cuts us
off for a rerun of Futurama. So, uh, to get some political
analysis, and to get it all in, we turn now to
our own election experts Jaboukie Young-White
and Dulcé Sloan, everybody. Joining us, guys… Thank you so much
for joining us. Like I said, we don’t have
a lot of time so I’m gonna have to ask you
to both give your election analysis
at the same time. So to start,
what do you both think about the state
of the race tonight? BOTH: Thanks, Trevor.
Let’s talk about -the House’s chance of flipping.
-some key Senate races. -There are 23 districts
-Arizona, Missouri, Florida, with Republican -three states
that are up for grabs. congressman, that also went
for Hillary in 2016, though -Democrats -Coincidentally,
my friend Derek, -have been focused on stealing
-A.K.A. D-Train, has lived -those seats in particular.
-in all three of those states. Actually, crazy story, D-Train’s
Auntie Trisha claims he once gave a hand job
go Guy Fieri in Florida. Wow. That, uh, that actually
kind of worked. So-So let me ask you this then, do you think tonight
could be considered as the Democrats quote/unquote
“blue wave.” BOTH: Good question.
It’s all about -those 23 vulnerable seats,
Trevor. -voter turnout. -These seats -Generally
speaking, the more Americans -are more vulnerable than a
woman -who show up to vote -after she watched a double
feature -in a midterm election, -of The Notebook
-the better the results are -and Marley & Me.
-for the party in the minority. Take my word for it,
do not watch Marley & Me drunk as hell on an airplane. That is really interesting. I didn’t know that turnout
was so correlated to minority party success. Now, the last question I have
for you is would you say that Trump’s rallies
were an asset to the candidates
that he supported? -Yes. But Trump’s -No. But it’s
hard to measure that. -on a leash shorter than
Kevin Hart, -It’s like trying -to predict the success
-who I thought was underrated -of a movie, like, Jumanji.
-in Jumanji. BOTH: Look at me,
talking about Jumanji on election night. Thank you so much, guys. Dulcé Sloan,
Jaboukie Young-White. I think we can agree,
we’re all more informed than we were five minutes ago.