This is Tora prison.
There are 50 students here. My husband told me
that he’d been arrested I got really worried. I felt that it was over. If he got sent back to China I was never going
to see him again. My kids were never
going to see him. When my husband got arrested… my son was only 49 days old. We get desperate… when we can’t
hear from them. We don’t even know whether
they’re alive or dead. My kids are growing up. The time will come
when they’ll ask: “Where is my dad?” “Where did he go?” “Other kids have a father…” “…why don’t we
have a father?” “Where did he go?” How I can answer that without hurting a child’s feelings? There was a lot of Chinese oppression. They banned everything religious. When you work as an
employee or as a teacher you can’t pray, fast, read quran
or wear a headscarf. I would say that I went to Egypt
to have a free life. We lived well. We were always happy. We had a lot of friends there. My son hasn’t seen
his dad for 2 years. I don’t want him to grow up
without his dad. Uyghur kids also have the right
to live happily with their families. But cruel China has taken
that right away from us. My husband got arrested
just because he’s Uyghur. Call on the
Chinese authorities to release my husband. He is a father. He is a husband. We really need him. Please do all you can so we can be reunited.