this video will show you how you can manage and customize your essay pcloud support site as part of your essay p customer on-demand solution the essay pcloud support site operates in the essay p HANA cloud portal framework and includes a reference site already set up with the support site widgets to deliver immediate superior self service to your customers as an administrator you also have portal site administration and authoring rights so that you can customize your support portal experience for your customers let’s start there when you’re logged on is the site admin you’ll see the reference site delivered with your essay p solution besides the site directory the content tab allows you to manage or create your own widgets the themes tab allows you to modify or create your own site themes and the roles tab allows you to assign roles to authorized users to customize your support portal you can work directly with the reference site create a new site from scratch or copy the reference site the homepage of the site includes the ticket tiles which provide your customers quick insight on their overall ticket activity these tiles can be resized or repositioned you can also change the site theme by selecting one of the available themes or creating and uploading one of your own to match your company branding you the other pages include the remaining sa pcloud support site widgets next let’s take a look at creating a new page on the site select widgets from the content catalog to start building the page content you can choose one of the prepackaged content widgets like this one or create one of your own next let’s add a URL widget this allows you to add any web page to your portal site for example this one points to the industry newsletter your company publishes you can also delete or rename any of the site pages you can also customize the delivered support widgets by adding or removing fields in this example let’s take a look at how we can remove the CC email field from the three primary widgets since this information is not relevant for your customers in your essay p customer on-demand system go to the service in social settings view of the administrator tab you may need to add the portal adaptation link to the screen if so you’ll find it under personalized access the widget fields via the portal qlink this screen is only intended to be used for customizing the portal widgets for example you can’t actually process or create new tickets from here to remove the CC email field from the ticket list widget enter adaptation mode and edit this screen find the field and deselect it then save and publish your changes follow the same editing steps to remove the field from the other widgets to access the screen for the create ticket widget click new and to access the screen for the ticket details widget open a ticket by clicking on the ticket ID you can also follow the same process for adding extension fields to the widgets when you’re finished leave the adaptation mode back on your portal site refresh your view and you can see that the CC email field has been removed from each of the widget pages to make your site available to your customers you need to publish it choose the access level you want for your site and then publish it you can always take your site offline if you need to make more changes for more information about all the site administration and authoring features available refer to the help now you’re ready to manage and customize your essay pcloud support site as part of your s IP customer on-demand solution let’s review a few key points you can customize your portal sites using themes and widgets you can add remove or rename site pages you can add or remove fields from the sa pcloud support site widgets using the adaptation features of sa p customer on-demand