Stephen Reid: So, welcome back. We haven’t
really done anything yet. Save the applause for later. All right, so, this afternoon,
I mean, you know we’re gonna be talking about a whole bunch of different topics and we are
running about 20 minutes behind but we can extend into the evening. We’ve got a little
bit of extra wiggle room there so that shouldn’t be a problem. And the first thing we’re gonna
do is gonna talk about Operations and Flashpoints. Before we do anything else I just wanna introduce
everybody that we have up here on the stage who’s gonna talk to you this afternoon. So,
who do we have today? We have the invisible James Ohlen, who is apparently not here right
now. Swear, he was there a minute ago and I know he’s coming back. But James Ohlen is
gonna be here for the duration. Daniel Erickson, who recently has change his title. He’s now
Lead Game Designer. Gabe Amatangelo, who just got off a plane from Australia, so, therefore,
he’s very, very tired but he’s here as our lead Endgame Designer. Georg Zoeller, who
I’m sure you’ve seen from a million forum posts, our Lead Combat Designer. Damion Schubert,
who is our Lead System Designer. And last but not least, Emmanuel Lusinchi, who is our
Technical Design Director. Does that sound about right? Something on those line. And
they’re gonna be here all afternoon. They’ll be alternating on their presentations and
taking your questions and discussing things with you.
Okay, do we have any urgent burning questions before we start? Nope. All right. Well, we’re
gonna kick things off for the discussion of Operations and Flashpoints and Gabe is gonna
do this for you. A note to anyone who’s watching on the live stream, we have bit of a technical
issue which we’re gonna resolve, but you are gonna see the slides on the screen, filmed
off the screen. So apologies for that, but we are gonna get that sorted as soon as we
can, but that would probably just be for the duration of Gabe’s first presentation.
Gabe Amatangelo: Thank you. Hello. Quick show of hands, I’m curious, how many Republic guilds
do we have here? And Empire guilds? You guys, I think we have an imbalance. We need to figure
out — we need some volunteers to move over. That’s how we’ll handle that. We’ll talk a
bit more about that later. But so, yeah, Operations and Flashpoints going on right now, and you
have to bear with me like Stephen said. Just got off a plane not too long ago and just
got briefed on this presentation now, so I’m gonna kind of wing it.
Current state of Operations: 38 percent of level 50 players have played on Operation,
so good amount of players up there even without a sort of group finder system or managing
to get together for at least the eight player mode. Now, of course, we know their are bugs,
particularly in Eternity Vault, our first one. More frustrating than other areas due
to time invested, level on reward, and repeatable content. So yeah, so we’re — I mean we’re
fully aware, obviously. It takes a lot of effort to get in there and then, when bugs
happen, it is an issue so it’s a high priority for us to deal with that stuff. A big part
of it is getting more of the sort of guild testing and feedback, which in Game Update
1.1 with Karagga’s Palace we did. And we we’re excited about that. We’re gonna making
more efforts for that in 1.2 because that helps a lot. So those of you who played Karagga’s
Palace, you saw that was a bit smoother. Obviously there were some issues but it was a dramatic
improvement over the Eternity Vault ones. Let see, what do we have next here? Looting
system in normal difficulty needs improvement. We know it is a frustrating thing that destine
loot system. Unfortunately, we only got sort of like part of what we wanted in there. Another
aspect to it; we wanted to make it good for pugs. Pug friendly so you didn’t have to yield
to sort of the master looter and his demands or whatever. But, obviously, sometimes with
destine loot you get stuff that you already had. We wanted to be smarter, didn’t turn
out that way, so were gonna be deviating from it a bit in the next update. We’re gonna be
switching it to just normal loot inside of the story mode of the normal mode of Operations,
so players can do those things. Another aspect we were considering with it
is making it that you can receive the destine loot but you’re able to trade it for a couple
hours. That’s another bit of functionality you want to get in there. But in the meantime,
until we get to that point, we’re going to be switching it to the regular type of loot
mode. Existing Operations are relatively easy. I
love this bullet point, Stephen, thank you. So, if you haven’t bitten existing Operations,
well then, I don’t what to tell you guys. So, yeah, I mean, the nightmare mode and the
hard mode we definitely want it to be more challenging than it ended up being. Part of
contributing to it is more time, sort of soak time with guild testing and tuning and that
kind of things. Also, a number of little bugs contributing like we have armor debuffs from
players stocking on monsters more than we want to. A number of things like that we’re
addressing that I actually have the difficulty lower than it was intended to. We are addressing
this stuff in the future. And I don’t wanna get ahead of myself on the
next slide, but let’s see here. Hard and nightmare modes give same loot. Yeah, so we know that’s
— you know, right now the nightmare mode is, you know, achievements, it gives a little
bit extra loot, but it’s not a completely different type of loot. And some of the improvements
and update 1.2, but first we’ll touch on the Operation: Explosive Conflict. Game Update
1.2 where we’re having a new Operation and this is gonna be harder than the current Operation.
It’s going to require a whole new level of sort of coordination. So, again, the challenge
were focusing on, is not necessarily, hey, more of gear, more stats, that kind of thing,
though that will happen naturally as we’re tearing up these raids — Operations, excuse
me. It’s coordination, coordination between players. That’s the focus like the coordination
between the group and execution. That is the focus.
Now, our first two Operations, Karagga’s Palace and Eternity Vaults, sort of our tier
one, Denova. Explosive Conflict which take place on Denova is gonna be the sort of first
of our tier two and it’s gonna be on top of that difficulty. It’s gonna be that progression
having to gear up through these to get to that, for the hard and nightmare modes of
it. Nightmare mode to be a more serious challenge
— let’s see, sorry — needs serious testing and balancing. It’s not gonna launch in 1.2
because we’re gonna focus and ensure that the nightmare mode is a nightmare as far as
difficulty, but enjoyable still. So, yeah, so at the same time, I’m not gonna give spoilers
per se, but the sort of main galactic storyline continues inside of the Operations. We want
to ensure that all the more casual players have an opportunity to experience that story.
So we’re changing sort of normal mode to story difficulty mode to be appropriately labeled.
Now, it is — so yeah, I touched on that, touched on that. Now, it says without having
to be gear up it’s not gonna be as steep a gear up. It’s gonna be a little bit more that
the normal mode of the first tier, but it’s not going to be — let’s say if you had sort
of, you know, your X and Y axis and the gearing difficulty being at, like, 60 degrees for
a hard mode. This will be more of, like, a 30, 20 degrees, so a little bit more of gear
but not quite as long of an investment to go from one to the next.
What do we have next? Orange gear viability in Endgame. I think Emmanuel put up a blog
up about this. We talked about it in few different interviews. In 1.2 you’re gonna be able to
extract all of your mods including the sort of base mod, and with that is going to come
to set bonus. So you’ll be able to put it in any other kind of gear that you want and
have the appearance that you want. So you can all live your Star Wars fantasy to the
fullest looking like whatever it is you wish, a Jedi as a storm trooper or Princess Leia
as the case maybe. Let’s see, wear what you what in Operations,
yes. Pre-destined loot in normal mode, I touched on that going away. Again, like I said, I
just got a brief on this so I got ahead of some of it, you have to forgive me. Nightmare
mode, only way — so nightmare mode is gonna have — when we release it after 1.2, shortly
after 1.2, it’s going to be another — it’s gonna be different gear. It’s gonna be different
loot than what is in hard mode. So, as I was saying, bug fixing. It’s our
highest priority for Operations. The longer period for testing, major feedback. The guild
testing again, at 1.1 we had some guild testing. We’re gonna be wrapping up at 1.2, extremely
helpful, extremely useful. We very much wanted to do that and we’re happy to start getting
that online. Karagga’s Palace had guild testing, so yeah. I touched on that, 1.1.
There we have it, character copies to PTS we’re working on that. We’re gonna be sort
of mainly putting some over but we’re working on making it so we can have more and more
people on the public test server. More Operations. Every major update, like we’re saying, we’re
gonna having more Operation content, more Flashpoint content, more challenging and more
rewards. The focus again on execution with the challenging, some of the gearing up in
it, but more of the execution and coordination. So, fighting the boss, not the game. More
info on screen. We like having this sort of — as opposed monitoring debuffs and things
like that, like seeing the actual in game visceral cues of what’s going on. This has
been the direction and the focus of our Operations and our Flashpoints. We didn’t hit the nail
with all of them, but some of them, and we’re gonna continue focusing on gearing towards
that or having that happen and all the future ones. So yeah, they’d lessen from buffs.
Flashpoints, so on the Flashpoints now. Are breaking for questions on Operations first
or we’re gonna straight to Flashpoints? Who’s — straight to Flashpoint? Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Okay, Flashpoints. Current state of Flashpoints, Flashpoints are enjoyable. That’s subjective.
Excellent bullet points. This is good so — they’re fun. Flashpoints are enjoyable. You enjoy
that. Better Endgame progression via Flashpoints
just in general the sort of when you hit 50 and the ramping up to hard mode, normal mode,
Operations, et cetera. We wanna smooth that curve out. We’ve got some things introduced
in 1.2 to help with that. Difficult to find the group. We do know that
is an issue with Flashpoints. We’ll be addressing that in the future. And that’s in a later
slide, so I guess I’ll get to how we’re addressing that stuff. Those are the current state of
stuff. In 1.2, we have Lost Island, new Flashpoint. It finishes the Kaon storyline with the Tion
Hegemony and the Rakghoul outbreak. The future of Flashpoints, more Flashpoints
coming, again, major updates. We’ll keep updating. Group finder, so that’s a major thing. We’re
gonna be introducing that in update — Game Update 1.3. Now, it’s called group finder,
not necessarily Flashpoint or Operation coz it’s gonna be sort of all purpose. Also, for
missions, story missions of that nature. Now, it’s going to be single server only, focusing
— oh right on. So yeah, so I mean, community is obviously very important. We don’t wanna
have random pug dude who just, you know, goes AFK and doesn’t care about his reputation.
And I’m trying to watch my language here but you know what I’m saying. Those guys. We can
avoid that one, you know, more people who know each other.
And discussion topics, Operations, current difficulty, is it too easy, is it too hard?
I guess we already lead that answer with one of the bullet points, but we can discuss that
some more. New story difficulty allowing everyone to play. Love to hear you guys feedback questions
about that. How difficult should it be to end, you know, gear up an Endgame. You know,
people are in two different camps with that kind of thing, so that’d be interesting points
to — oops — I clicked too fast. There we go, all right. So, yeah, I guess
at this point we open it up for questions. Stephen, you’re running around. All right.
Now, of course, these are the topics but it’s not limited to this. I mean, ask away, whatever.
Stephen Reid: Yeah, so I won’t be running around coz, you know, I have subordinates
to do that. So Chris on this side. Would you – Joveth on the other side where we’re moving
around with mikes. So just stick your hand in the air and I’m sure many of you have many
questions. Just remind you of those ground rules please, no epic speeches, but anything
you have to ask Gabe and the team about Operations and Flashpoints. Stick your hand up.
Male Speaker: On Operations, we’re wondering is there the ability to get trash mobs to
drop loot to help — cash to help pay for repairs? And then on Flashpoints, reverse
bolster for high levels so that they can go help lower levels but still get some kind
of reward, maybe legacy, experience, or social points.
Gabe Amatangelo: So as far as the more trash mobs dropping cash, actually, Georg, you wanna
answer that one? He’s dealing with the economy stuff right now.
Georg Zoeller: I can, yes. So we’re looking at repair cost. We know it’s definitely an
issue for the community. I’ll show some graphs later and I got to how the cash is distributed
between players. At the current time, meaning for 1.2, we don’t anticipate changing the
repair cost. There will be tweaks to the economy in general to distribute the money a bit more
fairly. The reason is that we need to bring additional syncs in place in order to make
sure that we don’t have runaway inflation. We do, however, know that the economy is a
pinpoint. Whether or not Flashpoint drops will be the right way to go about that given
how you can start a Flashpoint and then maybe clear out just the loot at the start and maybe
start it again. Probably not so much, but we will be doing something about the repair
cost to bring everyone up a bit more into around where they feel they have cash. Not
more than god, but cash. Gabe Amatangelo: And so as far as the kind
of reverse, the mentoring system you’re asking about, that is something that we’re all very
much we want to do and we’re excited about it. We’ve been discussing it. We don’t have
a sort of ETA on it at the moment but a reverse bolstering is in discussion.
Male Speaker: Along with the new tiers of raid content, will we see separate lockouts,
so nightmare and hard mode would be on separate lockouts.
Gabe Amatangelo: Nightmare and hard mode is gonna be on the same lockout, so, no. Coz,
again, and the reason, just a touch on in case from — I talked about this in past interviews,
but the story mode and nightmare and hard mode are on different lockouts is because
the nightmare and hard mode we see as sort of the guild progression one. The story mode
is the casual pickups and we didn’t want to stop people from being able to go kind of
outside of their groups and socialize in the casual type mode. Well, I’m here and feedback,
that was weird. Yeah, so next question. Male Speaker: Yeah, so you touched on loot
as being an incentivized version of nightmare being greater than hard mode. Is there any
other incentives that you’re putting in there in terms of not lockouts, but obviously, is
there gonna be a differentiating point between 16-man and eight-man when it comes to the
two grade settings? Gabe Amatangelo: So 16-man and eight-man we
want them to be sort of a relative difficulty. Now, obviously, inherently there’s more difficulty
in organizing 16 people. So on the stat sides of the — on the stats side of the MPCs we
kinda lower some of the stats to compensate for that difficulty difference of coordinating,
getting everyone to execute as they need to. And the target is to hit it at the same difficulty
level. There are higher like mount drop-rate chances, things of that nature. There are
a little bit more loot in the 16-man mode, but it’s the same type of loot, just more
— and there’s obviously more of it, but in addition, the sort of bonus loots like recipes,
mounts, things of that nature, a little bit of a bonus with that. And was there second
part to the question? Male Speaker: It’s similar on the sense that
you sort of see that right now, there’s very little differentiation so I just want
to bring back the thought of looking at, encouraging a focused differentiate between the two of
them or you’re keeping it the same? Gabe Amatangelo: In the immediate future we’re
keeping it the same, but again, we’re, you know, we’re constantly looking at the feedback
in the community and seeing sort of what everyone is keen on. But right now it is focused towards
the same kind of content. Male Speaker: Wondering if there are any plans
currently to introduce timestamp achievements for buzz kills or something similar to that
to help validate, you know, when an individual buzzes killed to help foster the competition
in the raiding community? Gabe Amatangelo: Yeah, yeah. Now, we all — like,
we all very much wanna do that. I can even hand it over to Damion. He wants to talk about
that a little bit with the achievement type system stuff. But, yeah, we do — that is
something very much wanna do. Damion Schubert: Yeah. I love achievements.
It breaks my heart we didn’t get them in. We want to get them in and do them right and
part of the reason why is we look at the models for the kind of people who play in a kind
of mass multiplier content. For the killers that’s really all about competition. They’re
motivated by being the first kill on a server, and that being part of that great race is
an incredible feeling. I know when I played that other game that will not be named, you
know, we actually managed to beat a boss by five — beat another guild by five minutes.
That was just an incredible feeling. And we really like for that to exist in our game
and to, you know, be able to be validated so that people knew that the other guys are
telling the truth and what not. But we have long term plans. We have nothing that is on
the immediate horizon, but I’m passionate about it.
Gabe Amatangelo: And to add to that, obviously, when we come out with the new MMO, a new engine,
stuff like that, we’re working through some of the bugs and what not. Once it’s sort of
fine-tuned and we get the better guild testing and we get it to the sort of difficulty level
we want, that’s also a good opportunity to then introduce that system as opposed to dealing
with having it earlier and some people cheating to get ahead and then not being legitimate
in dealing with those types of things, so, yeah, something in the future for sure.
Male Speaker: I was just wondering there’s not a huge difference between like, Columi
and Rakata gear, so it’s not a huge incentive to go on the hard modes and get better gear.
So I was wondering if there was gonna be a bigger gear disparity in the new raid content
in terms of item level. Gabe Amatangelo: Sure, sure. Well, we can
have the items team people talk about it a little bit, but the — there will be more
of a disparity. We didn’t want to — like, our early target was to not inflate the gear
too much. We did end up inflating it more than we actually wanted to. And so the difference
between those two at the last level like the Columi or, rather, the Tianese to the Columi
has a big jump. And then after that it’s kind of almost a prestigious type jump coz we didn’t
have the gating of the next content yet, but if one of you guys wanna add to that at all
as far as the gear progression. Georg Zoeller: So we have one new tier for
PVP and PVE coming. It will have a bit more, I would say, sensical stats like not so much
accuracy if you care about this kind of things. Although I do have to say accuracy is useful
when you’re going after tanks. The other part of that is we’re opening augments across all
gear pieces that currently support them which means there’s a completely additional set
of gear that you can pursue now and that you can use to customize your character.
On top of that, you’ve seen probably the PTS notes for 1.1.5. We are introducing the lightsaber
crystals with expertise on it. There’s limited PVP crafting. We can go on to that later.
And in general there’s more disparity between PVP and PVE in terms of the gear. It will
not be as easy to cross over. It’s still possible, but you definitely can’t go, let’s say, to
your battle master gear and jump over into the highest level of Operations, these kinds
of things. Male Speaker: So my current question is what
kind — what is the current stance on Operations? I know there’s mix feelings in the community
about this, but as a raid leader myself, I at times find myself a little bit frustrated
not knowing how my raid is doing as far as metrics. So threat meters, combat logs, damage
meters, things like that, what is the current stance of your team on eventually working
those into a game? Gabe Amatangelo: The stance is, is that we
wanna have it — we wanna have — like, instead of a reliance on those things, we want a reliance
on the Endgame visual cues. But that’s not to say we don’t wanna have them for those
players who do want them. And, obviously, things like seeing who is not carrying their
weight as far as DPS goes in damage, those things are very useful when running guild,
especially if you’re trying to hit those in the progression quickly. So the stance is
that we wanna have them. We wanna have them in and they’re just not in Game Update 1.2.
Georg Zoeller: Well, almost. So we actually do have something for you because we do realize
it’s actually really important, especially if you’re a rate leader — Operations leader.
I suggest everyone drink whenever we do this. It will be much more fun this way.
So we do realize that it’s useful not only to, like, identify what are we doing wrong.
There’s enrage timers. It’s problematic to understand what exactly you’re doing wrong.
So what we, on the other hand, don’t wanna do is we want you to have control over what
other people see about your character. We didn’t want to go out and let other people
just go out and judge you, so we kind of went for the middle ground.
As with Game Update 1.2, you will be able to, a) enable a very simple output into the
chat window which tells you what did just defeat me or it will also print out when you
defeated someone and which attack triggered that. Additionally, we have a very, very detailed
parsable combat log that you can be able to be written to disc. It will show everything
incoming and outgoing from your character. Someone enterprising like a guild will have
no problem probably correlating that into the big picture, but we’re not allowing you
to just flag it, button in, and see how is everyone else doing in the group at this point.
So, yes, you will have parsable log. It will have threat in there. Any kind of effect applied
to your character, remove from your character, detailed damage numbers, damage type critical,
all that kind of stuff. And you can do whatever you want with that, but it will be out of
game. Female Speaker: Hi. So speaking on gear and
Endgame I’m — what I’m really wondering is craftable gear going be anywhere comparable
or is PVP and Operations always gonna beat that out? Are we gonna be able to start crafting
something that would be, you know, compete with it?
Georg Zoeller: The answer is yes, but I would defer that to the economy panel later.
Male Speaker: You guys have a really interesting mechanic in space combat and I was wondering
if you guys were ever planning on applying that to Flashpoints or Operations.
Gabe Amatangelo: James, you wanna answer that? James Ohlen: Well, obviously, space is a hot
topic. It’s a big part of Star Wars and we got some space into the release game. I’ve
hinted that, so I’ll hint at it again. We have a secret project on space in the works
right now but that’s all I can say. Male Speaker: Yes, I’m Discomancer with Eridani
Light Horse on the Vornskr server. I had a question. It’s regarding the range mechanics.
Is that something you’re gonna see across the board coz what we’ve experience is it
sort of limits the sort of standard build you can take. It’s, you know, two healers,
one tank, five DPS, seems to be really the only model you can go in with and have guaranteed
success. Is there anything that can be done to provide a little bit more dynamic team
building for the players? Gabe Amatangelo: So the intention going in
was that you had two tanks like in the eight man mode. Some of that fell through because
of a variety of reasons. Sometimes it came to bugs, sometime it came to specific class
abilities, being able to reduce the need for it. In 1.2 we’re a bit more focused and polished
with that in 1.2. You’re going to need to — there’s gonna be a lot more coordination
and tank trading. So, two tanks, I’d be surprised if people get away with not having two tanks
in some of these fights. Damion Schubert: But, you know, that being
said, one of the things is that — one of the things we didn’t want is the classic,
hey, for this boss you need one tank, this boss you need four tanks, and for this boss
— and so you have this whole stable of people sitting outside waiting to come in for one
fight. That’s no fun either. You know, we kinda want you to be able to, you know, build
a group and be able to run the whole raid with the group knowing that you could take
it on. Georg Zoeller: Drink.
Male Speaker: So with the Flashpoints and specifically Operations later on, have you
ever considered looking into kind of the Lucas-style of the ending where you have two guys runoff
and fight a Sith Lord, two guys go getting their star ship, and then the rest of the
guys are handling a undercover Operation dealing with like — coz I think that would be awesome.
Gabe Amatangelo: That would be awesome. Yes. Now, we didn’t — the ancient pylons was sort
of — we were touching on that splitting the group up. We didn’t get as far into that concept
as we wanted to by any stretch of the imagination. But it is something that I and several other
members of the team are very excited about exploring in future Operations.
James Ohlen: I can actually give you a little more of an answer on that. For the longest
time on the project. The Return of the Jedi scenario of, you know, Endor, space battle,
and Darth Vader versus Luke was the dream for our Operation, so it is definitely something
that we wanna do in the future. Male Speaker: So there’s a lot of discussion
what is harder, eight-man or 16-man, so is there any mode to this intended to be harder
or you wanted to be balanced? Gabe Amatangelo: Yeah, like I was saying earlier,
we wanted to be balanced. We do know that in Eternity Vault there was various issues
that came up then ended up with 16-man being more difficult. In Karagga’s Palace I think
we got closer to it. The idea is to keep the difficulty level between the two as close
as possible. And like I was talking about earlier, the coordination within 16-man in
and of itself inherently is more difficult if you have to have them executing, all the
different players executing certain things at certain times. And so we leaned — instead
of like two times the health, you know, it’s 1.8 times the health in 16-man mode, that
kind of thing, to compensate. And so our target is to make them even difficulty. We do know
that Eternity Vault that was not the case and 1.2 update and some of the weekly patches
and stuff we’ve been correcting and fixing some of those things and the 1.2 update more
so. Stephen Reid: Okay, we have about 15,000 people
watching us in the live stream, no pressure. So I’m just gonna take one more question from
here in the audience then we’re gonna get few of the questions from the guys who’ve
been writing in. So I’m gonna go to this gentleman right here in the front. Stand up for me.
Male Speaker: Absolutely. So as an Ops leader, are we going to get some more tools for management
of parties, re-shifting people around without having to kick them, re-invite them, do different
things to, you know, adjust and optimize. Gabe Amatangelo: You’re talking about the
raid management or the Operation management windows. So in — we haven’t had the UI panel
yet, have we? No, okay. Well, on the UI panel there’s more talk about that, but yes, we
do wanna have more management options for the Ops group.
Stephen Reid: Okay, we’re gonna take a couple of questions from the live stream here. Eric
Musco has been manning our coverage live stream, so he’s gonna read out who asks us the question
and what the question is. Eric Musco: All right, so the first question
comes from — I’m gonna say Sweenie — and I apologize to someone watching the livestream
if I’m mispronouncing your name. Will you be implementing a ready check system for Flashpoints
and Operations? Georg Zoeller: We don’t have a ready check?
Damion Schubert: We don’t. I will go back to the office and get that on the list, I
apologize. Gabe Amatangelo: Do we have an R and D role?
Damion Schubert: Slash role? Gabe Amatangelo: Slash role.
Damion Schubert: I think it’s coming in 1.1.5. I think it’s coming in the next patch.
Gabe Amatangelo: Yes, we know that there are some staples missing and we’re anxious to
get them in as well. Eric Musco: All right, unfortunately, I can’t
find this question, but I know it was in here and the user’s name was Dracos, so I apologize
that I’m not posting it in the stream. That question was are we going to implement hard
modes for Flashpoints that currently do not have them?
Gabe Amatangelo: Can I answer that? Yes, yes, eventually we will be. Can’t say when exactly.
Eric Musco: All right, next question. This comes from Gold Lantern. He said he saw during
the presentation that you can reverse engineer Operations gear. Does that mean that you can
get schematics from Ops gear drops? Georg Zoeller: Yes.
Male Speaker: Do you wanna be a little bit more specific on what schematics you get so
people do not panic? Georg Zoeller: Later.
Daniel Erickson: Alright. Eric Musco: All right, so we do one more from
here? All right, so our last question from the live stream then comes from Astarious,
a question about Flashpoints. Is there going to be another difficulty added to Flashpoints
so that they have another difficulty level similar to Operations?
Gabe Amatangelo: Not in the near future. We’re gonna keep adding new Flashpoints and the
difficulty be ramping up and then like in the new — the second Kaon Flashpoint is gonna
be more difficult than the other — the previous Flashpoints.
Stephen Reid: Okay, we’re gonna take one more question from the floor here. So let’s make
it a good one. Let me go over to the right hand side. Can you stand up?
Male Speaker: Hi, I am Johnny from Pax Imperius. One question we had was are you gonna look
to do any more dynamic Star War Operation, so not necessarily dungeon Operations but
more open world specific Operations. Gabe Amatangelo: You mean, the setting or
you mean just outside of the sort of instance. Yeah, we have a new open world Operation,
Ops Group bosses. Like, yes, in Game Update 1.2 we’re releasing a new one of those and
we’re gonna continue to introduce content of the like.
Stephen Reid: Okay, that will wrap it up right now for Operations and Flashpoints. Trying
to get us a little bit back on schedule. Thank you to Gabe. Gabe is gonna stick around. Let’s
talk about [inaudible] [0:35:00] gonna come out in a minute. We’re actually just gonna
take a break for about three, four minutes. If anyone here needs to go use the restroom,
then feel free to go do it right now, and we’ll be back in just a few minutes.
Gabe Amatangelo: Thank you.