hi everyone I've got some great news it's not very often I get to do this on the channel so this is great because flip Hammond the UK's Chancellor the guy who lives next door to the prime minister who is technically still Teresa may even though she designed until get this 140,000 members of the Conservative Party 140,000 members of the Conservative Party I would say almost certainly over 55 on average and almost certainly on the very top end of the income scale in the United Kingdom and almost certainly I would say male probably over way too I would say they there you're going to elect her new prime minister 140,000 of those people against reelect our new prime minister take that Venezuela take that Maduro how's that for a democracy shove that anyway flip Hammond as I say he solved poverty he didn't in a brilliant way you may remember a while ago as couple of months ago there was a UN Rapporteur which is like a special name for it it's a it's a name for an expert in his field and it was a repetier on poverty name was Philip Alston he found that Toby welfare policy since 2010 he likened them to the creation of work houses it was bad it was really bad this was in the New Statesman at the time he found that the government has violated its human rights obligations I'll just go over a few of the cliff notes from this you'll probably remember I did a video on it or the mainstream media tend to tell you to ignore this they they need to do one one report and then leave leave it alone they'll talk about anti-semitism til the cows come home come home now anyway but it said that close to 40% of children are predicted to be living in poverty by 2021 this is bad in the country that's meant to be the fifth richest in the world as a broken system he went on to say that although United Kingdom is the world's fifth largest economy one-fifth of each population 14 million people live in poverty 4 million of those are more than 50% below the poverty line and 1.5 million of them experience destitution in 2017 I've been there on it's like so I know it really is a thing in the United Kingdom I live kind of council so there council estate go to any council stay north or north of the Watford gap let's face it and you'll find it it's not hard to find you've just got to open your eyes which is why you know they the MPs denial at the time was just so bad they just tended to deny things feel also know had to come out will say this is a denial of facts here you really have to look at this it's a big problem now remember the reason we've got this in the country and the one of the things that food austin attributed this to was the cuts that the Tories have given us with living as to social programs and programs you know for fire police etcetera etcetera but primarily social programs and their attack and their cuts on the departments and work and pensions and remember why they're doing this they're doing this because they've had to pay for the bankers bailout in 2008 who didn't face any consequences at all for the crimes that they committed didn't face any consequences at all for the economy the wall can't crashing the world economy that have gone on seems to make out like absolute behind its face no repercussions whatsoever and the poor people the poorest in the country have out to pay for them is it any wonder the turret or we said I can't believe this because let's face it there are in their bubble well Philip Hammond like I say he solved this crisis it's brilliant it's genius take a look well I thought first of all I reject the idea that there are vast numbers of people facing at all I think that's a nonsense look around you that is not what we see in this country it's brilliance isn't it just deny its existence just a little you know I reject it I reject the idea of poverty in this country how about that I will jet the idea of climate change although you know many people do I suppose but I reject the idea either well in Yemen I reject that I reject that war when you i reject its existence I reject the fact that we're giving Saudi Arabia billions and dollars and weapons we drop on the people in Yemen you can see you could go on with this it's absolutely fantastic it's genius but that's the way they are going to react to this problem that's exactly the way they're going to react to it they're just going to ignore me and the press are going to let them because they are the mockingbirds media family reminds me by the way of this guy you might remember him so Jeffrey Norman from the flusher you think I'm going to answer any questions on government policy you're quite wrong topic of border controls in the new Europe no I'm not put your name to a recent paper no I didn't it's here in black it's not my name is not on that paper and you know it yes it is look no probably seven bounce party men no clouds essentially that's what it is that's what food Helmand is what about poverty know how much eyes know what about there's tax cuts you go village no we did not give touch rules to the rich we didn't essentially that's what our politicians have become and our media let them they just let them get away with this crap I mean look at this look at when that report came out remember in in January ministers were in denial over social calamity of U K palmetto poverty UN figure says this is what he said he said that the ministers were in denial is it any wonder they're in denial that when that damning report came out only fourteen MPs bothered to attend the debate on it this report that found one in five families in this country are in poverty only fourteen of them turned up and it looks to me very much like there's only two conservatives there on that side the house I don't remember the the media making a big deal about this doer do you shows that they really don't care and it shows that we do really need to type back ad government I just wanted to do a little video on that this is the new setup by the way I've got to get lighting etc down here as well as the studio back home so the quality might be a little bit lower than it normally is but I want to get some lighting and eventually you know get a tech guy to do all this for me which is fantastic cuz I'm bloody useless at it thanks very much for all your support you can click through to the website to find out ways you can donate to the channel and help I can't do this without your help and every little bit helps thanks very much for it and until next time peace and take care