(upbeat music) MARIANA BOTERO
The value of having a master’s from the University of Chicago, and specifically from Harris, is that it opens a lot
of doors to new networks. GITA RAO
I’m impressed by the breadth and depth of the careers of my classmates, and value them in my network. ALDEN GOLAB
And whether it’s working on the Cory Booker presidential campaign, or working for government
oversight offices here in the city. GITA
United Nations and the World Bank, some of them are in war-torn countries. BRIAN CHINGONO
Doing something positive in the world, and doing so in a way that is empirical, and finding the right answer. MARIANA
None of us can do it alone. We really need to work together. ANTARA BHATT HAKHU
So it’s good for us to all
get together once in a while. LEILA C. PREE
Make sure that we’re staying connected to students who are
currently in the program, and to our alumni network. BRIAN
Who can connect you
with the right resources to achieve what you’re aiming to do. ANDREW BLEVINS
I love talking to
students who are currently in the program, who are looking for their next career opportunity, their first career opportunity. So really draw on the alumni network. TYLER BARRON
It’s a network that says
I went to that school, too. Who do I know in my Rolodex? How can I connect you with that person? Let’s move this forward. ALDEN
It’s a tremendously strong network, and I think that Harris
graduates are quite loyal, the Harris students. And it’s one that stretches
from coast to coast. SALLY (JI-SEON) PARK
And they’ll be there for
you when you need any support. ANTARA
You have Harris School of Public Policy, you have University of Chicago, and all of the other networks
of the school behind you. So just believe in yourself
and the school that chose you. I think we will take you a long way.