because I could have branch the powers of the executive branch is vested in the President of the United States the president's duty is to implanting and forcing the laws ran by Congress and to that end appoints the head of federal agencies including the cabinet the second article in the Constitution has about four sections called the clause the cabinet and federal agencies are responsible for everyday enforcement they do administration of federal laws these departments have missions and responsibilities as many other departments the executive branch employs more than four million Americans the executive office of the president was created in 1939 by Frank Franklin D Roosevelt the lp the ATO P has responsibility for tasks ranging from communicating the president's messages to the American people to promoting our trade and juices the Cabinet is a vital I by satori body made up of heads of the 1580s I could have departments they play an important role in the presidential line of succession all the members of the cabinet take title secretary here are some tests here are some departments the Department of Communities is in the government agency tasked with improving living standards for all Americans by promoting our economic development and technology and innovation the Department of Defense is to provide the military forces needed for war and to protect the security of the country the Department of Homeland Security's to prevent and disrupt terrorist attacks and etc there are many departments in the executive branch each one has an important role in the executive branch it is one of the three primary parts of the US government