The Leader of the House. I move that the house be now adjourned. Speak this is extraordinary. What is happening
right now is the Government have decided that this place has fallen apart so completely
that they are dissolving the Parliament for the day entirely. There will be no Question
Time today because they don’t know who their ministers are. There will be no Question Time
today because they don’t know who their Prime Minister is. There will be no Question Time
today because those opposite have stopped governing.
Those opposite are obsessed with each other. But not one of their conversations has anything
to do with the Australian people. Not one of the conversations that they’re having here
go outside their jobs. Every conversation that is happening on the government benches
today is about their promotion, is about their entitlements, and about their sense of entitlement.
That’s what’s going on today. No Government in living memory has dissembled so much that
they decided the Parliament couldn’t meet. No Government in living memory has said, “It’s
all too hard. We’re just going home.” No government, no government in living memory has looked
at the Parliament, where technically they have a majority, and said, “Oh, no, we’d rather
just not be there at all.” This is the same day, the same day, that those opposite used
their numbers by a majority of one to protect the person from the High Court who might be
in charge of this nation by the end of the day. Used a majority of one to protect somebody
from the scrutiny of the High Court. Someone who might not even be eligible to
be a Member of Parliament. And whose vote protected him? His own. And doesn’t that sense
of entitlement say everything about what the modern Liberal Party has become. The Liberal
Party of today, the Liberal Party of today has no interest in anyone but themselves.
They have completely fallen apart, collapsed, to the extent now that they don’t want to
have a Parliament at all. Normally people – you think one day when you
get into this place, one day you might get to be a minister answering questions in Question
Time. There’s seven or eight of them at the moment thinking this morning, maybe this afternoon,
they’ll be answering questions at the Despatch Box as Prime Minister and there’s about 30
others who’ve all been promised that they’ll be in the front row by the end of the day,
but now they discover that the salary packet of those jobs is more important than the accountability
of those jobs. Be in no doubt – if there was ever a justification
for Question Time, it’s today. Be in no doubt, in the history of this Parliament,
if there was ever a government that had questions to answer, it’s this mob today.
If there were ever ministers loyalty was to be questioned, it’s today, because remember
– the only reason they could be in the position they’re in now is if ministers opposite misled
this place yesterday. Because if they were telling the truth yesterday, I don’t see how
they’re in the spill territory as a Government today. It does not add up. It does not add
up. For those opposite, for those opposite, have
a think about what you have all become. Have a think about it. Have a think about that
moment when you might have thought, “If I came to Parliament, I would achieve X, Y or
Z,” because now those opposite are about to vote that they’d rather not have a Parliament
at all. That’s the question that’s being asked. We’re
not about to ask a question about a particular policy decision. We’re about to resolve in
this house whether the Parliament should be sitting at all. At all. Now, if they wanted
to adjourn the house for their party room meeting and suspend it, we would have allowed
that, we would have agreed to that, and we were ready to agree to that.
But instead of them deciding they’ll suspend for their party room, they’re terrified that
they’ll have no idea what state they’ll be in after their party room. They have no idea
what this country will look like in an hour’s time. But there’s one group of people that
aren’t being consulted at the moment, and they’re called the voters. Of all the consultation
that’s going on, none of them are consulting the voters. The people’s house is here and
they should be accountable today.