oh my god where am I you were you were you were chattering Bigfoot channeling yeah it seems that way ah like like a television channel something like that something you can't see it's like it's like a television channel what happened what happened to my apartment it's big dents in the wall just trying it piles of feces everywhere Donald Trump posters and how six seven eight nine make America great hats you have America you have Trump hats what the fuck is going on so you can fit in that apartment I need an explanation do those do those Trump trucker hats even like fit through the doorway you know not the ones designed for mohicans look what is this hole doing in my ceiling this is hot this is a horrible surprise that's not what you like to come home to well I was just taking a little nap I had a long day yeah oh wow what a bizarre circumstance indeed what's going on with you and upper Mudville well it's uh leather rainy day congratulations yeah I'm uh having having my wood floors polished right now they're buff enim right right as we speak yeah does the humidity effect affect the buffing process I mean it's not very humid inside I keep that I've had the a/c on for the last couple of days you know we got central air so it it it's it's not very humid inside outside it's humid King oh yeah well you know I've been hiding in the basement last few days you know like I said the floors I can't really walk on them during this process I been I been in my little Batcave for the last couple days you know in and out going in and out of the house with the fucking dogs it's been a real real picnic have you uh have you you've been going down to the river with Vivian book book yeah Oh rusty doesn't always make the trip you know he's he's pretty old for slowing down yeah for the extra large breed dogs you know all their their life expectancy is relatively short compared to most but you know he's kind of there so like bringing them down there is like pushing it oh my god you do that with him might wants a week and vivvy can do it every day so we'll fun Thanks and she's still puppy yeah I mean down there back doesn't faze her at all you know it's like a mile mile and a half thoughts it's like nothing for her you know the mumbles McFlurry breath make undertone inner-workings must get get stirred up when you're taking the a waddle-waddle Doudna down the river yeah I always I always feel energized yeah something about that ionized water yeah and you know it's bad energy conducted through the rocks into the soles of my feet granted you know I don't have shoes on you know when you have the rubber soles on your feet it doesn't mean that you're completely you know isolated now I was thinking about that just today walking around trying to find some some excuse for my lethargy and poor general attitude towards humanity and I'm you know want to blame the city and all the behavior and retardation then I encounter minute-to-minute and I really and I realize I need nature I need to be closer to nature and I thought well wait a minute what could be closer to nature than just being alive so just pull from that and you know my attitude changed for a good two minutes and I could keep I could keep dippin myself into those those deep still waters from time to time when I realized I was getting pissed off over something that didn't matter and just and just being alive in general seems to be kind of a instant connection to the source and although it's much easier when you're immersed in nature you can walk past the river yeah but whether your shoes on or shoes off as long as it whatever it is it's animating us yeah the key flowing through us or whatever I just caught I just call it God because nobody likes that word and it just is the shortest route to confusing matters but for me I don't I like using that word I don't need that can we come up with another word I if I say cheer prana then that has another connotations what do you what do you sang it for the for the subtle energy you want a different name for that well you know there's a distinction in my in my mind between the you know the material world this physical world not nothing the natural parts of it but you know the stuff that has been created by man's need to build I don't know yeah yeah you cut out you cut out again are you there hello hello hello hello hello are you there Wow hmm I guess rhetoric is having lots of router issues actually said he fucking hey oh well yeah I'm he's gone oh no he's back oh he's gone I been trying to upload a fucking video to YouTube but this is gonna be like my fourth fuckin attempt right now and like four times it's three times so far it's bail Internet I don't know why it's failing well there's no there's no content in there that's not on the percent you know I like well it's not original Internet but the you know like I'm in you know it shouldn't be copyright stricken so I don't know what's going on with this video yeah it's gonna be a paint mistake oh no no or did I call it a paint snake yeah a paint snake 666 because a paint stake a paint snake I keep saying snake I don't know why but a paint snake that that phrase is 666 in the English Cimmerian de montréal cipher which sure everybody here knows what that is even Bigfoot are you back with this Bigfoot or is retarded get back nobody's nobody's back son of a bitch all right so did the Mohawks wear Mohawks I don't think so Benjamin Franklin did not found the Saturday Evening Post either I was a common misperception hard about yet I think he's just messing with me to see what I do you just you just messing around so see if I if I could carry the ball if I could run with this ball third who killed Lizzie Borden's parents who coined the phrase funny I forgot to duck what nationality was Cleopatra well I'm glad you asked yeah what is a Florida orange lots of resources here at my disposal what are you picking through there can't what what does thumbs-down mean look dumps thumbs down what does thumbs down me I'm looking at one right now let's see if there's an index in this yearbook now wait a minute this is an older book so you probably have never seen it but here it starts out with a quote a very quotable quote by Sir Francis Bacon – sir I don't think he was heard at this at this time point in time this was this book is from 1982 so I don't think he was a sir yet but the quote is what is truth wait a minute from Lewis Carroll what'd I tell you three times is true said that what did I just step into here you stepped into a big heaping turd of shit I know this is one of the more confusing episodes you know it's really really gone to my head all these celebrity endorsements and maybe you know yeah not used to this kind of exposure well it's it's a lot of pressure well I'm feeling it you would think a pressure would create more wind yeah but it's just it's really just creating more appetite for luxury goods oh you know what I had I had something I was watching I was watching my show shit what was it on Netflix I think yeah yeah you know like my my strange addiction or something oh you heard of this see that's those ghoul those gully thumbnails the the YouTube is always trying to get me to click for the past year and my strange addiction is like yeah little Netflix on YouTube oh yeah yeah this was Netflix well I must have been a they must have some it's probably the same street same advertising relationship or something yeah was it was it a woman who put things in her ass or drank her own blood well first episode that's I think I only could watch one episode you know like they do like you know a couple different stories at once they flip back and forth you know yeah but yeah the first story was this this gal was addicted to coffee enemas oh right you know she was like she's giving herself like fucking like for six fucking coffee yeah it was a day right well if you're ill that's a good way to purify your blood yeah well she wasn't he'll and then when she you know like they were like interviewing her husband or spouse without asking him what he thought about it he's like when she told me at first I was shocked but then I tried it and now I'm addicted you know I love how they present this stuff man they're both addicted to coffee enemas and they do a mic watch now what if the television producer came came to you and you did coffee enemas as part of your health regimen right just whatever no let's just say like you do you think a lot of these things because I've known people who were in supposed reality shows and they were they were surprised that it was edited and scripted so heavily because things that they didn't even say had somehow been presented on the television and they misrepresented themselves and I just think it's do you think that this is a legitimate legitimate thing and we considering we live in the world of completion the Shonan fakery you know the show was complete bullshit no yeah it was a fake show for sure I was like yeah my oh like it was you know documentary slime style right right there's like a series broken up into episode oh right for like yeah you know like I was picking it apart you know a little bit out of time just just to see all the inconsistencies that you know they're like exaggerating all these things to you know make a show with the fucker like guys like a makeshift fucking pot that had like a fucking tube coming out of the bottom of the pot what could cause stand that they're trying to make it look like like it's a bad thing you know but it you know anything in excess like that is gonna be a bad thing you know that's that's the first thing that I took from it you know like yeah you could eat an apple the apples are good for you but if you eat a hundred apples a day you're gonna be a fat shit and you're not gonna like him with the coffee enema oh you know maybe once a month would be I don't know is that a lot speaking like how do you uh how often do you depends on my depends on my situation but not not as much now that I've been doing depends what protocol I'm choosing and what I've learned so now I'm doing like these liver flushes which is it requires like a colon cleanse so I wouldn't require coffee coffees just to stimulate the the liver and the gallbladder to kick out the bile so it's not really to cleanse the colon but if you put anything in your ass it's going into your bloodstream quickly so I can see you can become addicted to that oh yeah you know just like frat frat boys you know legend has it will do anal beer bong yeah yeah fucking vodka-soaked tampons those are always delightful did we lose you again boy what a crappy connection what did Bishan prohibit still trying to find the answer to the from the emergency room there you are in it no there you not know witches were burnt to death at Salem you know I'm glad that I get kicked off and then come back in in media arrests as they say in literature sounds like you conducted another interview yeah yeah it's definitely outside the line well been in your basement for the last three days if we were coloring this wood we would be like we would be off the coloring book in like oh yeah weird yeah mommy gonna be nonplussed yeah yeah that's that was like you just you just shed some light on some some very deep psychological issues that mumbles has from his early childhood oh yeah coloring us I had the lines and getting in trouble oh wait I had first my very first Bob Ross paint sets you know I don't know I was probably like yeah I was upstairs just painting all happy-go-lucky and yeah I guess I guess I got a little out of control and more paint was you know basically it had a like a square of paint on the carpet after I picked up the campus it's perfect my my Bob Rost paints that was taken away from me immediately and now look at look at you as you gingerly lay the hand this over your canvas before you you squirt yeah I was paint on it now I could tell there was some trepidation or something it was like eighteen years before I picked up paintbrush again and he's gone again Jesus King Oh Arthur was not a king that's another hoax King Arthur was not a king still looking for this thumbs down fuckin bullshit hmm where did golf originate the Encyclopedia Britannica is not British well let's see let's gaze this book right now what is the origin of the swastika the first time I saw a swastika on its back wall hanging I thought it was a neo-fascist forgery like most people I associated the broken cross with one thing and one thing only at the firemen of decency and reason that called itself National Socialism but the swastika I later discovered was not invented by Hitler well you know I mean at least they're telling the truth but they're still perpetuating this the firemen and on decency of the National Socialist Party and this is a perfect tie in presenting information misrepresenting it through just a little twist of words or what you show or what you don't show yep you know they put a little bit in there that's true and a little bit in there fuck yeah yeah yes that's what's so frustrating about existing in this manufactured world man and it's like talking earlier about distinction between the manufactured world and you know some word other than God or nature yeah you know I got an uncle in Japan and he's he well he went through some unfortunate circumstances like too much he pulled he pulled a job and they don't have the concept of God in the same way that a Christian nation does but they have something called Kamisama which is sort of the the amalgamation of all principles natural so it would be nature is included in that but he he said he just uses the word nature well like what do you would that like equates like forearm oh no it doesn't get into any it's steers clear like the religious thing I think that's why it's religion has taken the coffee enema addiction route you know where the the principles embodied in you know a group of people sharing the same morals and values like we're all gonna agree to flush our shit down the toilet not because we're forced to but because it's for its good for me and it's good for everyone else cuz that's what I would want everyone else to do is flush their shit away before I sit down on the pot so I can extend the courtesy to my brother and sister you know that's not religion but we don't have a word for that you know that's not nature and that's not Chia Brahma it's custom customary or yeah oh that's yeah that it's close its close mannerisms like something exactly because do we just don't have a conception we have a conception of it but we don't have a label for it and so in that sense no one really behaves in that very few people behave in that way and that's what will make the Eastern philosophies so appealing to you know it's people growing up in this in this culture if they have any but people who live in the Eastern Eastern cultures don't really share those principles either I've come to find and it's because they get dealt the same categorizations for like morals and values or put under the umbrella of religion which seems to just misrepresent anything good like you take the good morals and the good values and then you and personify them and then you and then you publicly slaughter them so that you can always remind people that you know I don't know it has that it has it's the same thing though where it's like something that's good for you or can be useful in moderation is usurped and then rebranded repackaged and rebranded it's so cool you know a deception so closely mimics honesty yeah that being innocent is seen as a weakness or something it's just everything is like that and I feel like there's a linchpin that if I could just wrap my mind around it like sincerity is pretty powerful humility is pretty powerful but I mean well subtly powerful like these subtly powerful ideas like a coffee enema is subtly powerful but if you throw it out there to a group of people and say this is what it is and that becomes for that group of people in mass like you know 95% of the population is gonna see sensational headline and then that's the furthest that are read their research is going to go and well what were we talking about it like Wars when you say I really wanted to talk about that when you'd mentioned that one of your videos cuz Memorial Day had passed yes and it's like here's the fucking thing whenever there's a fake event or a fake war they always want they always you know want you to never forget but if something negative or bad happens to you they want you they want you to forget forget about it get over it whoa wait we have to move on but if the whole success of your deception campaign is rooted in you know a certain number of people dying in an event that happened you know whatever eighty years ago even if it's rooted in the truth in some way just hounding the same number hitting that that memory trigger and never forgetting and having remembrance days for things that never happened you know is so powerful yeah it's a real dick move man yeah I mean I think it you know you gotta look at both sides of the coin I think I think you're just looking at the one side I eat you know what what's the what's the antithesis of never forget would be remembering right so I like hey look at this fuckin tragic event and then like they're telling you to jog your memory yeah yeah of course why you know I yeah that's what that's precisely what I'm saying there's that it's super powerful and it's just taken as a par for the course like that's like that's just the way it is like you're supposed to read through spells for somebody they're ringing the bells were to wake people up you know yeah of course they get bolder and bolder every year with with each new fucking thing that they if they try to pull off yeah that they do pull off and some people are duped by it and other people aren't duped by it but ultimately I think it's like you know I calling that they're they're putting out their calling maybe yeah like that they might be doing it unknowingly even you know they well some of them yeah some of them for sure a lot of them are just you know going through their their emotions and not really thinking about what they're doing you just do things Oh Mike Mike Mike you just do it yeah then that's questions yeah that's the system that's the way right that's what works yeah make you remember remember things yeah you know all we have is really memories like all of our all of our knowledge is based off of memory right and then if it's something that you don't have a memory of you know like I don't have a memory of the world war two events right so you can just kind of shame me into behaving in a certain way but you don't you don't have the memory right now yeah and well yeah I mean I guess this comes down to like a synthetic thing I mean I didn't actually experience it but I'm I'm having a remembrance or what do you call that when you it's it's a difference right a deference a deference is when you pay homage to something that you didn't actually experience but you you honor it that's just Memorial Day that's just like exactly that's you saying like the fuckin that's just the date calendar warship but if you actually if you actually remember like you know like you know like you're like you're actually a dismembered fucking body like alright like how what was it Osiris was fucking broken into 64 parts and scattered throughout the desert and Toth had the fucking comment put all the pieces back together to remember they never found the we-we-well they or only put back yeah 63 before it's off him and act as the 64th which gets to 64 and our 8×8 magic cube or the scene for grams that we talked about the eaching yeah yeah yeah so we're I think they're really just like like trying to ring the bells the wake people up and and if you know if you don't fucking get it shame on you really mean fool me once just fooled again yeah but are you saying the bells are being ringed as a deliberate effort to oh I hate this expression wake people up to make people aware or what are we talking about yeah I think they're I think they they're trying to wake people up and then today because the ones that I can I can see don't see I mean 90 percent of them don't realize they're perpetuating something so we have we'll just call these invisible entities okay there's the same the same source that gives us our you know all of our animating properties the same is the same force that's you know directing directing our actions more more or less you know I yeah you have a lot of environmental factors to consider as well but word you know like in science you could basically they could they could they could see like the signal for your arm to move before you tell your arm to move basically like I don't know how to word it scientifically to make me sound smart but before your brain is telling your body what to do there was already a signal there telling your brain to tell your your leg to move you know so we're all tied to this you know we call it the Akashic field even you know that's where all the information is okay so you're talking about memory in that sense yeah you could tap into all of those and see anything I think like General MacArthur said he had like two thousand years of battlefield experience or some shit right okay kid like Jan Paulie and he channeled all these all these fucking great generals and and he remembered all of their strategy and he like basically channeled them and think what Barbara Bush was channeling some is this something that your your what's the word not agree is this how you believe that this system is functioning well this is what I'm getting at is these these invisible entities that are are basically you know the broadcast telling certain channels to do certain things you know I'm maybe your your birth sign you know like the astrology might have something to do with it as far as you know you know your sign might determine what signal you're gonna receive and you know what functions you're gonna carry out but you know like they just put these subtle subtle little ideas and shake culture in a way that they wanted to proceed and so these invisible entities are telling the higher-ups you know the PlayBook or giving them place and they're carrying it out and they don't really know why they think they're doing they think they're doing good you know it might come off as like they're doing something demonic but in the end I I do think that it's all meant for for the greater good you know or anything that I've ever like what I fucking dig deep and get into the shit everything tells tells it that it's it's basically for your benefit you know they're gonna watch you oh they're gonna Beach over the fucking head until you wake up for your benefit I mean we're we're arriving at the same conclusion through similar means it's just again the the words to define these things like if you take the Vey and you just squeeze it down into one not entity but one well for example like Gustav Lebon is known for the crowd psychology right but this is just whether he was a real person or not that whatever this research is make some interesting points you can define a greater consciousness his case was the more people you put together past a certain point this the more stupid they become as a as a whole and I mean that doesn't take a genius to kind of figure that out but I but what I could say instead of building not saying you're doing this but commonly what happens is you'll get these characters embody these general ideas and they will solidify them in history we'll say we'll say groups of people are the bigger groups people get the Dumber they are and so the next jump is this is how to treat these groups of people if they behave in this way so you know you need to use violence and force to sway the thing or you need to use cunning and do this but the whole premise is based on this one idea if there is a day on the on the human form they they're rooted in the in the history of eugenics and manipulation through well you know manipulation of the the natural principles to elicit sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy in a sense so on both ends of the spectrum any any one's right at any given moment so it's that if there is a natural principle and invisible natural principle that there seems to be it has to as you said be for the greater good because there has to be a harmony there has to be an unspoken sense of justice and everything if I if I kick a wall with my bare foot and I hurt my toe this is based on a true story yeah because I was I was angry so I had shoes on but it was waiting for an elevator that never came and there was construction going on and I reached the tipping point and I was behind in time and all these things put pressure on me and my reaction was to kick a cinderblock wall that I thought was a wood wall so I I expected a certain amount of give point is unbeknownst to myself I jammed my foot in some weird way that subtly affected the way that I walked fucked up my posture and only years later did it kind of dawn on me it's like I wonder if this could be related to that told the acupuncturist and he was able to like some mechanical she don't my foot but my my motor memory and everything was all was all unwired in this weird way even my double vision was off and it's just a mess so and the point was there was a balance and because I'd become so out of balance that my emotions triggered a physical reaction and whatever you know participation I had in the process I physically injured my instrument to not punish because that's a religious word to punish but to slow me down because I was going too fast and it did and it slowed me down for you know 12 years it's only only now I have to you know put a coffee in my asshole 20 times a day to experience any sort of relief but the point being like I've heard a you know if you're in a car crash you were supposed to be in that car crash you can only blame yourself for this sort of thing these are these ideas can be useful because there's an accountability involved but generally these ideas are created then exploited by people people and systems so there's people that are in the know obviously because you have to have this this remembrance thing this Memorial days and the calendars will perpetuate themselves because it's on this that's the nature of time it's just perpetuating itself the mathematical time and right but but the the the underlings I mean I want to say we but the general population the masses are just tick talking along they're going with this they're going with whatever the calendar is saying that's that's the edge of the terrain you and that is based on natural principles as well like people do behave in a certain way in groups and they do get Dumber in mass so to speak but right but we lost you again we lost retard ago again hmm hmm all right well I mean get into back to discussion at hand by these invisible entities are not communicating verbally or with words it's it's more of frequency or vibration so it's not like you're hearing voices in your head it's just that you're being hmm I don't know you're just being a tune they're just tuning you do your job and your job is to serve the planet the plan's net in which we are all trapped and that's basically mother nature I'm talking about nature this is our capsule are you back Am I am I welcome here yeah yeah you're about visible entity keeps kicking me out did you hear anything I said no I'm gonna happen I'm gonna have to listen to this godforsaken show I don't even know if I could remember what I said well yeah I was saying that these those invisible entities are not communicating verbally or you know with words it's all by vibratory 'el energies that are very subtly picked up on and they're not like they're not voices your head you don't like turn into voices in your head it's just a tuning the instrument to assert resonance to do a job and I ultimately threw it back on mother nature being are capped or that we are all here to serve unknowingly and any which way you do that it for the greater good of the earth to have you die here and become fertilizer for the fucking plants yeah those plants are gonna feed the animal kingdom and that's what nature is so we're just food we're just food for this machine and we should strive to be food we should be the best possible food we could be it sounds pretty jewy to me hate to say it but it sounds like you come full circle oh where are you gonna go you know there's no escaping this your mules you'll always be mules that's where you were bred to be as mules you do the work when you're done you become something else that's useful like yeah glue or sealant or let's back to something I wrote written down a long time ago and I wasn't I you know I didn't really dwell on it a lot when I wrote it or copied it down from wherever yeah but it was something to the effect of we are here for the sake of it it is not here for the sake of us and I think we're talking about mother nature and we are here to serve it and it is not here for us we are here for it well just why we might think that we're receiving some sort of benefit in the interim while we're aware enjoying our stay here all of these things are really just you know putting us in the grave sooner which is you know kind of you know I don't know it maybe this is the bad one and we need to get to the good one well I think it's just like do you describe before with the I think you coined the term double funnel there's it's a it's no beginning and no end there's always gonna be a feedback from the larger to the smaller and Vicey Versey so the the end of you know if we just if we set the parameters as an individual person and then you know whatever a population happens to be maybe the population this is just just like the the earth itself maybe it's just there's no way to calculate it it's just a system in action well okay so the point being there's always gonna be a feedback on on every level of that system there's always gonna be a double funnel feeding back in a toroidal way where something is coming in and something else is coming out and they're all going to be informing all levels of the strata so you know if you call if you define it as you know mother nature that's that would embody the you know largest concept of a group of of everything and in this you see what I'm saying there's the collective the collective mind is a concept that will feed into an individual's a life obviously like my life is affected by the collective the idea of the collective behavior I can remove myself from it to a certain degree but it's all it but it does it has a great effect on my environment so where I am presently I'm just most comfortably not engaging out outside as much and that could be because of so many different things because I keep kicking walls and I'm getting older and I'm slowing down and this is part that's part of that system and but it's kind of up to me what my take is on it oh you know what this fucking world did to me is so fucking frustrating that's why I kick the wall I could look at it just the same as oh I learned a lesson by kicking that wall I've learned a lot about my body you know just like when you if you're fortunate enough at a younger age to be in love with a lady and you just think she's the most beautiful you know sweet smelling feminine creature on earth and you know next thing you know you out have a couple beers with the boys the boys go home you're hanging out the bar by yourself you're getting getting uh getting the old tug job in the back in the back of your car some you know someone who smelled just a little bit sweeter at that moment and then you break up and then like ah she's a bitch for not understanding me and then she's ugly I can't believe I ever dated that bitch you know it's you're you're constantly Evan and flowin with feedback from your environment and then so if going back to the idea of people behaved in a certain way with a little bit you know certain environments that aren't so jam-packed full of people there's more fresh air to breathe you know nature's designed into the layout of the city and stuff like that people a little people are a little bit more chilled out so then individual relationships are a little bit more chilled out mm-hmm and then they I guess I guess the great mother nature being the captor well mother nature is the captor and also the provider yeah she's the mother so that's the double funnel so she basically has a you're a 2 a 2 way vagina should give you life and show a whirl take it away yeah I brought you into this world I'll give you a bunch of juice to torture you yeah enjoy the show yeah but now you know like you know like is it getting back to the double funnel concept you know mother nature and life and death you know there's we have no way no real way of knowing if death is actually earth process that's being made so yeah yeah I absolutely death is this thing used to scare us into certain behaviors and it's we're so far along the assembly line if there is an Akashic memory of what the process of death is we're just so far down the memory hole where you know we're just scrambling around yeah and and the best we can do is kind of grasp on to those who have been deemed the authorities on the matter which winds up leading us to hospitals and in putting our our trust and stuff into people in white lab coats which I think was only invented about a hundred years ago is some sort of PR move to create an identity that was authoritative and trustworthy the white lab coat was invented and I lost my train of thought but what I really wanted to say is I really enjoy your guyses sure the wonderful you know I'm glad you're talking about the medical system because I actually went and I talked to my trusted physician and I said I said how are things doc he said he said oh not so good I said you kidding me right he said yeah I'm kidding and he said I said well what is this thing I was worried about do i go to do a biopsy he said he said don't worry I said I'm a little worried he said no don't worry he's not a tuma I said what the fuck I look like a tomb or yeah Schwarzenegger for those who haven't who haven't checked out the YouTube first one off YouTube no more computers channel latest our latest endorsement comes I didn't know I didn't know about the Hitler no they went everywhere I'm just you know originally there the last name was a schicklgruber and and it was changed it was changed in 1877 to Hitler they they did that they did that at Ellis Island when they just as long as you just define a port of entry that's where everything can be changed yeah the port of entry right and getting back to birth all the lies that we've been come to know as true you know like oh it's Ellis Islands for instance that's what you know when you're naturally right there's no statue of liberty on the island yeah well she's on a little platform near the island yeah he's away he's on the star fort right Nixon yeah like can you can you look real quick like on your computer how how do you how can you get to the Statue of Liberty you deserve ferry yeah from where oh let's see – from the Battery Park right uh-huh so you gotta go from the battery the only that's the only fairy line that goes to the island well for the populace yeah such a Liberty from Ellis I see to Ellis Island no no I'm sorry I'm like how do you how do you get to the Statue of Liberty from anywhere how do you get to the Statue I'm like you got to go through New York health or is there is there a ferry from the Jersey side oh I can't research that fast that there definitely no you have to go you have to go to the battery and then you have to go through that that that port yeah yeah the Liberty itself is in New Jersey waters oh yeah yeah well I mean okay so we're talking about the Port Authority well yeah I mean Jersey New York share the the authority of the poor they should they share the port they share the port you know but uh so that's a New Jersey New York double funnel vagina yeah yeah you know that's a just I always thought it was in New York well so is okay so what where are we doing I think I love good it's in New Jersey what this is a terrible terrible lie okay all these people coming into the country that thought they were going at jus York Jew York with the fucking golden streets all right in New Jersey at the Ellis Island well how do you know they didn't switch them that's what I'm saying switch who maybe maybe this maybe New York is actually New Jersey is what I'm saying I guess it doesn't matter to me I don't know oh it's just you just switched the concepts I can change my name to retard oka and then you're listening to retard oka so there's no real thing as a state there's no such thing it's a state it's an agreed-upon concept yeah in line isn't long as enough people agree on the concept and that's what you know the map is not the territory that distinction you've got of people to believe in this invisible line and it becomes real so you're building your case here for the people beat me up along the way make me feel like a retard fucking Yeti is gonna be its own separate special special entity I think we might have to draw will might have to leave that Yeti interview or you'll hear it you'll see yes it's it's it's a confusing meet to this very moment yeah but yeah so the yeah concepts enough agreed upon and ideas agreed upon create the the reality and not the reality but they create the they dictate the actions of people which in turn creates the it's not reality world yeah the whore world you or just being whirled around with fucking ideas yeah fuck yeah the the video I was telling you about that failed to upload a few times that's kind of I was reading and reading a lot of eg lately yeah it's good stuff fuck what was it what was it yeah like where we're just like in the world of idea yeah those ideas are mostly in error yeah a great are you reading it sounds like you're reading Nietzsche's Antichrist did you ever read Antichrist Antichrist when I was actually reading uh human all too human just recently well he I guess swim around in the same waters most of the time and all ages yeah rewrites the same sentence a thousand different ways pretty money out well I mean I guess once you've honed something down and focused on it focus your attention on something where attention goes energy flows right you just kind of have to start repeating yourself with new words or else you just you know get dismissed is yeah yeah you're an old codger who just repeats the same story oh yeah well it's different ways I get guests get through to people you know like some some ways like you know would be watered it all fucking like jumbled up and might be like tripping over your fuck our words and yeah the other one will be nice and I'm you know easily understandable or in essence they're saying the same same thing we we've yet to have 15 broadcast one nice understandable one yeah like here I just I have this I have I've I wrote down two quotes after I read human all too human and I I mean they might they're just adaptations of fight of things I read in the book but the first one I wrote down you know I don't know all I got if this is a quote for me or just maybe this line I wasn't looking at the book when I wrote it down but I read the book and I walked away and I wrote these things down well the takeaway is what's important but that's beautiful this is my takeaway yeah gratitude is the desire of the ego to gain favor through attitude and vengefulness is a direct quality of gratitude that one I still that when I gotta I gotta work on the side can I get a chisel away at that one a little bit betrayed saying I'm what I'm trying to say like what what Nietzsche was saying is like there's there's a reciprocal relationship between like the amount of gratitude one shows and how vengeful that person would be like it's a direct you know two different ends two opposite ends of the spectrum you know like you know again double funnel right yeah like how how much gratitude you you'll show to somebody is how fucking is like the same amount of vengefulness you'll show oh absolutely I wish I could yeah there's a there's a guy who does fuck it his name is Vernon Howard he does lectures and he never lets his audience off the hook thank you you say for example I love my wife so much he says exactly the same thing as much as you say that you love your wife you hate her just as much and it's a confusing concept because it's broken down into such a small moment but when you when you unpack these ideas you're realizing it's just like every everything in moderation you know be like whatta ya my friend it really is water doesn't have an opinion no it it it it doesn't even do anything it just behaves in accord with the the situation at hand it's the it's the ultimate model of the double funnel and while you can you can measure it and describe it you really can't you really get to a point where you hit you hit the edge of the the reality barrier like what is wet how do you describe wet you just you so that that's you know that's what Mother Nature does become the captor and man has taken the definitions and the conceptually conceptualizations to the extreme yeah and but what else can we be expected to do with where we are at this given point in our own double funnel just make yourself like with God right so there you go there's the oversimplification find Christ by if you take that to heart someone who's you know done this that and the other thing that can that can embody something else right well don't find the Lord he'll cut off your penis like I don't know what fucking what what channel it was but you know some fucking same stupid bullshit you know like how they get these fucking in terms of stars yeah maybe it was our you know sometimes this stuff is cool but other times I'm like you know the people on here fucking flying into this fucking shit I just was one comment like everything in this is you know provided everything you know goes on you know make yourself right with Christ well yeah I mean even that presentation is hilarious because it's just like oh yeah yeah you doing the Dave Dave Chappelle Christ because those those characters that have been around on YouTube for long enough hat are obviously disingenuous and half to present like they are it was a comment there wasn't it wasn't the yeah and I was somebody comment creator again it's going back to this thing that I always it has a double funnel principle to it which is this this area where the language but sup against the cutting up against what we're really trying to describe the sweet sounds mumbles good long yeah there's no bad long ask him about it he tell you the difference make me pull my pants ladies and gentlemen i'm telling you the fair fair listeners of the whatever this thing is called please another direction I wanted to go well we had a doublet we're a double funnel we're surprisingly focused today are we you know everything's relative like a Mohawks head yeah but it seems that I don't know what the weather's like up yonder but it's a jury with it yeah I am medium medium rain that's how the that's how the a weathermen say it you can look forward to of media stream today but same over here dreary yeah purpley blue wall and the neighborhood's gone quiet because your typical City dwelling human is now terrified of rain which I don't know if you've noticed that bumbles but people are terrified of weather now boy boy yeah I think Bob Marley said that well somebody from the island certainly did some people get wet other people feel the rain why which one do you want to be well there you go we're already wet so you might as well just embrace the rain this comes straight from the samurai samurai book the hagakure which is when it rains don't shrug your shoulders you'll get just as wet yeah that's a good one I never heard that before yeah it's like don't send this and cinch up your body is this me again my fuck yeah this is actual hardware oh I see what it is I got a loose wire God these celebrity endorsements are gonna have to turn into profits real soon or I'm just gonna be off the air yeah well I had to empty the savings account to pay for that screw face interview that I did face interview yeah you know I'm still dealing with the legal department there get all the rights to to do what I want with it oh boy hopefully I will come up in a few maybe next week oh man I guess yeah we're gonna have to leak them out slowly hit everybody too much star power yeah yeah sink our own boat yeah definitely take us for some sort of show with all the evil of all these Hollywood kinetise well find Christ which is great advice if you know what that means but if you don't know what that means that's a long meander through Nowheresville find balance how about that I guess that's known as catchy find Christ find balance be water mumbles it's been great eeeh it seems like vivvy has taken you offline and I'm not so sure that anyone is listening to me but if so you are tuned in you are clicked in to the breaking wind dialog Show podcast our sponsored in part by darn 'old Schwarzenegger and Rob barley from the islands we're also sponsored by Phil Cosby Philip Cosby also known as the Kasbah oh ho oh yeah oh yeah I was just stricken by the word I would I I had figured it's like it's like clockwork man around five o'clock my shit goes haywire it starts to rain and then you're attacked by a German Shepherd about an hour later yeah well right you know today today is a little bit different I just just lost my connection somehow I guess I got too far from the router well like we said folks we got to start filling up this PayPal account with lots of money so we can keep this keep this show on the road because we're suffering you're still soliciting yeah I was going down the list of the the sponsors that we had oh yeah darn old Schwarzenegger here and Philip Cosby Phil Cosby and who else do we have Rob Rob Marley Rob barley I think it rose rosianna Bart Santa Bart yeah she's a big fan getting big getting bigger every day I can't wait to get her phone call so she can give us our our just rewards oh man these celebrity endorsements all that crazy old racist bitch whatever she is I mean she's definitely useful to somebody yeah going out always you know if you need shit stirred she's ready with the big long spoon well yeah she used to be a lot better when uh when she had another famous arned that was in some movies with the other honored yeah that's right and his one she had the Tom Handler yeah it's hard to tell who's handling who but yeah Tommy Boy Arnold as a handler she was she was pretty funny in her in her day yeah I'm I'm just you know going back to the idea of the words not being the concepts in New Jersey just being a line drawn in your head between two shapes i I really don't put too much into any anything that I see on a screen anymore because it no matter how I interpreted it seems to be against my better my best interest yeah but you have to you know like I I don't I don't get mine fucked when I watch it because I just I immediately assume that it's it's false and that I'm I'm watching it with you know that in mind and I'm just looking the sniff out bullshit you know so no I hear you and then a lot of the time I I get to me no funny no no I hear ya oh wow I hear you I hear you just I'm just I just so enjoy a genuine conversation yeah and you come across him every once in a while there's you know I don't even want to recommend everything but I do symbol across people who get the joke there you know notable notable faces and names and they'll you know it's not like all these fucking people are chopping up babies and shoving things up their ass and no they're just doing that yeah because think they they have to put that out there you know exactly people can't seem to like grasp the concept that good has has to have contrast in order to be good right I and I I agree wholeheartedly but there seems to be such a far swing into the other direction words so just they're just telling me that they're doing these things well like you really think pizza gates real no but it's like what should this shit out there it's like how much horseshit do do you need to grow a flower you know I'd rather I'd rather just fucking have a flower farm with a little bit of horseshit as opposed to just uh oh here's something I wanted to bring up but it's gonna get lost and lost in the annals of retard Iike was there really push in this cow fart thing now I really don't pay attention to the media I haven't heard anything about a long time the climate they're going to fucking out the climate change thing on cow farts and it's tied into meat production and the realization of the vegan diet which is demonized as well like this is it's coming to a head is what I'm saying and at the head if the spear tip will be a cow fart it's been Bill Gates and all this advertising that I try not to see just pops up every once in a while eco-friendly products climate change transportation they're all going pointing in the direction of mass what do they call it mass industrialized farming and blaming cows they're going through this whole rigmarole and they're gonna close the show they're gonna close the show with cow farts which was a 1980s joke but now they're really gonna do it they're really doing it there's a lot of fuckin the this what do they call it yeah yeah the gasses that they fuckin the bike yeah yeah well yeah the blame on all the climate change on that oh I think it's a lot more of an impact than then like the people farting well I mean I guess it's debatable it depends how much you hate people I mean if you need to scapegoat people then you just tell them they're farting too much so that's a vegan I would I would think that you would that you would like you know support that type of claim you know like like I always I always thought that that it was kind of genuine because of the laws that are set up to protect these AG agricultural fucking companies you know well ok you can't film inside there you can't talk about your fucking job you can't yeah any of that shit like that guy no way we're at at the the farms but I mean and yeah in some Midwestern states they have AG gag laws that keep people from going in there and filming and fucking talking the employees from talking yeah you know like divulging the operations so probably cuz they're chopping up people yeah it could be it could be that but I mean I think that the amount of gases that come out of the fucking cows errs it's got to add up I mean when you got a million fucking cows and it's fucking confined space sure you know relatively speaking I don't think it's the heat it's the humidity yeah I mean I don't see how they should be playing the cows they should blame the fucking douchebag corporations that fucking well I mean a million cows you know obviously that's that's not how these things go mmm they are cartoon afire these things for the general population and it's just there's just a strange thing happening in the city now to where there's this we were talking about cartoon cartoon food for vegetarians where you have these texturized soy based proteins to mimic meat there's there's a big a big push to get people to stop eating meat but not to eat more vegetables but to eat more of these soy based texturized proteins and they're just loaded with artificial shit where is this portion oh this is in the city it's um it's just something I know notice it like I have a limited selection of organic stores that I can shop at and there's the it's always like these hyped up he's hyped up nervous you know neo bolts if they two ladies that that are really pushing for these products and there's a there's a burger chain they pride themselves on serving only organic meat and and using organic this and locally grown produce to a degree to a degree yeah and they started pushing this they started pushing two kinds of artificial meat one is called impossible meat which is really bad branding and the other one is called beyond burger and when I have this gone I've heard of the beyond well next time you see it in your grocers feet freezer you can look it up I don't even think they have it if you ask what's in it they won't tell you yeah because they don't know and then then I saw it in one of these organic stores I was like wow this beyond thing is really turning into a big marketing there's a huge push so everywhere I go it was like Beyond and then I hear people talking about it's like this is so fucking weird because I'm not watching anything I don't have any emotional connections and let like my dietary changes I'm not up I'm not vegan vegetarian you're what what are you you're not a V or vegetarian oh well yeah I don't know I'm not entirely against the well hello well I'm a faggot I'm a big ol I'm not entirely against these fake fake meat substitutes hello hey yeah I was just saying I'm not against these fake meat substitutes if they're you know comprised of good Whole Foods you know like I you buy like black bean burgers or like chickpea fucking you know yeah but I gotta buy those fake fake chicken sandwich it's made out of like chickpeas you know yeah but I mean it's supposed to emulate the chicken sandwich I ticked that texture but you know like that the only thing I don't like I just feel like I'm trying to like trick myself into like thinking that I'm eating flesh you know like so like that's the only thing that I always steer away from that and like the soy yeah and so if I you know maybe it's just my personal take that if you're transitioning to less meat diet or vegetarian diet vegan diet raw diet watermelon diet err diet diet you know the point is sort of an improvement in your health or mmm I don't know a self a self-respect or just a new awareness and you're taking action based on a new awareness so if you have this new awareness and you're steering clear meat let's say you're steering clear enough for emotional issues or you know eating you're disgusted by eating sentient beans or something like that you just simply understand meat is difficult for the body that digests the breakdown of these proteins is hard on your heart your liver and other other functions and you know if you're doing that then it doesn't I just I don't have a horse in the race I don't care it's just as a cultural trend these things will get pushed out like why it's frustrating to watch people who do move away from like eating too much meat because it puts them in a in a bad physical and mental state of mind to transition to something that's loaded that's advertised heavily as healthier than meat and goods for the environment while it's loaded with tons of artificial artificial preservatives and flavorings and colorings and things like that emulsifiers and I like I said I don't care but oh you need me to let you go no distracted well so the thing is is changing the diet motivation for me has always been I I learned something new I became aware that I was doing something to myself unbeknownst to myself and like I didn't know how bad soda was for me until I kind of felt it and I never drank soda again and I just started drinking water all the time then I changed my water and then I started drinking distilled water then I started drinking distilled water now I I annihilated and then keep it hot and it's ionized I thought that was interesting you bud got a drink it hot though you got a drink you got a drink it hot but you don't have to completely drink ionized water you keep it in the thermos I mean it's not most convenient thing in the world but that's one way to do it and it doesn't cost anything extra so that's what I always kind of got off on but I'm just seeing this trend you know how these these cities are they're just basically you know prison camps they go they go through these mmm I don't know how to say it like neo communist inspired cultural revolutions through the music and through the opinions and the advertising and you know you know it's just like everyone's a fag now which is fine but they're just like these aggressive communist fags they don't realize you know they can't make a distinction between like I want to have a loving partner who understands me and I'm attracted to this sort of thing or I want to kill everyone who makes babies and I wanted to tell everyone where what I have in my asshole and my penis and I like I don't get to do I don't get to do that nor do I want to do that but all the all the fags that I do know are wonderful people and are disgusted by like the advertised underdeveloped personalities that are associating themselves as being gay when it's just they're just emotionally underdeveloped and they latched on to this identity so it's the same thing with the fucking food where people are moving away from meat and then it becomes this this fucking crusade where you have to you have to browbeat other people with it so where I don't want to I don't want to talk about food or anything but if it just seems natural you want to steer clear like these artificial ingredients nobody talks about you can be a milk dud vegetarian right weird like we were talking but yeah that's not really better for you so kind of what's the point and then it's you you these people are given identities and they don't put up any resistance to the identities they just take the identity and all of the bad associations that go with it and the bad habits it go with it right and so it's it's kind of frustrating when I do fault I don't seek this stuff out but it just assholes the elbows with with lots of you know hyper-emotional people including myself and I see this transition to some sort of meatless food culture but it's not I don't I don't understand like moving away from what about the artificial list diet like if it's in a box don't eat it that that sort of thing yeah like like a raw type of diet yeah not necessarily wrong I mean you still cook it and everything but and and what's the what's the deal with the having to be so strict where you have to be categorized into New Jersey or New York and then have a big debate over where the Statue of Liberty is and waste all your energy there when it's just like you know less less ingredients are better and fresh vegetables can they taste delicious if you know how to prepare them you don't have to do everything all at once and these extremes is what you know sucks people's heads up and then winds up forcing people who don't really have an opinion into having an opinion that usually goes against the the best part of whatever it is because the deteriorate vegetarians vegans are fucking annoying yeah but the vegans that I know don't talk about it and they're just like oh yeah I don't know I'm not going at all I never fucking bring up food at all and they're always something that other people like spring on me is what I'm talking about they're ready to fucking punch you in the face waiting for your answer it's like yeah that's like I don't care just other things I eat infants feces 10 cans you know I don't know how to define that yeah well goat it's a great basically well well as soon as I said this has been the we've been incredibly focused this episode I think I steered that the train off the tracks forgive me yeah I think yeah I think you jinxed us yeah not only did I jinx us I provided a shitty connection terrible artificial weather conditions to interrupt my Wi-Fi signal yeah so like getting back to these cows I think we were talking about the cows again then it broke out alright yeah like aren't the the cows are supposed to be like sacred in India right ok so like do you think that we're just like like our Western cultures is trying to fucking squash out the the East thing like this is the East pushing back with the with the you know blaming the fucking farts I know no I don't really understand how that works and I can't even tell what's real anymore a real question well like the way do they participate in India like in the centralized banking I don't know oh well that's that was where I was trying to go see that's why every rhetorica needs a mumbles because i don't really care about the shit that's going on on the ground on an individual level or these small groups of people it's the general trend of like what is the connection to sort of this push for veganism that's not really concerned for health but it's concerned with replacing replacing meat slowly and deliberately with soy based artificial products with the texture the economy and the the climate change and the weather the weather adjustment stuff like how does it all come together that there's no answer I guess but what's often profit well it's profit I found they found a way to make you know like yeah they basically found the something through and you don't have to fucking keep it alive okay now now we're talking now seed now we're talking in black and you can rack it and stack it snack and then pack it is be put it in a fucking box Kim like if you're just dealing with like some sort of fucking soy fucking shit that you grow in a petri you know you'd grow it in tonight oh they do now have you seen the boxes if they grow out of mycelium no I haven't seen those you can use your favorite video channel Network yeah search and search for that mycelium losses fungus boxes whining out loud why I keep yeah not that it can't be done now right yeah yeah some major science yeah just eat the box that's what Soylent Green is all about anyway just eat the eat the fuckin group this is shit man anyway anyway the profound profit so then the the process to generate the profit you steer the narrative this is kind of going back to this the wars on the wars and you could charge whatever you fucking want you know where that like right now they're just gauging the markets and and fine than the price let's make it readily acceptable for everybody to want to eat the same shit that's exactly it after after a while they're gonna fucking probably hold the real meat from the shelf and pull switcheroo and not tell you about it you know either that or tell you you know it's it's got some sort of it's diseased its diseased and mass like they did with the mad cow disease yeah yeah or the Oprah thing Oprah was against beef farmers or some shit like that you know yeah all's I got to do is say it's poisoned you know it's like baby tylenol back in the 80s for some reason they needed to get that off the shelves and or you know for whatever reason it was profit generated it wasn't like consumer hell that they were concerned about so you just got scare people into stop buying shit yeah and that's that's how you scare the Americans into not buying the German goods yeah well that's how you man it sounds familiar doesn't it you just you just gotta pull the big levers with fear and then you fine-tune it with culture and then that steers the behavior there the narrative and that's probably the most concise way I've ever yeah that's very well put there I'm gonna have to listen to this episode that's what Greg write that down Greg don't forget read your handwriting Greg yeah you want to uh you want to give this episode cut it loose did you just leave did you just preemptively leave the studio mumbles huh did you I thought you just signed off and like that was it no no I was asking if you wanted to call it quits what up and we'll just well just give the the teaser for for next next episode I guess well let's what are we gonna do do you have a teaser I we never really got into the the war thinks I really do enjoy talking about the distinction between you know moving populations and destroying old architecture and infrastructure and rebuilding new infrastructure moving it yeah we could definitely talk about that you know I know I put a little bit of a teaser out there about the fake wars but mostly I wanted it to be like you know hey here comes this fake war episode and then that episode like doesn't happen like just like the wars oh oh see so meta even though even your good friend retard akka just can't keep up just lagging behind I'm like I just want to do the Bill Cosby voice as best as I can where's our episode about the wars well then good mission accomplished as they say in fake wars yeah when we didn't we didn't really address it yeah we came in and we built a couple bridges and now we got to blow them up so that all the people we tricked into living in breaking winland cannot escape yes yeah yeah I think I think we we had a little bit of teaser of about that pizza gate I was got wonderful yeah that was a teaser I got 40 yeah well you know the Z's look like threes they're written in script I'll see then there we go again right what are they doing to us man i-i've not really watched a lot less than usual and I tapped into a gematria thing pry through your like like list or something mm-hmm and I was just like oh good golly Miss Molly which one which one I can't I can't remember cuz like some of it some of those guys no I I don't have the what it takes to get through that and well just just like watching television I feel like like you said you can watch television with your your your awareness on and pick things apart and see it and it becomes humorous and I can do that to a very limited degree but I think with some of these characters that I invested so much of my attention to I I feel I feel slighted I feel duped and so it's hard for me to go back and and watch that sort of stuff and then I realized how long how long does it take to really predict nothing you know as like this talking about meat isn't this how cow cattle gets slaughtered so I feel like even though it's so tempting the jamaat renee tur when he made that push he made a big money push a couple years ago and then the jim entrenador came out and then of course he was cyber attacked and all this other sort of shit that happens like this narrative is retarded that jamaat renee derp was really handy but then it it made it even easier to jump around from numbers to numbers to numbers yeah and it's like I'm just gonna create the Kevin Bacon aider because it's only two degrees of separation from you know this guy – that guy you know what I mean they yeah I mean on top of that a lot of well not a lot but I I was going to start to do something on it like writing them all down it's any discrepancies that I found yes all things just don't equate you know you know like so on some of the values are wrong oh yeah baby things seem so centenary cipher especially I think you can make a cipher for anything yeah exactly that's what I know that's my point it's like EQ kind of just you know fucking see whatever you want to see but I use them I use it for like storytelling purposes yeah like a muse you know like yeah that's what I can tell that's why I always enjoyed the way you did it especially like before we started talking you had the chalkboard and you do some real interesting stuff for example I don't know if you did this or I did this now it's really confused Who I am who you are you take a toroid and you you segment it like let's say like a mandarin orange or a Clementine you know how their segments is like that the little hole in the middle you have the number you have the number six and you have the number nine and then you have the letter B you have the letter D and you have the letter P and you have the letter Q and they all have sort of similar similar shape and I was deriving some real funky drawings from from just that and I wouldn't say that I created a cipher but I was kind of having a conversation with myself and my brain had a had a a channel to go off in a new direction that wasn't there before and it was really really peculiar so you can really get in there and customize your own sort of thought process but it record it requires having it on on paper or I guess for certain people you know using a computer or something like that's yeah but that's what you always seem to do this is play Wow Wow will you find opening the garage please all right I think I gotta go all right that's it yeah yeah I'm here you gotta go I don't know why I can't hear you know hey hey you yeah I did hear you're in like the headset now you hear me in the headset yeah here you get my headset usually you're on speaker mm-hmm well I mean I got some shit to take care of take care of that shit open the garage put some get some sleep drink your water don't eat bury me don't forget most importantly