the intensity of stripes like these is increasing and so is the number of civilians killed across southern Italy and northern Hama Russian and Syrian jets are carrying out more than 100 raids a day and most are hitting crowded residential areas marketplaces are reduced to rubble hospitals clinics and schools have been destroyed in the offensive in Northwest Syria that is entering its second months many civilians have been killed the planes have returned to hit moderate in Norman the people are panicking and afraid opposition activists are accusing the government and its allies of using internationally banned weapons like cluster bombs and white phosphorus they say it is part of a strategy to depopulate a belt of territory on the southern edges of Idlib province to secure two international roads more than 200,000 Syrians have moved north towards Turkey's borders seeking safety in open fields but tens of thousands are believed to be caught in the area of hostilities the russian-backed Syrian government offensive has barely changed the lines of control government forces are trying to recapture territory to connect cities under their control and revive trade but they haven't been able to take much ground Russia too is trying to push the rebels north so that its military base in Latakia will no longer be within the opposition's firing range opposition forces have United and are fighting back and some of the armed groups say they are getting military support from Turkey which wants to strengthen its negotiating hands many believe the offensive is about pressuring Turkey which is trying to balance relations between Moscow and Washington there are reports that Turkey is holding behind-the-scenes negotiations to try and revive last year's ceasefire deal and create a demilitarized zone that fighters from high attack a leadership or HTS and the Syrian army will respect there's a twenty kilometers zone of de-escalation the part is most respected HTS must recreate this zone and do not attack any anyone any military unit and actually Assad regime is the same because Assad regime uses barrel bombs and also mortars and also artillery then a sub regime must also respect this escalation law although a ceasefire would save lives there's no sign of a deal but for now through their proxies Russia and Turkey are reminding each other how costly it is when they're not working together sanika dar al jazeera Beirut