well the Texas legislative session is over there will not be a special session so that means what's done is done so for conservatives what do you have to cheer about hey everybody I'm Chad HD host of the Chad HD show which airs weekday mornings 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. Central time on Newstalk 95.1 FM and 790 a.m. kfy yo I encourage you to go back and listen to two interviews that I had on the Tuesday edition of the chat HD show one with Matt Maccoby AK Republican strategist who really laid out the frustration that the conservative grassroots have right now with Republican leadership with the leadership in the state governor Greg Abbott lieutenant governor Dan Patrick and House Speaker Dennis Bonin because a lot of conservative activists and a lot of conservative voters and grassroots folks do not think this was a particularly good session for conservative legislation I also encourage you to go back and listen to my interview with Scott Braddock Scott Braddock editor of Quorum report really laid out everything that happened in this session where we're going from here into the the upcoming primary season in general election and then why the next session will not be a kumbaya session at all because of redistricting so I encourage you to go back and watch those two videos my thoughts on this session it's really a mixed bag I think for conservatives there's a lot to look at with this session and go huh well that's really disappointing let's be honest here okay school finance that's great that's wonderful but guess what the folks who hated Republicans and ran campaigns and ran editorials and commercials and attacked Republicans on social media with this whole hashtag block vote type of deal who said that Republicans hated teachers and Heddy hated education they're still gonna say those things about Republicans Republicans put a lot of money into school finance and a lot of money they're gonna have to account for into the future that they don't have a revenue source up right now so Republicans have a lot of work to do but I think they threw money into school finance one because they probably had to but two because they wanted to satisfy some of the teacher groups that are out there that have traditionally been against the Republicans like governor Greg Abbott the lieutenant governor and the speaker and others the problem is you're never going to satisfy left-leaning groups it's just not going to happen and if you're hoping that was gonna happen in this session I'm sorry I've already seen it on social media where some of these groups are saying that Republicans in the Senate still hate teachers even though Republicans put more money into education than anyone really anticipated so you have that and and even if you're for school finance you know putting more money into the school finance system even if you're all on board great wonderful okay fine that's a win property tax reform I think that's another win long term but the short term property tax relief well yeah you're gonna see a little bit of relief in your bill is not overwhelming property tax relief those folks who are being taxed out of their homes right now saving an extra two hundred bucks is not going to save their homes what Texans want is true property tax relief and we did not see that happen in this session we saw reform and I think it's very important what we saw and I think it's very good what we saw on the property tax reform front but it is not overwhelming property tax relief which is what most Texans wanted now when it comes to some of the conservative or not so conservative victories out there Republicans and Matt mokou biak was absolutely right on this Republicans really left a lot on the table you did not see this the the state of Texas of the Republicans here in Texas lead on the issue of pro-life you didn't see it Alabama is leading on the issue of pro-life in fact a Missouri is leading on the issue of pro-life according to Axios Florida and South Carolina are also considering their own fetal heartbeat bills similar to Alabama's Louisiana is close to passing wine as well and there are going to be other states that do this to Republicans never even sniff what Alabama did and it was because as a Maccoby I can both Scott Braddock brought up leadership didn't want to fight they didn't want any contentious issues out there taxpayer-funded lobbying a ban on that something that is a slam dunk issue Texas Public Policy Foundation says about 91 percent of Texans across the board one to end taxpayer-funded lobbying guess what it died in the legislative session election reform ballot integrity that died during the Texas legislative session and in other issues as well that were very important for conservatives and in a state that is changing by the day changing by the year I think Republicans wanted Republican voters wanted a little bit of fight out of lawmakers in this session and we didn't see that you know Speaker Dennis bought and who I've had on my show numerous times who I respect you know he's quoted by one outlet taken some swipes at the pro-life organizations out there I think he went too far I I don't know if he meant to insult all the pro-life organizations out there but but it came across that way the speaker also in the Dallas Morning News telling folks that you know we wanted to we wanted to agree we wanted to you don't have a have a atmosphere where we could have disagreement but be polite to each other and handshakes and all this kind of stuff people don't want that and right now I think Republican voters in the Trump era whether you like Trump or not whether you like the way Trump goes about things Republican voters want a fighter they want people we're gonna go out and punch the Democrats in the face and say hey you know what this state may turn blue we better take what we can get right now and the Republicans didn't do that the Republicans really wanted to make sure they got the big issues passed property tax reform and school finance reform pass and they really didn't care about much else it seems they didn't really have another priority after school finance and property tax reform and I understand those were two big big big issues that took it up a lot of action in the room but you still had other things to do you still had other things you could have done and in the next session which is expected to be very highly contentious if Republicans remain in control the house that's what's going to take up so much time is redistricting you're not gonna have time to get to all these other issues or you're gonna trade those issues for redistricting type of issues so this was really a loss I think for a lot of conservative principles a lot of conservative pieces of legislation again a mixed bag as far as the results go I think property tax reform great wonderful that's fantastic even school finance as long as it's done the right way and as long as the money goes into the classroom and into the teachers and for the students no problem at all there but when it comes to other conservative pieces of legislation I think this was a ho-hum type of type of legislative session a go along to get along type of legislative session and maybe we're entering a new era for Texas Republicans down in Austin they get along Aira down in Austin which means we don't want to upset too many people we don't want to we don't want to scare away moderates we don't want to scare away moderate Republicans and have them join the Democrats we just we want to survive to the next election and that's what it seems like Republicans did in this session they're in survival mode and it's hard to break down a survival mode if you think Texas is going to go blue in the next few years or within the next ten years so Republicans I would say we're gonna have a poll on this on the on kfy Oh calm if I have to get if I had to give a grade for this session probably a b-minus maybe a C+ again I think the things that they did were very good but I think they left a lot on the table that should have gotten done during this legislative session tune in to the chat HD show weekday mornings 8:30 to 11:00 I am Central Time news talk 95.1 FM and 790 am k fyo