– [Dr. Nye] I think our business
major is somewhat unique in that we have lots of projects. We are smaller class sizes. We do a lot of critical thinking
in our business classes. A lot of it is applied. Applied projects. Applied homeworks. Answering questions relative
to specific companies or specific industries. And I think that element
of it makes it different than other programs. – [Jacob] I think we have a
unique group of professors here that have a lot of
knowledge in the business field. And they’re able to relay
that knowledge to us and help prepare us in
the best way possible on a really personal level. You really get to build
a relationship with them and they get to build a
relationship with you. – [Myles] I’m a business
administration major and right now my concentration is in sports management. So ideally my dream job
sort of would be to work in the front office of an NBA team. But the thing is I really
feel prepared to work in a variety of business
disciplines and that’s something that I really like about
William Peace’s Business Program is that they prepare you for many different disciplines. Obviously business is an
extremely expansive field. – [Dr. Gailor] We see students graduating from Peace going into an
array of business careers. We see students going into
Human Resource Management, marketing, sales, analytics careers. There are many different
careers in business and our students run the gamett. We have students who are now
working at SAS, Fidelity, BB&T. Among many many other
organizations both here locally and around the country. – [Terry] After I graduate
here with my Business degree I’m going straight into Graduate School. I want to do something
related with Marketing and since we do have Sports
Management concentration here, that I am currently in, I’m gonna try to pursue any career dealing with sports marketing since I’m a big sports fan. – At some schools you know
they have those introductory classes that are designed
to weed out the kids that shouldn’t be there
and we don’t have that. Anybody who comes here we
expect you to succeed here. We expect you to make progress
every year and faculty, staff, students I think
it’s a real community here.