hey guys welcome back if you don’t know
me yet my name is Mills and I live in the Dominican Republic and I made a
video already while I’ve made a bunch of videos but one of the videos that I made
was 5 things that I hate about living in the Dominican Republic and I promised
that I was going to do one about things that I love and it took a little bit but
here it is not to say that there’s more things that I hate than things that I
love but I hope to see if you like my videos if you can hit subscribe or like
or comment or anything like that that would be awesome thank you number one something that I love about
the Dominican Republic is that family comes first so that’s something that
I’ve always loved since my trips here before I was living here it’s just so
nice that family is like a really important thing to people it’s a
priority everyone has huge families here they all live close together they do a
lot of activities together they have like a million
tias y primos like aunts and cousins and uncles and it’s insane
everyone’s like your cousin I’m like how many cousins do you have there we go
that’s my cousin no my cousin works there like okay but a lot of them has a
lot of family in New York but even more family here so I don’t know how these
families are so big but I really like that people prioritize spending time with
their family even when sons or daughters move out at the house they always go
back for lunch or dinner and to hang out and do activities together
I really like that the people are also really warm here so I always feel
welcome people are really nice they’re funny they’re kind of more outgoing less
reserves than in the States I really like that too when I moved here
it was like an adjustment for me if you walk into somewhere like a phone store
of bank or a pharmacy you’re supposed to say hi to everyone not each individual
person but just like saludos or buenas like hello or good day whatever to the
room in general and I would never do that in the States I would never like
walk into the bank and be like hello never and I don’t really do out here
either but I’ll say it back at least so it’s just like I don’t know I just think
it’s like friendlier so that’s number one number two something that I love
here are the beaches obviously I think anyone making this type of list would
say the beaches because if you’ve been here you know that the you get like two
oceans so on the North Coast those beaches are on the Atlantic Ocean
and then on the south from the Caribbean and it’s just I don’t know they’re just
like variety there’s totally different types of beaches super popular touristy
a more secluded I love them the water super blue peaceful
I love the beaches number three kind of those was number two but I love the
diversity of the country in terms of like geography I guess so there’s
mountains rivers waterfalls leaks lagoons is that the same thing
swamps everything that you could want dunes I don’t know everything is in the
country so feel like going to the combo like the countryside going to a farm you
can do that in less than an hour if you want to go to the beach I can get there
in like two hours from where I am right now there’s just anything that you’re
like craving outdoorsy it’s here so I really like being outside and I really
like that you don’t really have to choose between like mountains and rivers
and beaches because you can be in those places so fast in the country because
it’s so small that they’re not hard to get to so I love how like easy it is to
get to differently types of regions and they’re all really pretty like I can’t
choose between the mountains and the beaches here honestly number four is the
food I kind of been playing about this in terms of like the variety of food but
typical just like Dominican food I really like chicken beans and rice fresh
fruit like mangos are so good here pineapple is so good it’s just not the
same so Dominican food in general I really
really like that works out like salami and eggs and mangu and smoothies fruit
juices everything all of that I love that now if you’re looking for like a
ton variety different types of cuisines that’s not that’s great but Dominican
food I love and number five for the top
things I love in the dominican republic is the weather it’s amazing and it’s
super hot and it’s super humid but like I love it because I hate the cold I
don’t know how I lived in New York for 23 years without like freezing to death
I’m always cold even here cold at night so no I love it
I love that it’s not snowing ever I can wear shorts if I want whenever always
like beach weather yeah I love it I even like when it rains here sometimes
which is weird because I usually do not like the rain another thing that I love
I guess this is like number six is the kind of like relaxed vibe here so it can
be annoying in some sense when you need to get something done but in general day
to day life it’s cool everything such like a little bit chiller slower not as
like stressful to get everything like done like Americans like running around
all over the place I like that I like that it’s a little bit more relaxed and
calm tranquilo than what I’m used to especially in New York
okay have one more bonus so I guess this is coming to seven but it’s okay is the
music I love the music here it’s a lot of fun bachata merengue like I
don’t even know if like pop like Spanish pop music I love even if it’s not like a
Dominican artist the big play it here and stuff and I just love it it’s also
catchy to me even before I moved here I was always like listening stop music on
my phone like not even in preparation I’m moving here just like because I
loved it so I really like the music here now I just need to learn how to freaking
dance and that would be great I can’t do bachata to save my life but we’re
working on it not really but one day so those are five
and two more things that I love about living in to think in Republic and I
would love to hear what you like or love about being here as well even if you’ve
just visited well let me know in the comments what your favorite part is I’m
probably forgetting things but I want to keep the list a little bit short because
I never saw talking thank you for watching and if you can hit subscribe
again I would love that let me know what else you want to see in
terms of life here being an expat living abroad in the DR specifically anything and I am
making a video soon about like cost of living here specifically in
Santiago on my end like going out and showing you like the gym the things I
don’t know cause I think different costs of food and think cost of living here
yeah that’s it okay thank you I will see you guys soon