I know for a fact none of us
ran to make history, we ran to make change. The historical significance of this evening
is not lost on me the significance of history
is not lost on me. I didn’t come here to deliver a victory speech tonight,
only one of vision and when we realise equity, justice
and equality these rights for everyone,
then and only then will I deliver a victory speech. We are all in this together. Right here in Colorado,
we proved that no barrier should stand in the way of pursuing our dreams. We proved that we’re an inclusive state
that values every contribution regardless of someone’s sexual orientation
or gender identity. And that’s exactly what this is,
not a campaign or an election day but a movement, a larger movement
for social, economic and racial justice in the United States of America. I mean, many of us didn’t run
because we want to be first or make history. We are kind of people that just feel like
it’s really important that, you know, we are focused
on the gun crisis, focused on healthcare, focused on all those things
that seem to be a divide within the United States
Congress right now. … with many firsts behind my name. The first woman of colour to represent
our state in Congress, the first woman to wear a hijab
to represent us in Congress, the first refugee ever elected
to Congress. Growing up in my mother’s pueblo household
and as a 35th generation New Mexican, I’ve never imagined a world,
where I would be represented by someone who looks like me. Tonight, New Mexico, you are sending one of the very
first Native American women to Congress.