My country is so colourful. Every sphere is magical. My India is always ahead. Ocean of love dwells in every heart.
The Wire presents Sadak Se Sansad. My name is Gurgaon. I’m a little bright but a
deep darkness prevails in me. The mountains are of the Aravalis
and land of Mewat. Fields sold to construct buildings. And the water turned saline. Nothing is available here.
Neither water nor electricity. There is nothing here. I have the metro and the cyber hub. But I still crave electricity and water. They say that elections are approaching and it will be done after that. Sometimes I am Jaat, sometimes Gurjar and
sometimes Mev. When we go to the Hindu-majority ares they look upon us as though we are terrorists. My politics are such that I go from being Gurgaon to being Gurugram. My name is Gurgaon. I’m little bright but a
deep darkness prevails in me. Adjacent to the national capital, Delhi,
in the state of Haryana, there are 10
seats allotted for the Lok Sabha. One of which is the
Gurgaon constituency, which shows us two pictures of our country. First is India
and the second, Bharat. When one thinks of Gurgaon, pictures of fast vehicles, high rise buildings and huge shopping malls flash before one’s eyes. But when it comes to the Gurgaon constituency, a bitter truth emerges. And then, the various stories of Mewat
come to mind. The reason why the Gurgaon constituency
contains these two opposing images of India can be seen from these facts and figures. According to the figures presented
by the state government, the average income of
a person in the district of Gurgaon is Rs. 1,221 per day. While in Mewat, it is just Rs. 125 per day. In Haryana, the average
income of a person is Rs. 405 per day. In Mewat, a person of any age, be it a kid, a young person or someone old, everyone has one goal: water. Children fetch water before
going to school. And they fetch water after coming home from school. Women rise at dawn to go fetch water. Fetching water is the also the first
priority for men. In Mewat district, only 23% of households
have water. And conditions in other parts
of the country are not any better. Only 47% of households have access to clean water. And this in an era in which the popularity of bottled
water is spreading like wildfire in the whole country. The bottled water industry in the country is now quite substantial. Between 2012 and 2017, the nation has spent Rs. 9,010 crores
on bottled water. According to a report, to process one litre of mineral water, about three litres of normal water is used. Mewat yearns for every drop
of water, but there the concentration of sulphates and chlorides
in the water is too high which causes bone-related ailments and increases the risk of cancer. Gurugram is one of the fastest
growing cities in the country. Wheras, Mewat is falling behind at the same pace. Let us now take a look at the political situation in the Gurgaon constituency. Rao Inderjit Singh has been the M.P. of Gurgaon
since 2009. He came to power in 2009 on a Congress ticket. In 2014, after quitting the Congress,
he joined the BJP. In 2014, he defeated Zakir Hussain by around 3 lakh votes. He bagged around 50% of the voteshare. Situated in the constituency of Gurgaon, two different parts of which are going in opposite directions, watch two stories from Mewat. First ‘The thirst of Mewat’ and then ‘Muslim Mev in darkness’.