Hasani a village in rural Latakia on the beginning of the curd mountain range behind me you can see the destruction in this village this village has been a target for ESSID regime attacks since last year this village actually it has a native population of Christians the majority of the people who lived in this village were Christians now you're looking at what used to be a church here in the Ksenia village the the native residents of this village have all left this is a village that has been in the line of fire of the asset regime for at least a year now we're here today in in this region and there is ongoing bombardment these areas are continually being targeted by Assad regime strikes backed by Russian air forces you can see that this church is completely out of service it's been left in rubble it's been completely destroyed as you know targeting of places of worship are a violation of international law and the the Assad regime backed by Russia are not differentiating when they are targeting civilian locations they are targeting all areas where civilian populations are living making it impossible for people to stay in these areas this particular church has been completely bombed out it's completely gutted from the inside it looks like it was up in flames all of the artwork anything all of the paintings on the walls have now been charred the the walls look like they're about to come down the the metal is twisted everything around the church all of the the homes and the buildings that are around the church are also destroyed and there there is a very little sign of life here there are some people still living in this village but the people that were talking to are telling us that they are not actually from this village called the saniye they've come from other places in Syria they've been displaced and they've come here too take shelter and this is just an example of the destruction that's left behind by the ongoing attacks up from the acid regime backed by Russia and their allies