the innovation Fair held in Yahoo town so innovators showcase their skills and products with hopes of connecting with potential finances to help them scale up they fair brought together innovators from the agriculture sector mechanical trade and others muniya termed the function is a pacesetter for other counties to tap talents as well as creating job opportunities for the youth to measure mijita Raimondo senator la capilla rocket ones up to a keiki shakeela equipment ability capella machine in Hippolyta chica the coop then too terribly Katy to answer countess Kwanzaa 47 over then to end a constituency has happened according to governor deletes Moretti the county has identified the innovators and they would get both financial assistance and training from experts Merida says the movies aimed at creating jobs for the youth in the county as the country grapples with reducing the unemployment rates in our intent is to support these people these innovators of la capilla to do great things and we have a lot of confidence with them they keep your County for the plans to collaborate with various financial institutions Kenya Investment Authority and other stakeholders to help SMEs and innovators expand their craft reporting for channel one business needs my name is Fiona shuru