– You guys excited
for the midterms? (crowd cheering and applauding) – Yeah, you better be. These are gonna be, like, the
most important midterms ever. And the midterms are
like a strange election for me in America
because it’s basically just like a little
referendum in the middle of your presidency, you know? And it’s always like
historically in America people don’t show up
to the midterms, right? And it feels like this time
it’s gonna be different. Because normally whoever voted
for the president is happy. They’re just like, “Yeah,
our president’s in,” and then it’s the other
party that comes out voting ’cause they’re like,
“We hate this!” And everyone else is like,
“Our guy’s in the White House. “Our guy’s in the White House.” “Are you gonna go vote?” “No, we’re fine, our
guy’s in the White House.” But this time it feels
like everyone’s mobilizing, getting ready to vote, you know? People are like, “We gotta
get out there and vote.” And it’s weird because
Trump has switched up what a midterm really is about. Normally it’s about the
political party itself, this feels like a
referendum on Trump, which must feel
really shitty for all the people running
because this is, like, the pinnacle of their
careers, many of them, and now, like, voters are like, “This has nothing to do with
you, this is about Trump.” And they’re like, “No,
it’s me and my platform.” “I don’t care about
your platform! “It’s about Trump or no Trump!” Like, that’s all
people are doing. They’re voting against Trump
or they’re voting for him. They don’t actually
care about some of the people that
they’re voting for. You know what it would
be the equivalent of? It’s like imagine if
somebody was getting married and they didn’t care
about who they were getting married to, right? They were just like, “I take
not Mark to be my husband, “to have and to
hold, unlike Mark.” “What about me?” “Shut up, this is
about not Mark. “I will love him
’til I die, Mark. “You should have
known better than to “build that wall, Mark.” (audience laughing) (upbeat instrumental music)